AIWTRO Chapter Ninety

AIWTRO Chapter 90


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Erez: “Yeah, is there anyone else you call ‘Father’?”

Keira: “You’re seriously mistaken. Don’t you hear people say he doesn’t care?”

Erez: “Then why do you think he gave me the third degree?”

Keira, who wasn’t aware of what happened in the drawing room, tilted her head in confusion. 

She thought he only took the guest and treated him well…

Keira: “Oh, he might have thought you came to the grand duchy to ask for a favor. He despises things like that, especially since he doesn’t like meddling in politics.”

Erez: “That’s not it! He acted like he was meeting a prospective son-in-law who was trying to steal his daughter! Haa, I thought he was going to challenge me to a duel.”

Then Keira openly laughed at him. She only stopped when she saw the smirk on his face.

Keira: “You are delusional.”

Erez: “Is that right? If Your Ladyship had come in just a little later, he would have hung me upside down on the front gate!”

Keira: “You’re mistaken. His Excellency cares more about stones that rolled in than me.”

Erez: “It’s common sense. There’s a thing called growing affection.”

Keira: “That’s something that would never happen in this house.”

Erez: “Your Ladyship is mistaken.”

Keira: “It’s you who’s mistaken.”

Erez: “How are you so sure you’re not mistaken?”

Keira: “Because it’s obvious.”


They continued bickering with each other for a while. 

Erez: “Okay, then let’s make a bet. When Your Ladyship and the impostor are both in danger at the same time, which way will the Grand Duke run?”

You’re digging your own grave. Keira didn’t hide her smirk as she thought so.

Erez: “It’s boring if there’s nothing at stake, right?”

Keira: “That’s what I’m going to say. The loser will grant the winner’s wish.”

She never doubted that the goddess of victory would raise Keira’s hand. 

As she tried to recall the memories of the past, she wondered if there had ever been a time when she and Cosette were in danger at the same time. 

‘Unfortunately, there isn’t.’

If Keira had won the bet, she would have told him to be polite to her. A pity.

Meanwhile, Erez hummed beside her and said. 

Erez: “Ah, it’s fun to imagine what wish I would make to Your Ladyship.”

Keira: “You’re too excited. You’re already thinking about the result of the bet when we’re not even sure that Cosette and I will be in danger together.”

Erez: “Don’t worry.”


Just as she was going to ask what he meant…


A familiar voice rang through the hallway. 

When Keira turned her head, she saw Laura running towards them as she screamed.

Lira: “Have you heard from Emily… Ah, you have a guest.”

Keira: “What happened?”

While she was away from the mansion, she ordered them to report to her if they thought something was going on with Cosette.

So, Keira intuitively knew that the reason Lira was running to her had something to do with Cosette.

Lira: “That, well, I have something to tell you about what you ordered…”

Lira muttered then glanced at Erez, wondering if she should speak in front of him.


Keira looked at him and said.

Keira: “You’ve made sure I’m doing well, so your business should be done. I have work to do, so I’ll say goodbye here. The butler will see you off.”

Erez: “Since you’re here, let’s have a cup of tea…”

Keira: “You must have already drunk tea in the drawing room.”

Your father didn’t even offer water, Erez thought, but before he could even protest, Keira quickly walked away with her maid.  

Erez: “Uh…”

Erez stared blankly at them and had no choice but to take a lonely step away. He should get out of here quickly before the Grand Duke catches him and asks for a duel.

With that, his steps quickened.

‘Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t say it.’

He had a hunch as to why he turned back time, and it only further solidified when he talked to Ludwig.

‘Well, it’s not like I didn’t gain anything from coming here.’

In addition, he even got a chance to receive a favor from Keira, so that made up for his time here.

And so Erez made his way home with a spring in his step.

Keira took Lira up to her room.

Keira: “What happened while I was gone?”

She was only gone for a few hours…

Good thing she talked to the maids.

Lira: “There hasn’t been an accident… but I thought it would be better that you knew.”

Keira: “What’s going on?”

Lira: “Lady Cosette has gone out.”

Except for going to see Johanna, Cosette hasn’t gone out until now. If she went out while Keira was away from the mansion, Keira could only imagine that she had other plans.

Keira: “She didn’t say where she was going?”

Lira: “She said she was going to volunteer in the slums. If she says she’s doing volunteer work, no one can stop her from going out, right?”

Keira: “Did she go alone?”

Lira: “No, she took a few people working in the kitchen with her.”

‘This is earlier than before.’

Even before returning, Keira continued to delay assigning an exclusive maid, and Cosette eventually rescued someone outside.


Memories of the past slowly came to mind.

All of the people she brought were young children who had grown up in poverty in the slums.

The younger the child, the more likely they were to follow people blindly.

Moreover, if it was an order of the Lady who saved their life from the gutter, they might happily accept it, even if it’s to take their own life.  

‘But it should be at least one month later…’

Perhaps the incident with Lira influenced it. She must have felt that it would be a struggle to bring the existing maids to her side, so she planned to raise her own subordinates.

Keira: “Do you remember when she left the mansion?”

Lira: “You left almost at the same time, as soon as milady went to the picnic.”

Keira: “Then she’ll be back soon.”

I looked out the window to see the sky dyed red. It was time to come back.

Keira: “Thank you for letting me know. Then return to your post.”

Lira: “Yes, I’ll ask the maids who followed her what happened.”

Keira’s prediction that she would return soon was correct.

Not long after Lira left the study, the butler came.

Robert: “I, milady, I’m sorry for interrupting your during your break, but you need to come out for a moment.”

Keira: “What’s the matter?”

Robert: “Lady Cosette is back, and that’s…”

Keira followed the butler downstairs. When they reached the first-floor lobby, they found Cosette, a pair of shabby-dressed boy and girl, and restless employees standing next to them.

She walked past the employees and approached Cosette. 

Keira: “Looks like you went out.”

Cosette: “You didn’t hear? What’s the point of killing time alone in a mansion? I should help people in need.”

Keira: “Who are these kids?”

Keira’s eyes turned to the boy and girl. She still asked even though she already knew their names– the girl was Mina, and the boy was Mason.

Cosette: “I brought them because I felt sorry for them. Their parents died, and so they grew up with their uncle, and um… I guess he wasn’t a good caregiver. However, he died a few days ago…”

Keira: “So you brought them?”

Cosette: “Yeah, I think we can give them a job in our house. They said they had done a lot of different things when they were young to earn money. We can at least pay for their meals. I told the butler, but he said I had to consult with you since you’re in charge of the household.”

Keira took a deep breath and replied.

Keira: “Cosette, You know that you have to pass through very strict conditions to work in noble households, right? I don’t think anyone standing here had come in without a letter of recommendation.”

Cosette: “But can’t we do this? I don’t have an exclusive maid. If you feel uncomfortable, she can wait on me. It’s been hard since you didn’t assign me an exclusive maid.”

What a clever way to blame others.


‘I wouldn’t have brought these kids if you have properly assigned me an exclusive maid,’ so to speak.

Keira responded immediately. 

Keira: “Ah, I didn’t know you felt that way. I only meant to bring you closer to the people of the mansion…”

The moment Cosette opened her mouth as if to refute, Keira spoke again.

Keira: “Next time, before you start doing things, please tell me.”