AIWTRO Chapter Eighty-Seven

AIWTRO Chapter 87


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Chapter 5

Cosette had been quiet for a while, perhaps thanks to a series of hits.

It was very fortunate for Keira since the promised picnic date was approaching. 

If Cosette’s camp recklessly followed Keira, it would only cause trouble for them. They weren’t stupid, so they must have known that now was the time to stay quiet. 

Thanks to that, Keira was able to pick out what to wear to the picnic happily. 

No, to be precise, only the maids were happy. 

Keira only looked blankly at the mirror.

“How about this? Blue looks good on Her Ladyship.”

“The silver accessories suit her.”


But Keira didn’t answer.


As soon as Emily and Miranda noticed that Keira was lost in thought, they decided to do her hair instead. 

Meanwhile, Keira was immersed in other thoughts, as the maids noticed.

Ludwig: “Didn’t you call me ‘Father’ in private?”

Even after she thought about it again, she didn’t know the intent behind the question. 


She said, ‘I’m old enough, and the title ‘Father’ seems too immature.’ 

And after making that excuse, she had to hurry out. 

Of course, it was a natural but inadmissible excuse.

‘I didn’t call him Daddy or Papa, but Father!’

It was absurd to stop using the term ‘Father’ just because she’s gotten old.

Keira banged her head in shame.

The maids assisting her jumped up in surprise, but Keira didn’t even notice. 

‘He probably didn’t want to hear me call him Father again, so why would he ask that question…’

At that moment, she realized. She raised her head. 

‘Did he think I stopped calling him Father because I think he’s not my biological father?’

That seemed the most probable answer.

After all, that person never treated her like his own daughter–in the past and the present. 

Rather than feeling disappointed, Keira pondered about it. 

No, it felt refreshing to find out why he asked a strange question. 

This allowed Keira to focus on what she was doing instead of feeling depressed–like choosing what clothes to wear to a picnic.

Keira: “It’s a picnic. I’ll wear warm colors.”

Since Keira was attending an outdoor event, she chose light, easy-to-move, and warm clothes.

Before leaving the mansion, she asked the remaining maids to keep a close watch on what Cosette was doing.

If it was Cosette, Keira thought that she might be planning something while Keira was away.


“We’ve arrived, Your Ladyship.”

The picnic was held at the lake outside the city walls. 

As she got off the carriage, she saw colorful tents and a group of people gathered together. Except for the servants who served, all were women. This was due to the host, Princess Arabella, who only invited women her age. 

Soon, Bella came to find Keira. No, to be precise, she saw a carriage bearing the emblem of the Parvis archduchy.

Bella: “I really didn’t expect you to come. Welcome.”

Keira didn’t know how many times she’s heard that word. She knew it was because of what she’s done so far, but she was honestly getting tired of it. 

Keira: “Thank you for the invitation.”

Bella: “I should be the one who’s thankful. Ah, I think someone else has just arrived.” 

Arabella hurriedly moved toward the newly arrived carriage. 

She seemed to be busy welcoming guests. As the organizer of the event, it was natural to take care of the ladies invited.

Yes, it’s normal, so she understood…


The only problem was that Keira had no one to talk to except for Arabella. 

Left alone, Keira hurriedly looked around. Perhaps everyone knew each other, but they were gathering and chatting among themselves.

‘I-I don’t know anyone!’

Not even her partner, Sir Joseph, was here today. 

Besides, the problem didn’t stop there.

Unlike banquets crowded with people, this was a small event with only a small number of participants. Thanks to that, she felt lonelier as she stood alone. 


A few steps away, she could hear pleasant laughter. Four girls of the same age were buzzing with excitement.

It wasn’t an atmosphere where she could intervene. Keira wasn’t sociable enough to do that. 

‘I wish you could talk to me too…’

Anyone was fine, so she hoped that someone would pretend they knew her…

However, she did not reveal her anxious feelings because she was too embarrassed. 

“Isn’t that Lady Parvis standing there alone? I saw her from afar last time…”

“Oh, my. What is she doing at such a small gathering?” 

“I don’t know. Should we talk to her at least?”

“Her cold expression makes it look like she’s not happy. So I don’t think it’s a good time to approach her.”

“She rarely socializes with people, but she might enjoy it even less if she’s in a bad mood.”

“No, then why is she here?”


And so the young ladies who’d been glancing curiously at Keira were unable to approach her. 

Thus, Keira was able to reach the tent without any interruptions.

Keira: “A glass of juice, please.”

“What flavor would you prefer?”

Keira: “Pomegranate.”

“Wait a moment, please.”

For a moment, Keira had a strong urge to grab hold of that servant and talk to him, but she suppressed it with reason.

If anyone talked to her, she would consider them her savior. 

Invisible tears flowed from her eyes. It was then that a helping hand reached out to her.

“Would you like to play a card game together?”

Thank you! Bless you!

Keira almost said it out loud. 

When Keira turned around, there was a lady her age who had a gentle expression. 

It was the first time she’d seen her. No, maybe she’d said hello before, but Keira didn’t remember. 

Keira: “Hello.”

“Lady Keira, right? I recognized you. I’m Claire Neil.”

Ah, so it looked like they’d never met before. But even if it was the first time they’d spoken, Keira was moved by the fact that she approached her. 

Of course, Keira wouldn’t know for the rest of her life what happened before Claire talked to her.

Claire thought, ‘Wow, you look really happy that I talked to you.’

She saw Keira’s cold face flush pink. 

Before coming here, Arabella sent Claira a message. 

“If Lady Keira really attends today, I’d like you to talk to her on my behalf. I’ll probably be busy welcoming guests because I’m the host.”

And so, when Claire approached her, Keira seemed ecstatic about it. It’s not bad to be friends with her.

Claire happily took her back to the card game table. 

The ladies seated at the table looked at them with wide eyes. 

‘Why is this person here?!’

They looked confused. 

Claire: “Come sit next to me.” 


Keira: “Thank you.”

After a while, Keira was also handed a few cards. It was the first game she’s played, so it was natural for her to lose every time, but it didn’t sour her mood. 

She came without a partner, but she’s having a good time with people!

It went much better than expected. 

“Let’s play a different game this time.”

Soon, someone suggested.

But then a presence approached Keira, and talked to her. It was nice that someone chatted with her. However, the problem was that this was someone who wasn’t expected to be here. 

“Keira, it’s nice to meet you in a place like this.”

He was a well-dressed old man.

Keira: “Grandfather.”

It was Simon Edinburgh, Keira’s grandfather and the Marquis of Edinburgh.

Keira stood and hid him.

Keira: “What brings you here? The princess said she only invited ladies her age…”

Marquis: “An old man such as I have no business of interrupting a gathering of young ladies. I just walked over because I saw a tent on my way for a stroll.”

Keira: “So, you’re taking a walk outside the castle walls?”

Marquis: “Haha, it’s because I’m old that I want to wander around.”

Keira: “I see.”

He was obviously lying, but Keira feigned ignorance. 

‘Many eyes are watching.’

It would be difficult if rumors of discord with her grandfather spread for no reason.

Since Cosette appeared, he has tried to talk to Keira over and over again.

Whenever that happened, she asked back in writing.

 「Do you have the courage to tell me the secret?」

Simon Edinburgh never answered.

Marquis: “Don’t you want to talk to your grandfather for a while? It’ll only take a moment.”

Was he about to tell her the ‘secret,’ or was he just trying to be reckless?