AIWTRO Chapter 84

AIWTRO Chapter 84


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Their grandfather was a person who could get rid of a person without hesitation if they got in his way. 

With no words to refute, Zeke had to look down at the ground in anger. 

Ludwig: “Is that all you have to say?”

That meant that a blessing would come soon. Zeke was furious.

Ludwig: “I’m tired.”

Zeke: “Father!”

Ludwig: “Get out.”

Zeke: “Noonim is very upset.”

Then Ludwig, who had been staring at the documents all the time, turned to his son.

That move gave Zeke hope. 

Zeke: “If you are a human, if you have any understanding of what your daughter has been through…”

Ludwig: “So what do you want me to do?”

Zeke: “…Yes?”

However, the eyes looking at Zeke were as cold as ice. It was amazing that the color red could feel this cold.

Ludwig: “You seem to be forgetting, but your sister is already an adult. She’s not at an age when she wants someone to comfort her. If you understand, leave.”


Right. He was that kind of person.

Zeke smiled dejectedly. If he had been a decent enough of a father to understand Keira’s heart, he wouldn’t have accepted Cosette in the first place.

Zeke left without saying goodbye. His father wouldn’t want it anyway.


Left alone, Ludwig thought for a long time. He thought of Rowena Weinberg, the first Grand Duchess.

‘She was an average noble and quite pure.’

Unlike her ambitious parents, she was just an ordinary woman.

 If she had gone to a family other than the Grand Duchy, she would have ended her life as a good lady.

He no longer had any affection left for her. But…

Rowena: “If I had a child, I’d name it Christian if it’s a boy and Cosette if it’s a girl.”

Rowena: “Don’t tell others because it’s embarrassing. I think they’re already excited.”

The way she spoke with a shy face, saying that it was a secret between the two of them, remained vaguely in his memory.

Of all things, the fact that her name is ‘Cosette’ was…

Ludwig: “Don’t judge it hastily.”

After thinking about it that far, he shook his head and stood up. It would be foolish to make a judgment based solely on the name. 

But was it really just the name?


Ludwig, who was about to stand up, stopped and stiffened. The face of a girl that resembled him came to mind. 

And the figure of the Count, who confidently declared that the child was the Grand Duke’s real daughter.

…was it real?

As soon as he thought it was true, a horrifying realization came.

“Remember only one thing to avoid the crisis: no matter what happens, only one elementalist will be born from you.”

Since such a prophecy was proclaimed, he had to kill one of the two. 

A few days after Cosette’s appearance. 


The sound of flesh against flesh resounded through the hallway. 

A daughter holding her cheek in disbelief and a father with a grave expression.

Soon, a cold voice escaped Ludwig’s lips.

Ludwig: “It has been less than ten minutes since I’ve warned you to be careful about your behavior. Do you have to make a fuss this late at night to feel better? You’re shameless, Keira Parvis.”


Watching things happen like it was all a play, Cosette had to stop herself from bursting into laughter.

‘I didn’t know you’d do this for me.’ 

It was an unexpected occurrence.


She placed her hand on Ludwig’s arm and whispered in a worried voice.

Cosette: “F-father, please don’t be angry. I think it’s because Keira has been very sensitive these days. She is a good kid, so I think she’ll soon realize her mistake and apologize. Right, Keira?”

Cosette could feel Keira’s gaze as if she would tear her to death, but Cosette didn’t care. On the contrary, she showed a more abominable smile. 

‘This will be more effective at scratching the inside of a person.’

As expected, Keira’s face soured even more. Her fists shook, but she couldn’t threaten Cosette. 

Ludwig was watching with his eyes wide open, so she didn’t really have a choice. 

And so, Keira bowed her head towards her father, then backed away.

Keira: “I’m leaving now. I’m sorry for making such a fuss late at night.”

Ludwig: “I hope the next time we meet, you will be better.”

How could you speak so coldly?

Cosette was ecstatic at the results that went beyond her expectations.

In a small voice, Cosette said.

Cosette: “You had a lot of work today, didn’t you? You must be tired already, but there was such a commotion… I’ll try to talk to Keira. Although there may not be much of a difference, I am the older sister.” 


At that, Ludwig looked down. It was a very strange look.

‘Oh my?’

But Cosette, an expert in manipulating people’s emotions, quickly recognized the emotions behind those eyes.

‘Look at this?’

She still had to play her poor girl role. 

She tilted her head in bewilderment. 

Cosette: “F-father? Do you have something to say to me?”

Ludwig: “…No. It’s late, so hurry up and get some rest.”

Cosette: “Yes! Have a good night, Father.”

A bright expression and a cheerful voice.

With just a little bit of acting, it was so easy to win the hearts of others.

Cosette turned to the maid standing next to her.

Cosette: “Shall we go?”

“Yes, milady.”

She then wore the innocent and ‘good girl’ look.

Cosette: “Say, Sarah.”

Sarah: “Yes?” 

Cosette: “What you saw, can you pretend you didn’t see it?” 

Sarah: “What I just saw…”

Cosette: “Keira is a bit… Um, I mean, being sensitive. From her point of view, there’s probably nothing to like about me.” 

Sarah: “Oh…”

Cosette: “But I still want to get along with her because I think she’s a good kid, Keira. I don’t want bad rumors to spread among the staff.”

Sarah: “If it’s a request from milady, of course, I will! I will never tell anyone.”

The eyes looking at her seemed to twinkle twice more than before. Then, a happy smile appeared.

Cosette: “Thank you.”


Sarah, ever the faithful maid, would keep her mouth shut about ‘what she saw.’

‘But she’ll probably talk about how nice the young lady she serves is.’

It wouldn’t be difficult to fill this mansion with Cosette’s people if she attacked each person like that. 

Back in the bedroom, Cosette said goodbye to Sarah and tucked herself in the duvet. 

No, she just pretended to do so. 

With all the lights out, she got up in the darkened bedroom. Then, she walked towards the window where no one was around. 

Cosette: “Just come in. Since when did you start being polite? Ah, is it locked?” 

If Sarah, who had just left the bedroom, saw it, she would have found the sight curious.

Cosette was talking to the empty air.  

After getting out of bed, she walked to the window and opened it. A cool breeze blew through the window then into the room. 

Cosette: “Did it rain heavily? It’s cold, but I can’t turn the fireplace on. Ah, don’t sit in bed! You’ll get it wet!”

Annoyed, Cosette loosely tied up her hair. She then leaned back against a chair and stretched her legs. 

Cosette: “Aren’t you laughing too much? You’ve been watching me since earlier, right? I knew it. I could feel a gaze from somewhere… Well, I can’t help it. I have to pretend for the time being. Ah yeah, you’re still a guest, so shall I serve you tea?”

The tea leaves were usually prepared in the living room, and just as Cosette tried to stand up, she immediately sat down again.

Cosette: “Ah, I’ll have to heat up the water. I just won’t give it to you. You don’t drink tea… What? What do you mean? You said you’ve been watching. Don’t you know that? That man, if his daughter and I fell into the water, he’d probably run towards her.”

With her chin on her hand, Cosette trailed off, lost in thought. 

Others might not notice, but she did. After all, it’s her hobby and expertise to play with people’s hearts. 

Ludwig’s kindness towards her and his disdain for Keira was never because he cared for Cosette as the real child. 

Even though someone who looked exactly like Ludwig had appeared, Ludwig felt the bond of blood and flesh with Keira. 

Cosette: “He’s acting like that… to close his heart.”


Cosette, who had been silent for a while, whispered.

Cosette: “That man’s scary. If she’s not his real child, he’ll have to kill her… To prepare for that, he’s deliberately being harsh.”

Some beings are so foolish that they’re lovely. That’s why Cosette liked the man and his daughter. 

There was no way that dolls who danced to the script they made were not lovely!

Cosette: “Well, you understand, don’t you? Good. Wanna make a bet? What kind of expression would that man make if I told him that I had manifested the spirits’ abilities?”

Cosette continued with a sly smile.

Cosette: “I’ll bet on ‘not happy.’ Then, is it a bet? Don’t think about forgetting it later. The results will come out soon.”