AIWTRO Chapter Eighty-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 83


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Rather than the question he said, Joseph really wanted to ask, ‘How much of that did you hear?’

Keira: “Sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I just came to see Sir, but the other knights said you were away for a while. So, I came to look for you…”

Keira tried to express that she didn’t intentionally overhear it, but Joseph wasn’t in a state to hear it.

Joseph: “No, t-that’s, I mean, so that’s…”


Keira’s eyes widened. She had never seen Sir Joseph look so embarrassed.

Was it something she shouldn’t have heard?

After pondering about it for a while, she realized why Joseph was so upset.

Keira: “Is it because of what you said?”

Joseph: “P-please don’t misunderstand. I was just saying…”

Keira: “I know. As a knight, you must be competitive.”

At her words, the tension left his body.

Keira: “Actually, it was interesting.”

Joseph: “Pardon?”

Keira: “When you told her to head inside and go to sleep.”

Joseph: “Ah, t-that…”

His face turned bright red, probably because he realized he spoke harshly. Keira smiled.

He really told a Lady to ‘go in and sleep.’

People wouldn’t believe Keira if she told people who knew Sir Joseph that he did such a thing.


Keira: “Other knights would feel the same way. Um, well, it’s quite a thorny cushion to work with subordinates who don’t acknowledge me.”

Joseph: “Don’t worry about that.”

Keira: “Huh?”

Joseph: “Everyone was outraged when I told them that such a request came from the Weinberg family. How dare they, a Count, teach the Parvis family what to do?”

Keira: “Oh…”

She often forgot that their knights were elites among elites because they were so carefree.

Still, they had considerable pride in their group and themselves. So it wasn’t unusual for them to feel indignant that someone was meddling in the family’s affairs.

Their ability to believe in themselves was second to none.

Just as Keira came to that thought, Joseph spoke.

Joseph: “And, isn’t it natural that the person you’ve been with all this time is more reliable than the person who suddenly appeared?”

At his words, her steps stopped. Joseph also stopped accordingly.

Joseph: “So just be yourself. At least no one in the Knights’ group is dissatisfied with Her Ladyship’s position.”

He added that he would give them mental training if they were.

What could Keira say to that?


With her heart pounding wildly, Keira kept her mouth shut.

She should have talked with them honestly in the past. If she had, she wouldn’t have made the mistake of falling for Cosette’s trap.

Keira: “Thank you.”

Joseph: “It’s nothing…”

Keira: “I’ll be honest. There were times I wondered if I was a fake.”

Before she returned to the past, she was constantly anxious. So, it was like a balm to her heart that others believed in her when she couldn’t believe in herself.

Joseph: “You’re speaking in the past tense.”

Keira: “Now, I trust myself. Everyone believes in me, so I should, too.”

As Keira began to walk, Joseph followed suit.

Keira: “That’s why I’m thinking of returning tomorrow.”

Joseph: “That’s a good idea. Everyone’s complaining that my training was too hard. If her Ladyship says she will return, everyone will welcome it.”


She wasn’t exactly gentle either, so she didn’t know how to react to that. Thank goodness she was his superior, and she didn’t have to experience what it’s like to train under him.

Joseph: “Oh, but do the others already know? That her Ladyship will be returning soon.”


Keira: “I just told a few people.”

Joseph: “Then let’s go together and let everyone know. This is her Ladyship’s answer to Count Weinberg’s protest.”

Keira: “What if someone is dissatisfied with it?”

Joseph: “Didn’t I tell you? I will give them mental training, then.”

Oh, that’s right.

After their conversation, the two of them went to the training grounds, her footsteps much lighter than when she came here.

The next day, as soon as the sun rose, Keira started preparing to visit Ludwig immediately.

Instead of a dress, she opted for her uniform. Including the last few moments before she regressed, this was the first time in a long time that she wore it.

The feel of it on her body felt foreign, so she had to stand in front of a mirror for a long tiem.

Rose watched Keira as she continued to stare at herself in the mirror and asked.

Rose: “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Keira: “No, it’s just… I’m wearing it for the first time in so long, so I guess it feels new?”

She tried moving her arms and legs around. It’s definitely more comfortable than a long skirt.

Keira: “Then, I’ll go to His Grace.”

Rose: “Yes.”

Keira went straight down to the second floor and arrived in front of the office. The servant, who recognized her, announced her visit and opened the door.

Keira: “Your Grace.”

It was early, so Ludwig had yet to start his work. Sitting on the sofa and sipping coffee, he looked up.

His eyes widened when he saw her wearing her knight uniform.

Ludwig: “I’m sure you have some vacation days left.”

Keira: “I heard that there was an absurd protest from outside.”

Ludwig: “Is that your answer to the Count’s complaint?”

Keira: “Yes, I have no intention of giving up my position. I’m sure it’s not pleasant for his Grace to have someone from the outside tell us what to do with our family.”

Ludwig: “That’s right.”

He had a history of abandoning the former Count Weinberg, who had overstepped his bounds. Even when he was the father of Ludwig’s wife, he didn’t hesitate in severing ties, so now that the Parvis and Weinberg families were practically strangers, Ludwig couldn’t possibly show mercy.

Keira: “He seems to have gotten cocky for bringing a woman who resembles His Grace. How dare he dictate the affairs of the family. Is it like father, like son?”

Ludwig: “I’ll give him a clear warning about this.”

It seemed Ludwig found the Weinbergs’ interference irritating as well.

In the past, if she hadn’t given up her seat for the sake of ‘pretending to be cool,’ she wouldn’t have lost her position as the Knight Captain.

Shame came again.

Fearing that her face might have turned red, she decided to retreat quickly.

Keira: “I’m done with my business, so I’ll get going, Your Grace.”

Ludwig: “A moment.”

Keira: “Yes?”


Keira, who was about to turn, froze for a moment, unprepared that Ludwig would call her. But soon, she straightened and answered.

Keira: “Please speak.”


However, Ludwig remained silent.

By the time she started wondering about the continued silence, he finally spoke.

Ludwig: “That title…”


Ludwig: “Didn’t you call me ‘Father’ in private?”

Keira: “…Yes?”

A cold wind blew past the room.

Past Side-story 1

On the night Cosette first stepped into the Grand Duchy, Zeke secretly made his way to his father’s office. 

Keira, who looked betrayed that he had accepted Cosette, never left Zeke’s mind.

‘This is nonsense.’

To accept a woman with unknown origins as a family member? 

He didn’t care that it was a ‘temporary decision.’ He just hated it. 

Zeke walked to the office to formally protest to the Grand Duke.

Just as he was about to knock, the door opened, and a woman with white hair appeared. Red eyes like rubies with features that resembled his father. It was Cosette.

Cosette: “Oh my?” 

A bright smile spread across her face when she saw Zeke.

Cosette: “You’re Zicchardt, aren’t you? Oh, right. I’m older than you, so I’ll speak casually. I’m sorry about a while ago. I unintentionally ruined your birthday party…”

Zeke: “Get out of the way.”

What did she mean, ‘unintentionally.’ It was obvious she had chosen his birthday party since all the nobles would be gathered. 

Zeke pushed her aside and entered the room.


Zeke: “Father.”

He spotted Ludwig sitting on a chair, looking down at papers blankly. 

Zeke: “Were you with her until just now?”

Ludwig: “That’s right.” 

It meant that he was having a conversation with the impostor as his biological daughter cried. 

Zeke clenched his fists until they turned white. 

Ludwig: “I asked some questions about Rowena Weinberg. I was planning to kick her out if she gave me the wrong information.”

Zeke: “What did she say?”

Ludwig: “She was too young when she got separated from her and said she doesn’t remember anything.”

Zeke: “Of course she would. So, why did Rowena Weinberg not come back to the capital? What did she say was the excuse?”

Ludwig: “She said she ran away in fear of retaliation from your grandfather. She thought it would be better to live in a quiet place without knowing the child than to die with the child.”