AIWTRO Chapter Eighty-Five

AIWTRO Chapter 85


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Despite confidently saying the results would come soon, it was only two years later that she won the bet. 

The morning of the first day of the week.

Cosette rushed to her father’s office at dawn and declared triumphantly.

Cosette: “Father, I think I can finally deal with the spirits.”

At her words, Ludwig froze.

I knew it.

She perfectly masked her thoughts when she asked.

Cosette: “Aren’t you happy, Father? The birth of a new elementalist is the joy of the Empire.” 

Ludwig: “… There’s no way I’m not happy.”

Every single word out of his mouth sounded forced. 

Cosette giggled and whispered.

Cosette: “I’ll show it to Father first. Now, look at my palm.”

As she spread her fingers, she could feel the mana around her vibrate. 

It was a wave different from magic. 

There was only one way to create this kind of vibration–spirits.

Immediately, the water droplets that had gathered on her palm fell all at once and soaked Cosette’s hand.


Cosette: “Tada!”


Unlike her lively cry, Ludwig’s face remained tense. Still, he forcibly raised the corners of his lips and smiled.

Ludwig: “This will reduce your Great Aunt’s heavy workload.”

Cosette: “Yes! I’ll help her well.”

He would never say he’s happy she’s his real daughter. 

But now that the situation has come to this, it didn’t matter if he was happy or not. 

Cosette: “I, Father.”

Ludwig: “What?”

Cosette: “If I reveal my abilities, people will talk about the tragedy mentioned in the prophecy… As you all know, Keira isn’t a bad kid, right?”

Ludwig: “… You’re right. She’s not a bad kid.”

To the point where it was hard to believe that she was the one who would bring disaster.

Cosette: “Then, can you protect her? It would be difficult to live in the capital, but you can send them far away to live quietly.”

Ludwig: “It’s not something I can do.”

Of course, you have to say that. 

It was a disaster foretold in the prophecy. 

If he had offered to protect Keira, he would have killed her himself; whether to prevent the truth from coming out or to exact revenge.

Cosette sighed as if in regret. 

Cosette: “I know it’s unavoidable… but it’s still unfortunate.”

Ludwig: “You are too soft-hearted.”

Cosette: “Father is too cold.”

Ludwig stiffened at those words. He quickly let out a sigh and muttered.

Ludwig: “…so, I am.”

Cosette: “Well, it’s not Father’s fault your personality is like that. I’ll get going, then. There are a lot of things to worry about to announce it officially.”

Ludwig: “On your way, tell Sir Joseph I’m calling for him.”

Cosette: “I will. But why are you calling Sir Joseph?”

Ludwig: “I will work with the Imperial Knights to have the Marquis of Edinburgh and his family members imprisoned. They might escape.”

Cosette: “Oh, right. That’s right.”

Marquis of Edinburgh. I almost forgot him. You can’t just leave the man behind everything alive.

Cosette: “Yes, you shouldn’t miss a single person. Then, I’ll put off announcing my abilities until after your job is done.” 


After saying that, she left the office immediately.

What kind of expression would that man make on the last day that’s sure to come? 

Such happy thoughts brought a spring to her step.

‘It’s before dinner time, so they must be at the training grounds.’

As expected, she guessed correctly. She spotted Joseph, who had been reinstated as the Captain of the Knights, talking with someone in the training grounds. 

Silver hair, much like Cosette’s, and purple eyes–it was Zicchardt talking with Joseph. 


She wondered how Zeke, how had been hostile to her the whole time, would react if he found out.

She approached them and said.

Cosette: “Sir Joseph and Zeke.”

The two heads turned, expressions hardening at the same time. 

“What’s going on?”

“What are you doing here?”

They both obviously disliked her

So Cosette laughed even more arrogantly.

Cosette: “Go to Father’s office. He will give you the order to arrest the Marquis of Edinburgh and all his family members and send them to prison.” 

Joseph: “What did you say?” 

Zeke: “If it’s Edinburgh, it’s my and noonim’s mother! Why would His Grace order Sir Joseph to arrest grandfather?” 

Cosette: “Well, that’s because he’s a sinner.”

The Marquis of Edinburgh’s daughter committed adultery and tricked everyone into believing that her daughter was the Grand Duke’s and was the next elementalist. 

If Count Weinberg had not found the Grand Duke’s real daughter, the continent would have had to face more calamity than imagined.

Besides, it wasn’t just that.

Cosette: “In addition to the charge that he might have turned a blind eye to his daughter’s infidelity, there is one more thing, right? That’s the crime of falsely accusing the first Grand Duchess of being barren.”

Zeke: “You, what are you saying…”

Cosette: “It means that today, it’s been proven that I am father’s biological daughter.”

She raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

Cosette: “So please take care of me in the future. We’re really ‘siblings’ now.”

She smiled sweetly and held out her hand, but Zeke didn’t shake it. It didn’t embarrass her; his reaction was expected. 

Zeke: “Move.”

Instead of clasping her hand, he pushed her away and strode off. Perhaps he was thinking of running to Father to find out what happened.

Cosette: “Sir Joseph, I think Zeke also has some business with Father, so let’s go with him.”

Joseph: “…Yes.” 

Confused, Joseph followed Zeke. 


She looked back at the two of them and smiled.

It must be confusing and hard to believe. 

But in the face of undeniable evidence, what kind of attitude would they show?

Two days later, Cosette proved her qualifications by communicating with the spirit in front of the crowd.

Joseph Argos was a loyal knight. It was only natural for him to faithfully obey the lord’s orders.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the order issued.

As soon as he carried out his orders, he went to the Grand Duke.

Joseph: “The Marquis of Edinburgh is locked up in the dungeon, and his family members are detained in their home. And Her Ladyship…”

Ludwig: “Who’s Her Ladyship? Watch what you say.”

Joseph: “Your Grace.”

Ludwig: “There is only one Lady of Parvis – Cosette.”

Joseph: “Your Grace, are you really going to execute her?”

Although it turned out she wasn’t the biological daughter, she had lived together under one roof as a family for over twenty years.

It couldn’t have been easy to sever the relationship at once.

Besides, how much did Keira follow her father?

Even an animal would be hard to abandon if it’s been together for a long time.

Even more so if you had been treated as a real daughter until now.

But instead of answering, Ludwig kept his mouth shut. It was the lieutenant who was standing next to him who answered.

“Sir Joseph, as you know, the prophecy has been told. Because of that, the whole capital, no, the whole country is in a mess. It’s best to get rid of the seeds of disaster.”

Joseph: “But it hasn’t been revealed yet what the disaster is…”

“People tend to be more afraid of the unknown. Don’t you know?”