AIWTRO Chapter Ninety-Two

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When Keira turned around, she spotted Mina picking up the laundry. 

She wasn’t blatantly snooping around, but Keira noticed how slow Mina was picking up the laundry.

Without even checking her expression, it was apparent that she was eavesdropping. 

The fact that the temple was looking for someone to take Johanna’s would reach Cosette’s ears today. Keira could already predict Cosette’s next moves the moment it does. 

‘Well, anyway, even if I do anything to stop the news from reaching her, the only difference would be when she’d know.’

In the past, Keira had heard about it while she was on probation, so there was no way to prevent Cosette from knowing. 

Emily whispered softly into Keira’s ear.

Emily: “Milady, I think she heard the person from the temple?”

Keira: “Leave it alone. She’ll find out anyway.”

Emily: “If she finds out, won’t she just volunteer to take on the role?”

Keira: “Of course. But there’s no way to stop the rumors from spreading.”

Emily: “Yes, but…”

Emily pouted.

Keira: “Let’s go inside first. I’ll inform His Excellency.”

Emily: “Yes.”

If one dilly-dallied, one might lose the upper hand. 

With that in mind, Keira visited Ludwig’s office right after lunch.

There was already a guest in his office.


It was Cosette. She smiled warmly and greeted her.

Cosette: “Oh, it’s been a while, Keira. We live in the same house, but it’s so hard to see each other.”

She was obviously implying that Keira had been ignoring her. 

Keira smiled back. 

Keira: “Yes. I’ve been running around the mansion to prepare for spring, but I couldn’t see you.”

Her words veiled what she meant. ‘Why are you blaming me that you couldn’t see me when you were stuck in a separate house?’

In a calm voice, Cosette answered. 

Cosette: “We must’ve missed each other.”

Even in that brief conversation, the energy remained tense.  

The moment the atmosphere became cold, Lieutenant Shane cleared his throat to ease the awkward air. 

Shane: “Ahem, ahem. It’s a coincidence for the two of you to visit at the same time. If my prediction is correct, I think it’s the same thing… What do you think, Lady Keira?”

Keira: “I think so, too.”

Keira gave a brief reply and then strode over to Ludwig’s desk.

Keira: “Someone came from the temple earlier.”

Ludwig: “So I’ve been told. I heard that your Great Aunt is in poor health, so they’re looking for someone to help prepare for the service instead.”

Ludwig looked at Keira and Cosette then continued. 

Ludwig: “Aunt was the only one who did it, so only one person will have to go. Who should go…”

Keira: “I will do it.”

Cosette: “I’ll do it.[1]

Before Ludwig could finish speaking, they both answered at the same time.

This was because preparing a memorial service for the goddess on Johanna’s behalf was of great symbolic significance.

In the past, Keira didn’t even have the chance to jump into this competition because she was on probation in the annex for being accused of abusing an innocent employee.

Keira: “Cosette, have you ever been to the temple?”

Cosette: “Of course. I go to the temple to pray every month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you go.”

Keira: “Not the public area where anyone can enter, but the inner temple. The service is held there. You’re going to go without knowing how to prepare for the memorial service?”

Cosette frowned and said.

Cosette: “So, do you have any experience?”

Keira: “Great Aunt has often taken me to the temple since I was young.”

She answered it in a way that cleverly missed the point of the question. 


The truth was she had never participated in the preparation of the memorial service herself.

‘Well, but I’ve heard a lot about how to prepare for it.’

Keira decided to be a little brazen.

However, Cosette was also formidable.

Cosette: “Keira has a lot of experience visiting the temple. So, I think I should be given a chance this time. I am also a lady of this family.”

Ludwig: “…I didn’t know you’d both be so proactive.”

Ludwig rubbed his forehead as if in pain.

Sending either one was fine. 

But that meant that there was no reason to choose one or the other.

‘What decision should I make to avoid opposition from both of them?’

At a time when his worries were deepening, Cosette suddenly ran to Keira and linked their arms.


Has she gone crazy? The terrified Keira immediately tried to pull her arm out.

But then Cosette opened her mouth.

Cosette: “Then we’ll both go! Wouldn’t it be nice if the two of is shared the work? I don’t think the temple would say no to that.”

Ludwig: “That’s right.”

Saying so, Ludwig shifted his gaze to Keira, an unspoken question in his eyes. 

Keira’s head spun.

‘Should I just insist on going alone? No. If Father ends up choosing Cosette…’

She had not forgotten Ludwig’s attitude towards Cosette in the past.

It would be better to take half of it than have all of it taken away.

With that in mind, Keira said. 

Keira: “Yes, that will be fine. We both want to go to the temple, so I think that would be fair.”

Ludwig: “Shane, inform the temple.”

Shane: “Yes, Your Excellency.”

So the two decided to do Johanna’s work together.

Cosette said happily.

Cosette: “It’s a relief that the both of us can go, right?”

Keira: “Let go of me first.”

Cosette: “Oh my, sorry.”

Then she moved away. 

Keira brushed her arms to shake off the dust, and then she bowed her head towards Ludwig. 

Keira: “I’m done with my business, so I’ll get going.”


Cosette: “I’ll get going, too. I’m afraid I’ll interrupt your work.”


There was no response, but they didn’t wait. 

Keira and Cosette left the office.

For some reason, Keira thought she felt a gaze in the back of her head.

The temple had an area that was open to the public and another that was not. Of course, it was the latter where they held the spring ritual.

Because entry was strictly regulated, even the nobles could not take more than the allowed number of employees.

In the temple, only two maids were allowed per person. Their logic was that the nuns would take care of all the miscellaneous work anyway, so why not just bring a limited number of attendants.

Of course, Cosette chose Mason and Mina, and after much deliberation, Keira decided to take Rose and Lira.

There were no problems until then. It was only on the day of departure when the temple sent a carriage.


Keira looked up at the carriage engraved with the goddess’ pattern.

‘I thought riding a carriage with her once was more than enough…’

However, riding a carriage owned by the family would be like ignoring the temple’s sincerity.

Reluctantly, she and Cosette got into the carriage.

At this point, it would be natural, but as soon as Cosette sat in the chair, she opened her mouth and chattered on.

Cosette: “Keira, you said you’ve been to the inner temple, right? How many times? When I did volunteer work, I only worked in the outer building.”

Keira: “Well, I don’t really remember.”

After that one reply, Keira ignored everything Cosette said. 

The temple building was located not far from the Imperial Palace, so it took a while for the party to arrive. 

As they got off the carriage, an elderly man called Filbern greeted them.

Filbern: “I am beyond grateful but am at a loss that the both of you are willing to help us out.”

Whether he really didn’t know what was going on or if he pretended not to know, the old man looked as if he was in despair.

Keira replied with a polite greeting.

Keira: “It’s nothing. Don’t mention it.”

Cosette: “I am more than happy to be able to help the priests.”

Filbern: “It’s reassuring to hear you two say that. Then please come this way.”

Keira walked past the outer hall, where the congregation had gathered, and into the inner hall.

She had followed Johanna several times in the past. 

Pure white walls, artworks depicting the goddess, and stained glass windows.

The ceiling also had the image of the goddess who created the world.

It didn’t change at all from past memories.


Whether it was because she didn’t hear the noise from outside or because the white walls looked immaculate, Keira felt reverent. 

Filbern: “As you can see, the structure of the inner temple is a bit complicated. It’s easy for first-time visitors to get lost. The nuns will guide you later. You may get lost even after it, so please refrain from going too deep.”

Cosette: “What are we going to do today?”

Cosette asked abruptly.

Filbern: “You can rest today. The preparations for the service will start tomorrow.”

Keira: “How about the management of the divine artifact and divine beast[2]?”

Filbern: “Ah, Lady Keira seems to have heard from Lady Johanna!”

Keira: “I just listened to what she told me when I was young.”

Cosette hurriedly intervened, and Keira wondered if she found it unpleasant that they were talking about something she didn’t know.

Cosette: “Divine artifact? Divine beast? What’s that?”

Filbern: “It’s literally what it is. Until the last day of the service, it is a tradition for elementalists to manage it. Then, on the last day, the divine artifact and beast are offered to the goddess.”

He said so and looked at the two, his expression brightening.

Filbern: “This is quite fortunate! I think the two of you can take charge of one.”

Keira: “I’ll handle the divine artifact.”

Keira immediately said. 

[1] Keira spoke more politely than Cosette, and I didn’t know how to rephrase hers or Cosette’s dialogue, so I just used contractions to make it different lol
[2] I’m not 100% sure what these are yet, but I translated 신물 as divine artifact, and 신수 as divine water.

*UPDATE: So it’s most likely divine beast, not divine water lol. I’ve updated it!

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