AIWTRO Chapter Eighty-Six

AIWTRO Chapter 86


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He knew. Of course, he knew.

If he were a man who had nothing to do with Keira, he would have argued that the root of the prophesized disaster should be disposed of immediately. 

He recalled the crumpled look on Keira’s face as she watched Cosette control the spirits. 

That expression could never have belonged to a person who intentionally deceived people of her origin.

If she was guilty of anything, it’s for being unaware of the truth.

Was it a sin so grievous that it deserved the loss of one’s life? 

Joseph: “I know you don’t want to kill Lady Keira either. So…”

Ludwig: “Keep your mouth shut, Sir Joseph.”

Ludwig jumped up from his chair, like a person stabbed and in pain, and said. 

Ludwig: “Whoever hears you might misunderstand. I am the Grand Duke of the Parvis family, and therefore the shield of this Empire. But you’re saying I want to keep the seed of calamity alive?”

Joseph: “Your Grace, what I meant was…”

Ludwig: “I didn’t think I’d hear this slander from Sir Joseph. I’m disappointed.”

Bang–! He said as he hit the table. 

Rather than addressing Joseph, it was as if he was speaking to himself. Like a person brainwashing themselves to act that way

Ludwig should always be the spear and shield of the Empire. It was unforgivable to be swept away by personal feelings. 

Ludwig: “Shane, any news from prison?”


Shane: “First of all, the Marquis of Edinburgh believes he’s in an unfair position. It’s clear that he has cheated on something, yet he continues to demand a more thorough investigation.”

Ludwig: “That old man has always been thick-skinned.”

Ludwig, who had been grumbling about the Marquis, hesitated for a moment before asking Keira’s current situation.

Ludwig: “And the child?”

Shane: “She remained silent. Well, the only thing that came out of her mouth was…”

Ludwig: “Stop hesitating and tell me.”

Shane: “She said, ‘No matter what you say, I won’t believe you, so do whatever you want,’ or something like that.”


If the people in question acted like that, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to favor execution since they believed they were right.

…But for some reason, his chest felt tight. 

How am I supposed to act?

Everyone was paying attention to the words that would come out of his mouth and the attitude he would take.

He would be insane if he put his personal feelings first in such a situation.

‘Yes, definitely insane…’

Haa. Ludwig sighed and buried his face in his palm.

How painful.

It was so painful, he didn’t know what to do.

In the middle of the night, Ludwig suddenly decided to visit the Imperial Palace.

It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

He got on the carriage hastily prepared by the butler and headed to the Imperial Palace.

There was quite a distance between the Parvis duchy and the Imperial Palace, so he had to stare out the window for a long time.

He could see the scenery of the capital outside the window. The land he must protect no matter what.

They said that the atmosphere in the capital had been tense. 

‘All kinds of rumors are circulating.’

“The impostor is actually a demon in disguise. Since her identity is discovered, she may summon her people. If that happens, another war will start…”


Groundless rumors dominated the entire country.

But he could understand why they were terrified. Hundreds of years have passed since the war with the Demon Realm had ended, but that fear did not go away.

As long as the people remembered why the water on the continent went dry, there was no way they’d easily forget their fear of demons. 

“You’re here, Your Grace?”

The Imperial Palace guards, who had been notified in advance, came to meet him.

As he went down the stairs with them, Ludwig asked.

Ludwig: “The sinner?”

“There’s no resistance. She’s probably asleep by now.”

As they descended to the dungeon, the characteristic putrid smell stung his nostrils. The air was humid and damp.

It was never a good environment to stay in.

‘You’re in a place like this?’

She was a child raised more preciously than anyone. She couldn’t possibly adapt easily to a place like this…

Ludwig, who caught himself worrying about her, shook his head in surprise. 

That child was a sinner. 

Intentionally or unintentionally, the fact that she had deceived the entire Empire during these two decades had not changed.

‘So there’s no need to sympathize.’

However, his resolve disappeared the moment he saw Keira sleeping, leaning against the cold wall.

He bit his lips tightly without knowing it, and he felt a sharp pain around his mouth.

“Your Grace, should I wake her up?”

Ludwig: “…No need.”

When he said that, the guard made a face as if thinking, ‘Then why did you come all the way here?’ 

Ludwig: “Everyone, go away.”

 “It might be dangerous, Your Grace.”

Ludwig: “I’m not so weak to fall for it. Leave.”


The guards, obviously peeved, had no choice but to go upstairs. 

A ray of moonlight seeped into the quiet dungeon. Then, just as Ludwig wondered where the light came from, he saw a small window open near the ceiling. 


He wasn’t sure if it was because of the moonlight, but he could feel an intense coldness in his heart. 

Ludwig looked down at Keira’s sleeping face, exhausted.

Truthfully, the only reason he came here was that he gave in to his urge. He thought he would be able to make a decision if he saw her in person.

In conclusion, it was the wrong choice. His head became even more muddled. 

He felt like something was rising from his throat, but he didn’t have the courage to wake her up and meet her eyes. 

He didn’t know what kind of mistake he’d make if he did.

Ludwig, who had stood still until the morning sun had risen above his head, turned around and walked up the stairs.

The guards, who had anxiously waited, welcomed Ludwig when they saw him.

Guard: “Are you done with your business?”

Ludwig: “Maybe.”

Guard: “Pardon?”

Ludwig: “I’m going back to the mansion. I’m sorry to have bothered you at dawn.”

Guard: “I-it’s nothing!”

As he left the building, he saw a woman sitting on a bench near the carriage, seemingly waiting for him.

Long silver hair, the same facial features as him–it was Cosette. 

She handed him the coat draped across her arm and said. 

Cosette: “I came because you rushed to the Imperial Palace at dawn. The weather is still cold. Please wear this, Father.”

Ludwig: “…yes, thank you.”

As Ludwig began to walk, Cosette followed him.

Cosette: “Have you talked to Keira?”

Ludwig: “Not yet. She’s asleep.”

Cosette: “What are you going to do?”


Cosette: “I will respect whatever choice Father makes. You must be suffering enough as it is.”

Colette smiled good-naturedly, as always she always did, and met Ludwig’s eyes.

Ludwig: “…I will respect the decision of the nobility council.”


Cosette: “That’s probably a good idea.”

They’re an unrivaled group in preserving their bodies. Indeed, they wouldn’t show mercy to a bomb-like being that might explode anytime. 

In this situation, staying as a bystander would be the same as saying yes. He was avoiding responsibility by sitting on the sidelines because he couldn’t make an active decision. 

‘It’s the most foolish choice.’

A strange smile appeared on Cosette’s lips.

Two days later, the nobility council decided to punish Keira and the Edinburgh House.

Keira and her grandfather received the death penalty, their family stripped of their noble title, and their property confiscated. 

Until the moment the execution was finally completed, Ludwig could not speak with her.