AIWTRO Chapter Seventy-Eight

AIWTRO Chapter 78


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Although Rose didn’t work in the mansion, everyone recognized her as Keira’s maid who always accompanied her whenever she visited. 

‘What? It’s Rose?’

‘Oh my god, that scared me. Anyway, I’m glad it wasn’t an outsider.’

It was curious, but the servants were glad that the intruder’s identity wasn’t a terrifying murderer. 

Those gathered in the hallway breathed a sigh of relief and whispered amongst themselves. And as the anxiety and fear subsided, curiosity raised its head.

“Why did she go to the basement tonight?”

“Right? We should ask her.” 

Everyone’s attention was on Rose, and she stiffened. She had gripped the lamp she was holding so tightly that her fingertips had turned white as her eyes darted about the room. 

Cosette stepped forward.

Cosette: “You, are you the maid who serves Keira?”

Rose: “Y-yes, yes. I am.”

Cosette: “Where is Keira? No, is she in there?”

Rose: “No, Lady Keira is…”

Cosette: “Get out of the way! Guard, we need to search the basement right now…”

“What’s going on?”

But it was then an old woman’s voice echoed through the hallway.

“Miss Johanna!”

Johanna, with a shawl draped around her shoulders, stood tall in the corner with her maid. She seemed to have woken up from the commotion downstairs. 

Wrinkles appeared on her forehead, perhaps in displeasure because her sleep was disturbed. 

Johanna: “What are you all doing here at this late hour? And aren’t you Keira’s maid?”


Johanna scanned the hallway lit by dozens of lanterns. 

Maids and guards gathered at the entrance to the basement. The door to the basement was open, and her great-niece’s maid had just stepped out of it.

And Cosette held onto the maid’s arm while arguing with her. 

Johanna intuitively recognized that the instigator of the commotion was Cosette. Only someone with authority compatible to that of a Grand Duke’s esteemed daughter – although temporary – could move such a large number of people at a late hour.

Johanna: “Cosette, explain the situation.”

Cosette came right up to her before speaking. 

Cosette: “I’m sorry for making a fuss, but I couldn’t help it.”

She looked apologetic. Nevertheless, surely there must be a good reason for the riot. 

Everyone thought so and waited for the next word to come out of her mouth.

Cosette: “No one but the elementalist can have access to Beatrice’s spirit stone. Can you stay still if someone tries to approach such a precious object without permission?”


It was the name of the goddess that had bestowed a blessing upon her creation. Without Beatrice, the great Water Spirit, the world would have suffered from a drought. 

Making it rain and maintaining the contract with Beatrice were some of the most essential duties of the elementalist. For that reason, access to the spirit stone, the core of the contract, was naturally restricted.

‘If that’s the reason, it’s worth making a fuss.’

While everyone was nodding their heads in agreement, only one person raised their voice in shock.

“Be–be–Beatrice’s spirit stone!”

It was Rose, who was caught in the basement. 

Rose: “I’m only here to fetch one item at Her Ladyship’s order! A-approaching B-Beatrice’s spirit stone…! Why would I do that? Lady Johanna, please believe me!”

Then with a smirk, Cosette said. 

Cosette: “You’re only here to pick up one thing? Then why did you secretly take the key without telling Great-aunt?”

Rose: “W-well, that’s, Lady Keira…”

Cosette: “Ah, right. Keira probably ordered you. What can you do when your superior asks for it? Be honest. Is Keira down there?”

She shouted confidently. 

Cosette: “There’s no way she would go to the basement to pick things up herself! That’s proof she has a different plan–!”

“I keep hearing my name; can you explain what’s going on? Cosette.”



It was a calm voice that didn’t fit the situation.

Because the mansion was in an uproar, no one noticed her approaching. However, no one could identify the new character after hearing their voice. 

When the source of the voice approached the brighter space of the basement entrance, her figure was fully revealed. 

Keira, looking visibly peeved, approached the crowd with a cardigan over her pajamas. 

Keira: “I was wondering what was going on because Rose didn’t come back, so I’m glad I came. Rose, come here.”

Rose: “M-milady!”

Rose ran to her with tears in her eyes. Keira took one look at Rose hiding behind her back before turning back to Cosette. 

Keira: “You talked as if I was trying to do something bad… Now that I’m here, please explain in detail. What was I trying to do?”

Cosette: “That, so that is…”

Rose: “She spoke as if Lady Keira was trying to take Beatrice’s spirit stone! But why would Her Ladyship do such a thing? At this time of night! If you really wanted to see it, you would have asked Lady Johanna!”

Rose answered on behalf of the mumbling Cosette from behind Keira.

Cosette clenched her teeth. 

Cosette: “It’s probably because you don’t want other people to know that you’re trying to access the spirit stone!”

Rose: “Then why Her Ladyship?”

Cosette: “That…!”

She couldn’t exactly say Keira tried to take the spirit stone secretly because she heard that coming in contact with Beatrice’s spirit stone could make her manifest.

Because it was a story she made up.

According to her plan, Keira would have been caught on the way to the spirit stone. 

In the middle of the night, an esteemed lady tried to get the spirit stone by stealing a key, all without obtaining permission from Johanna, the elementalist. 

It would look suspicious to anyone who would see it.

By the time the suspicious eyes focused on Keira, Cosette would spread the story that she had heard Keira speculate about the connection between Beatrice’s spirit stone and expressing abilities. 

Then, Keira would look even more suspicious for trying to force herself to manifest her abilities because she was worried about her origins. 

Of course, Keira would insist that it wasn’t true and that Cosette brought it up first, but it wouldn’t matter. 

The only thing that mattered was that she was discovered while acting suspiciously. 

‘D*mn it.’

Cosette clenched her fists and looked around. The servants, the guards, and even Johanna were frowning at her. They were waken up in the middle of the night when Cosette had caused a ruckus, and now they seemed to be criticizing the results of what happened. 

“Oh, I’m so sleepy. What’s this? I have to wake up early because I’m on kitchen duty tomorrow.”

“In the first place, it was strange that she said there’s an invader in the mansion.”

“Anyway, what did she mean by Beatrice’s spirit stone?”

“I don’t know. Ah, how annoying.”


An unfavorable atmosphere enveloped the space. As long as the situation was like this, no one would accept Cosette’s argument.

Keira would immediately insist that Cosette was falsely accusing her, and in this situation, the people would believe her more than Cosette.


She broke out in a cold sweat. She had no idea how to get out of this mess.

As Cosette bit her lips, speechless, Johanna, who didn’t notice, stepped out.

Johanna: “Well, let’s assume that’s the case. But what’s the connection between Beatrice and this cellar?”

Cosette: “I-isn’t the way to the spirit stone hidden in this basement?”

Johanna: “What nonsense is that?”


It wasn’t? Cosette’s gaze quickly shifted to Keira. 

If Cosette’s guess was wrong, why did Keira take the key to the basement in the middle of the night?

Cosette glared at Keira, wanting nothing more than to grab her by the collar and argue with her. 

Upon noticing the gaze, Keira replied with a smile.

Keira: “I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding… Rose just went to get some wine. I asked for it.”

Cosette: “Lies! You stole the key secretly because of alcohol that you don’t usually drink?”

Keira: “What do you mean steal?”

Cosette: “Don’t pretend! I checked the books. There was no record of you or your maid taking the key to the basement!” 

Keira: “Aah, that.”

Even though it was revealed that she secretly took the key to the basement, Keira remained calm.

Confused, Johanna asked.

Johanna: “What else are you talking about?”

Keira replied nonchalantly.

Keira: “Great-aunt has hated drinking for a long time. I just didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid you’d scold me again.”

Others wouldn’t make a big deal out of someone sneaking behind a close relative to drink alcohol.

Johanna didn’t seem to think much of it either.

Keira: “And Cosette, it’s too much to accuse me of taking the key secretly. I fully explained the situation to the butler. I wanted to avoid getting scolded by Great-aunt, so you should have turned a blind eye just once.”

As soon as Keira finished speaking, everyone turned to Gordon, the butler.