AIWTRO Chapter Ninety-Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 99


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Filbern: “Ah, I’m glad Her Ladyship understands our position well.”

That was the reason the High Priest had summoned both of them at the same time. He would like to impose a heavy punishment on the person who ruined the ritual, but he was worried that the Grand Duke would react, so he decided to ask for consent directly. 

Filbern: “The two of you came out to help with a good heart… We are very, very sorry that this has happened.”

Keira: “We’re just doing what we have to do. Rather, we should ask for forgiveness from our side. Right, Cosette?”

Cosette: “Uh, hmm?”

When the arrow was pointed at her, Cosette bit her lips in anger.

Keira: “That’s why I told you to focus on preparing for the ceremony. I know you helped the nuns with good intentions. But if an accident happened, you have to take responsibility.”


Keira bowed slightly toward the priests.

Keira: “I guess it wasn’t enough for us to fill Great-aunt’s absence.”

Filbern: “I-it’s nothing. Who expected this to happen? But… I wish the post-processing was a bit clearer, that’s all.” 

He seemed ready to backtrack on his intention to proceed with the punishment.


Keira: “Ah, that part… Of course, she should be punished, but it wasn’t intentional, and Mina is still a child. If the punishment is too harsh, wouldn’t people talk about it?”


In the end, it meant that the Parvises should take care of it themselves. 

Instead of noticing her hidden meaning, the priests frowned. 

By the way.

Keira: “The death penalty is a bit excessive. How about imposing a sentence and kicking her out of the capital?”


Keira: “How about 50 years?”


Keira: “Is that too short? Well, then. Let’s agree on 80 years. To be honest, I don’t want to do this because she’s still young…”

That was enough.

‘That’s how you’ll let it slide? What would happen if the lady actually decides to punish her?’

The high priest audibly gulped.

Keira: “Mina is Cosette’s favorite maid. If the temple shows tolerance, then Cosette will pay for it.”

Cosette: “What?”

Cosette, who remained still, flinched and turned to Keira. 

Keira: “How about sending a formal apology letter from the grand duchy?”

Filbern: “If you do, we’ll save face and be happy.”

Keira: “The content of the letter should be a polite apology for the accident and a statement that the person in charge will no longer be entrusted with temple affairs to prevent a recurrence of this.”

Cosette: “You…!”

Cosette finally intervened.

Cosette: “Even so, isn’t it too much to decide on your own?”

Keira: “Oh, sorry. I thought you knew your sins and kept your mouth shut.”



Keira: “Fathers, Cosette loves Mina a lot. She’s a child Cosette brought home while volunteering in the slums. Now that Cosette has made concessions to send an official letter of apology to the temple, can we lower her punishment a bit? From 80 years to 50…”

Truthfully, a person sentenced to eighty years would probably die if they did something wrong. 

They would also be in trouble if rumors circulated that they beat a girl who wasn’t a member of the temple to death.

And so, the high priests showed their relief and quickly accepted the offer.

“Ahem, ahem. If the grand duchy shows that much sincerity… we’re grateful.”

“I think that’s enough, but what do you think, Lady Cosette?”


She probably didn’t care about what happened to Mina, but it was an annoying shackle that she couldn’t be involved in the temple’s affairs in the future.

But in the situation, there was no way she could 

‘By now, Mina must be thinking it doesn’t matter what happens.’

Keira stared at Cosette’s troubled expression to try to get a glimpse of what she was thinking,

She might have thought she could use that maid as much as she wanted.

But Keira had already warned her once.

Keira: “I’ll let it slide once because I can see how much they’re struggling, but next time, I won’t. And if these children do something that tarnishes the family’s honor, I will kick them out immediately.”

In the past, Cosette managed to bring in new servants into the mansion when Keira was detained in the annex. 

Cosette hired commoners and others who entered under the recommendations of the Weinberg family or from families close to them.

She created an environment where it was easy for her to take the lead in household matters.

Once you’ve been through it, you can’t stay still.

It wouldn’t be easy for her to bring her right-hand men as she did in the past.

When Cosette didn’t respond, Keira pressed her to answer.

Keira: “Oh, I guess you’re speechless because you feel guilty.”

“Ahem, Lady Cosette. Of course, it is true that the memorial service was ruined, but Her Ladyship helped with good intentions. We are satisfied with the sincerity that the grand duchy has shown us so far.”

“Right? Well, then. Let’s all agree that this is over. Come on, let’s put an end to the gloomy atmosphere.”

“Ha ha ha ha.”


The temple would absolutely want to refrain from sullying their relationship with the grand duchy.

The high priests laughed out loud, probably to lighten the tense atmosphere. 

Although it was a fake laugh, everyone seemed to be smiling sincerely.

Except for one person.

Keira turned to Cosette, whose lips were trembling.

Keira: “Fortunately, it turned out well. Right, Cosette?”

Cosette: “Y-yes. How fortunate.”

Keira: “It’s also fortunate that Mina’s life was saved. It’s a felony to ruin the ritual.”


She didn’t answer. But Keira didn’t care.

Keira rose from her seat, giving the priests a ceremonial greeting.

The priests thanked her for her hard work and stood up, as well.

Thus, the last night spent in the temple has passed.

Mina: “Let me meet Lady Cosette! I need to meet milady…!”

“How noisy. Even the lady you serve agreed to it! Can’t you shut up?!”

Mina: “N-no… No way…! No!”

Her Ladyship promised to protect her with everything she had, even if things were to fail.

How kind had Lady Cosette been to her?

Until a few minutes ago, Mina had no doubt that she would save her.

Even if they punished her, Mina expected it to be light.

But she was being expelled from the capital after being beaten!

She couldn’t believe Her Ladyship agreed to this. No, she refused to believe it!

“If you resist like this, it will only get harder for you.”

Muscular priests grabbed Mina’s arms from both sides and dragged her towards the wooden frame. 

‘No. This is nonsense…!’


Her mind went blank. This was all just a terrible nightmare.

A heartbreaking shriek came out of her lips. 

Mina: “Ahhhhhhhh!”

It sounded like it was squeezed out of her lungs. It was loud enough to hear from outside the prison.

Mason, crouching at the entrance to the dungeon, covered his ears with both hands.

‘Just now… I-it was noona’s voice.’

He couldn’t be mistaken.

No matter how annoying his older sister was, she was the only family he had left.

When they were still in the slums, she gave him bread even though she hadn’t eaten anything for two days.

His remaining family was being beaten close to death and would be unable to set foot in the capital for the rest of her life, and the reality that he couldn’t do anything made him feel even more miserable.

He had begged over and over to open the door, that he should be punished instead. The hand that had knocked and scratched the entrance to the dungeon had long since been worn out.

A painful feeling of helplessness enveloped him.

Mason wrapped his hands around his trembling shoulders.

‘I… I can’t do anything. I don’t have the strength… Because I’m nothing but a lowly…’

Then the sound of footsteps approached him.


Mason looked up when he heard his name.

Mason: “Milady!”

Lady Cosette stood a few steps away, her beautiful face wet with tears.

He clung to her.

Mason: “Help noona, please help noona! No many mistakes she made, this is too much!”

A commoner had an accident that ruined the memorial service, so it was fortunate that she came out with her neck unscathed. 

However, his affection for his family clouded his objective thinking.

With his tears flowing, Mason pleaded.

Mason: “N-noona’s always followed milady really well… With that affection. Yes? If you give her one more chance, this will never happen again!”

Cosette: “Mason.”

Cosette calmly called his name. 

It seemed that her sombre voice alone could tell what kind of answer she would give.

Cosette: “There’s nothing I can do about this.”

Mason: “It’s just too much to be punished like this for a moment’s mistake!”

Cosette: “Actually… Mina has never been lazy.”