AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-Six

AIWTRO Chapter 76


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It was a strange question. Flustered, Paula replied.

Paula: “T-that would be very surprising, wouldn’t it?”

Cosette: “Right?”

Cosette sighed remorsefully. 

Cosette: “As expected, Keira and I can’t get close. Well, it’s natural that she wouldn’t like me.”

She spoke as if she hadn’t expected something so obvious to everyone else.

Did she really think they could be friends?

It was a little embarrassing, but Paula skillfully hid her feelings as a maid who had worked in the Grand Duke’s for a long time.

Paula: “There’s no tree that doesn’t fall after cutting it 100 times. Sooner or later, Ms. Keira will know how you feel.”

Cosette: “Really? Aah, I’m tired of being on edge all the time. I wish I could stop standing up for myself.”

Cosette sighed and walked up the stairs in front of her. Thanks to that, Paula couldn’t see the strange smile on Cosette’s face.

‘Yes, it’s natural to be anxious.’


Her identity, birth, and all the foundations she had achieved so far were collapsing.

Human beings with emotions couldn’t help but be shaken. Human beings who began to doubt themselves would start to search for evidence that would restore their faith.

Cosette was once again convinced.

Humans with emotions couldn’t help but be anxious, even if they didn’t show it. 

The water was cold because winter was approaching. The temperature was too low to wash with bare hands, but there was no choice. 

Lira struggled with the laundry for a long time and eventually pulled out her hand, which had turned red from being soaked in cold water for a long time.

Lira: “Huu… at this rate, I might get frostbite.”

Her hands felt like they were going to freeze. She breathed into her frozen hands before picking up the laundry again.

It was something she had to do anyway, and it was one hundred times better to finish it quickly.

But it was then.

“Oh, Lira. You’re here too.”

This person always showed up like this. 

Lira looked back, no longer surprised at something that had happened a few times. Then, the familiar face approached her.

Lira: “Lady Cosette!”

Cosette: “Hmm, it’s me.”

Lira: “Haa, if you’re here, please be more discreet. I’m glad I’m used to it, but my heart would have dropped if I were one of the maids in this mansion.”

Smiling, Cosette squatted down next to her without answering.

Cosette: “Were you doing laundry?”

Lira: “Yes.”

Cosette: “Your hands are completely red. Aren’t you cold?”

Lira: “Hmm, a little… but I can’t help it. It’s my job.”

Cosette held her swollen red hands tightly.

Lira: “M-milady?”

Cosette: “I’ve done a lot of laundry in cold water before I came here, too. There were times when I cried because it was so hard.”

Cosette’s hands were so smooth and soft that it was hard to imagine that she had done arduous chores. However, Lira was too startled to notice that fact.

Lira: “I’m a l-lowly maid. I’m young and have only worked in the grand duchy, so I can’t help it. Things will be easier after a little more time.”

Cosette: “If you were my exclusive maid, you wouldn’t have to do this…”

Lira: “W-what do you mean, exclusive maid? I’m still young and inexperienced.”

Lira trembled and declined, but Cosette continued speaking without heeding it.

Cosette: “I wanted to have you as my exclusive maid, but Keira wouldn’t let me do it, would she? Since the person serving me changes every day, I have no one to open up to. It’s been difficult.”


She was clearly blaming someone. She continued with a sigh.

Cosette: “No matter how many times I said it, they didn’t listen. Really… I don’t know what she’s thinking.”

Lira: “Maybe it’s a consideration for you to make friends with the maids of the mansion.”

Cosette: “I hope so. I feel like I’m being hated for some reason.”

Cosette said a little sullenly. Then, she went on to lament about Keira.

She had been talking about her situation for a long time before bringing up her main point. 

Cosette: “I, Lira. I have a favor to ask of you.”

Lira: “What is it? If it’s within my capabilities, I’ll listen.” 

Cosette: “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Keira seems to hate me…”


‘It’s not just you; she does hate you!’

Lira swallowed her thoughts. 

Cosette was probably the only one in this mansion who thought it was just her. 

Cosette: “I’m so nervous because it seems like she’s plotting something to kick me out. I mean, she’s always trying to blame me for something… Should I say that it’s that kind of feeling?”

She started anxiously chewing on her nails. 

Cosette: “Lila! If you think Keira seems to be up to something, can you give me a heads up?”

Lira: “Y-yes?”

Cosette: “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to deceive Keira! It’s just… I just want to know in advance if you see any signs that she’s trying to harm me or if she’s trying to do something without Great-aunt’s knowledge. Even that much… Can’t you?”

Lira: “Uh, uh…”

Cosette knitted her eyebrows, looking sad. 

As she came closer, Lira smelled good soap again. Cosette’s face was delicate and beautiful enough to attract women.

Lira’s face turned red again.

Cosette: “If I don’t get kicked out of here, I’d be able to designate you as my exclusive maid…”

She sounded remorseful that she couldn’t do it. 

The strange tone stimulated Lira’s imagination – working comfortably as her exclusive maid, or a future where Cosette introduces her to a good marriage partner in return for serving her for a long time. 

Lira would be lying if she said she wasn’t greedy.

She gulped.

Lira: “Alright, but I’ll only let you know in advance if it seems like Miss Keira is plotting something bad. Promise me you won’t deceive her or act as a spy.”

Cosette: “Of course!”

Cosette smiled brightly.


It wasn’t that Cosette was deceiving Lira or her superior; she was just asking for a warning if Lira saw any signs of scheming, right?

It was something Lira could do without her conscience eating her up. She could do it without thinking she was doing something wrong.

Cosette: “I’m really lucky to have you. I’ve been living as a commoner all my life… It’s hard to adapt to a noble family.”

Lira: “I, um, cheer up.”

Lira clumsily consoled her. She didn’t know how to react. 

Cosette: “I will never forget the person who helped me in difficult times, you know? If you help me, I’ll never forget you for the rest of my life.”

Cosette’s whisper permeated into Lira’s restless ears. That alone eased her anxiety.

She believed in the illusion that she would be provided with a comfortable future if she helped Cosette.

Cosette: “Thank you, Lira.”

The maids of the Grand Duchy often complained that Lady Keira was too scary. Although it has improved a little these days, the image Keira built up over the past decade didn’t disappear at once.

Every time Rose heard people speaking about Her Ladyship, she’d jump up and down to protect her.

Rose: “She may be strict and demanding, but she’s a no-nonsense woman and not stubborn, too! Isn’t that a hundred times better?”

So, it was the first time in Rose’s life as Keira’s maid that Keira had ever done this.

Rose looked flustered as she tried to stop Keira once more.

Rose: “Um, milady. This is Lady Johanna’s mansion anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to tell her in advance?”

Keira: “Isn’t this my Great-aunt’s classroom? Is there any reason why I can’t use the things here? It’s just a glass of wine.”

Rose: “But…”

To sum up Keira’s argument, it was this: ‘I want to drink some wine after a long time. But, since my Great-aunt is conservative and is a stickler for rules, I don’t want to let her know because she doesn’t want to drink at night. Go to Gordon and ask for the key to the basement. Alcohol is probably stored there. If you explain the situation well to Gordon, he won’t tell Johanna what you drank.’

‘A-are you alright?’

Keira wasn’t the type to drink and make mistakes. However, doing something secretly at Johanna’s mansion made Rose uneasy.

Besides, because of Cosette’s existence, wasn’t the atmosphere intolerable?

Rose thought it would be better to get rid of the problem from the beginning.

However, Keira didn’t listen to her words. 

It was the first time it happened.

Keira: “Are you not confident enough to convince Gordon? I’ll do it then.”

Rose: “I-it’s not that! I’ll go. You don’t have to go in person…”

Keira: “No, that’s fine. Come to think of it, it would be more effective if I said it myself.”

Keira said so and got up from her seat.