AIWTRO Chapter Ninety-Three

AIWTRO Chapter 93


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T/N: I previously translated 신수 as ‘divine water,’ but it’s most likely ‘divine beast,’ so that’s the term I’ll be using moving forward.

Animals were likely to run around and cause accidents.

Since it was impossible to discipline divine beasts, Keira chose to manage the divine artifact. After all, they were taking care of it for a week.

Fortunately, Cosette merely looked puzzled as if she had not yet figured out the situation.

Filbern: “Oh, would you please? Then, may I ask Lady Cosette to take care of the divine beast?”

Cosette: “Ah…”

Cosette paused for a moment and looked into her eyes. Seeing that Keira immediately volunteered to take care of the divine artifact, she seemed more comfortable with that, but she couldn’t say she didn’t want to care for the divine beast.

‘How hard would it be to manage just one animal? Besides, priests are there, right?’

Thinking so, Cosette nodded.

Cosette: “Yes, um, that’s fine.”

Filbern: “The divine artifact and beast are kept in the fifth tower. Let me guide you.”

The old gentleman took the two of them outside.

As they passed through the splendidly decorated courtyard, they spotted the five-story tower. The divine items were on the top floor. 

By the time they reached their destination, the old man was gasping for breath.


Filbern: “Hah, here we are.”

Cosette: “Oh my.”

In the room, a brown fox was sleeping on the priest’s lap. It looked so adorable that anyone passing by would take a second look.

Cosette: “Is this young thing the divine beast? It just looks like a fox…”

Filbern: “It sounds grandiose to call them divine beasts and divine artifacts, but they’re just animals and objects located at the time and place pointed out by the oracle.”

Cosette: “Oh, I see.”

Filbern: “There is a lot of information about spring rites that are not known to the public. It is natural that Her Ladyship doesn’t know.”

Cosette: “It is so sad that this cute fox is being sacrificed.”

Perhaps it was an uncomfortable topic because the high priest just laughed.

Keira: “Sir, where is the divine artifact? It seems to be something like that.”

Keira’s finger pointed to an object placed in a glass case. Anyone could see it was treated as if it were of high value. 

There was an ornately crafted crystal glass on a velvet cloth, which seemed quite large to be a drinking glass. 

‘So, a pretty plausible-looking item has been chosen this year.’

Johanna said that sometimes very embarrassing objects were selected as a sacrifice.

Filbern: “I will give each of you a prayer room. There, you can put the sacrifice on the altar and hold the prayer ceremony until the last day of the sacrifice. Lady Keira must have heard from Lady Johanna?”

Keira: “Yes, roughly.”

Until Cosette appeared, Keira was considered the next elementalist. Johanna also treated her great-niece as her successor, so Keira was able to hear a lot about it. 

When Keira was young, she used to visit the inner hall of the temple with Johanna. That was why she was familiar with was Father Filbern was explaining now. 

Filbern: “Well then, shall we go downstairs? The priests will bring the offerings to the prayer room.”

The high priest went down the tower and explained the rules of living here.


Filbern: “I’m sorry, but it may be difficult to live a luxurious life like at home here. We’ll have our meals in the dining room with the priests… Um, the food may not suit you.”

Keira: “It’s okay. I understand. It would be more strange to have a luxurious meal at the temple.”

Filbern: “I’m glad you understand.”

She said that, but bland food didn’t taste good. 

Because of the vegetable-only diet, Keira was reluctant to go to the temple with Johanna when she was young. When she did, she’d have to eat something that didn’t suit her taste for a week. 

Keira couldn’t help but feel peeved as they went down the tower.

Lira: “Milady, did you hear?” 

Two days after helping the temple prepare for the ritual, Lira asked with a grim face.

Keira stopped transcribing the prayer and turned her gaze to Lira. 

Keira: “What?” 

Lira: “I heard that Lady Cosette is busy volunteering outside.”

Keira: “She used to do that often when she was at home. Don’t mind it.”

Lira: “I can’t help it! Everyone praised her for having a really nice heart!”

Keira: “Yes, yes.”

Even as Keira began to focus on her work again, Lira chimed incessantly.

After what happened at Johanna’s mansion, Lira had grown extremely wary of Cosette.

Lira: “Milady is busy preparing for the ancestral rites, but everyone is talking badly about you because they don’t know it! You’re working hard in the dark!”

It was an objective fact that managing a divine artifact was easier than a divine beast.

Thus, Keira was forced to take on other annoying things.

For example, prayer transcriptions.

She didn’t know why, but apparently, ordinary nuns or priests should not transcribe.

It was very cumbersome and physically demanding to transcribe prayers of such a great length and variety.

Unlike Cosette, who quickly completed the preparations for the ancestral rite and went out to volunteer, Keira couldn’t afford to do that.

Keira: “What about the divine beast? How can she take care of it if she’s outside?”

Lira: “It looks like Mina is taking care of it in the prayer room.”

Keira: “Well, she didn’t have to stick to the fox personally.”

Lira: “Tsk, the divine beast might cause problems.”

It was as if she wanted the divine beast to run away somewhere. She seemed mature but sometimes showed such a childlike side.

Keira: “Then why don’t we go see what she’s doing?”

Lira: “Really?”

Keira: “My arms are starting to hurt, so I think I need to rest a bit. Rose, we’ll be out for a while, so please stay here.”

Rose: “Yes.”


On the altar in the prayer room, a crystal glass, the divine artifact, was on display. 

After leaving Rose behind just in case, Keira walked out of the prayer room.

It took quite a long time to get to the outer hall from the inner hall.

Cosette was working in the kitchen, where they were busy preparing food. The temple often distributed food for the poor, and that was what she was helping prepare. 

The nuns in aprons were moving their hands busily as if they didn’t see one another. 

Keira looked at the figure from afar and asked.

Keira: “When are they distributing it?”

Lira: “I don’t know the full details but before sunset.”

Keira: “So they’ll share bread on the street?”

Lira: “Yes, I guess so.”

Of course. After all, Cosette wasn’t the kind of person who did good deeds in private. 

Keira knew Cosette was going to volunteer here and there, but it was her first time seeing it in person.

Keira muttered without realizing it.

Keira: “It must be hard doing things that don’t suit your personality.”

Well, didn’t people say that a person appears when you speak about them?[1] 

Perhaps she heard her talking, but Cosette raised her head and turned in Keira’s direction.

Coincidentally, their eyes even met.

She waved her hand and started running towards them.

Cosette: “Keira! Are you here to help, too?”

She shouted so loudly that the nuns working around her had turned their way.

Cosette: “You’re just in time, we’ve been busy here but I’m glad!”

Keira: “I was just passing by, getting some air. I have a lot of work to do because of the preparation for the service.”

Cosette: “Ah, is that so?”

It was a strange stone. 

It was as if she was saying, ‘I’ve already finished everything and have even helped the nuns, but you’re still not?’

Keira: “Are you really allowed to work here? What about the divine beast?”

Cosette: “Mina is taking care of it. Work must be done efficiently. It’s hard to stare at just one divine beast all day. Isn’t it hard for you to only watch the divine artifact all day? It wouldn’t move, so it would be more boring.”

Keira thought, ‘Is this how she makes fun of people?’

She must have also thought that the transcribing prayers did not require labor. After all, a person who did wouldn’t assume that Keira did nothing but stare at the divine artifact all day…



Keira soon understood her intentions.

What Cosette wanted was to take the initiative in the temple affairs from Keira.

Countless ears were listening here. 

It seemed like the intention was to win the favor of the lower-ranking priests one by one.

Anyone would hate a condescending young lady who had all the time in the world but didn’t want to get a drop of water on her hand.

However, helping with the chores would be a hindrance to her main job.

Besides, to be honest, Keira wasn’t even sure she could do the chores well. It’s something she’s never done before.

Keira: “I’m busy transcribing prayers. Maybe you don’t know because you’ve never done it before.”

Cosette: “Oh my, I’m sorry. You were taking a walk here, so I thought you were done.”

Keira: “I thought you were preparing for the ritual. We must not forget the purpose of coming here. I think it would be better to focus on your main job. Oh, I’m saying this because I’m worried.”

Cosette: “But didn’t I say I left it to Mina?”

Suddenly, fireworks began to flutter in the air.

The nuns, who were watching them, began to eye one another, worried. 

Gulp. Keira heard Lira swallow hard next to her, and she spotted the tense look on her face.

Why am I having a war of nerves here? Keira sighed and turned around. 

Keira: “I have a lot of work to do, so I’ll go on my way.”

Cosette: “See you tomorrow.”

When she left the kitchen, Cosette returned to her work.

[1] the author used the saying “호랑이도 제 말하면 온다더니.” Its literal translation is something like ‘if you talk about a tiger, it will come.’ Speak of the devil, so to speak.