AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred

AIWTRO Chapter 100


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Mason: “Yes?”

What did she mean? Mason’s eyes widened.

Cosette: “Indeed, Mina was away from the prayer room for a while. But it was only because she had something to throw away. She definitely locked the door and left. The room had no windows, so the divine beast can’t have escaped on its own.” 

Mason: “What you’re saying… Does that mean someone intentionally stole the divine beast?”

Cosette: “That’s right.”

Cosette nodded, her expression grave. 

Cosette: “I think one of Keira’s maids may have accidentally broken the divine artifact. To rectify that, she deliberately blamed Mina for her sins.”

Mason: “But only you and noona had the keys! How…!”

Cosette: “I don’t know. Maybe she called for a priest and got an extra key. She mentioned that she had often visited the temple with her great-aunt a long time ago, so she might know secret passages I don’t.”

Mason: “H-how can a person do such a mean thing?!”

Mason shouted as he trembled. 

Paralyzed by anger and shock, a possibility flashed through his mind – what if getting the extra key or finding the secret passage was intentional?

Mason: “Is it possible that she deliberately damaged the divine artifact? To put the blame on Mina and milady?”

Cosette: “That’s possible, but… I don’t want to think she would have done that.”

Mason: “Mina used to say she thinks Lady Keira doesn’t like her! Maybe she was looking for a chance to kick her out!”


Cosette: “I have my doubts, too. But there’s no evidence.”

Mason: “She must have done this on purpose to frame Mina and kick her out!”

At that moment, tears poured out of Cosette’s eyes.

Mason: “M-milady?”

Cosette: “Sorry… It’s all because I don’t have any power.”

Mason: “P-please don’t cry. I was wrong.”

She burst into tears, saying that the priests only trusted Keira’s because they had known her since her childhood.

Cosette: “No matter how much I protested, it was useless. They didn’t even listen to my request to further investigate…”


‘That’s unfair. This is really too much.’

Mason clenched his fist. Just as he felt when he was still in the slums, the world really sided with the powerful aristocrats. 

They didn’t even care about the injustice Mina, a maid who had nothing, faced and the lady who had just been thrust into noble society. 

He felt a burning pain in his tears.

“Stop crying, Mason.”

Cosette wiped the tears from his cheeks, yet she continued to cry.

Mason sobbed in her arms.

Mason: “Huuk, huuuu.”

Cosette: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

The warmth in their embrace was enough to make him cry more.

However, the face he couldn’t see was devoid of any emotion.

‘If I did this much, he wouldn’t change his mind, right?’

This child was smarter and more diligent than Mina, so he would probably be useful someday.

When they returned to the mansion after a week-long stay, Robert found a small brown fox, obviously still a baby, in Keira’s arms.

Robert: “Hello, milady. What is that?”

Keira: “It’s the fox I got from the temple.”

Robert: “The temple… gave it to you?”


He tilted his head, confused how Keira could go to the temple and receive a fox.

Truthfully, Keira herself never thought she would be able to bring this fox.

“Well, the last step in the memorial service failed anyway. Isn’t this fox quite young? How about we let Her Ladyship take care of it?”

The priest had said so as he persuaded Keira. 

Besides, the fox’s cute appearance also contributed to the impulsive decision.

So she promised to take good care of what she brought.

Keira: “Hmm, I’ll tell you the details later.”

As she said so, she glanced behind her and saw a stiff Cosette following her into the house.

She seemed annoyed that she had to be with the fox in question throughout the carriage ride.

Keira turned away from Cosette and faced the butler again.

Keira: “But actually, I don’t know how to raise foxes.” 

Robert: “Neither do I, but… Let’s see. Come here. Aww, it’s quite gentle.”

Keira: “I think it’s because it’s gotten used to people.”

Robert: “Are you planning on raising them outside?”

Keira: “Maybe.”

Robert: “Then I will instruct the employees to set up a shelter in the back garden.”

Keira: “Please.”

It would be quite fun to see Cosette’s sour expression every time she saw the fox.

Just as Keira was about to go upstairs, Robert suddenly said.

Robert: “But it seems that Mina is nowhere to be seen. Mason is back, I think…”

Keira: “Mina is gone.”

Robert: “Pardon?”

Keira: “She caused an accident at the temple and was kicked out of the capital. She’ll probably never come back for the rest of her life.”


Robert: “Ah, what happened…”

Keira: “I’ll tell you the details later. Well, it will be known over time anyway.”

Robert was very curious about what had happened, but as he had served the family for a long time, he didn’t ask.

“What did they just say? Mina’s not here anymore?”

“I heard she caused an accident.”

“What did she do…”

The maids who were organizing their luggage in the lobby began to panic over the shocking news.

Keira felt a piercing gaze, full of hatred, on her.

Keira felt someone’s gaze on her, and while that wasn’t new, it was strange that it was piercing enough to almost feel the hatred for her.

Mason, the younger of the two siblings Cosette had picked up, hurriedly looked away when Keira turned to him.

‘I don’t have to listen to how Cosette explained the situation to know.’

Obviously, she must have said that Mina was a victim of Keira’s wicked trick.

‘Well, I’ve never thought of wanting to be close to him anyway.’

So it didn’t matter if he hated her or not. Besides, it would be absurd to befriend Cosette’s right hand man. 

Keira was about to leave again when the butler’s words stopped her.

Robert: “Milady, please wait a moment.”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Robert: “While Her Ladyship was away from the mansion, an invitation came from the Imperial family.”

Keira: “An invitation… Ah, the hunting competition.”

Around springtime, the Imperial family held hunting competitions, and since the Imperial family organized it, the grand event lasted for several days. 

Most nobles would attend, but there was one exception.

Keira: “What did His Grace say? Is he going to go?”

Robert: “I haven’t heard a definitive answer yet, but I think I should let you know.”

Keira: “Then I’ll decide after I hear His Grace’s decision.”

Robert: “Yes, I understand. Please rest well.”

Immediately after that, Keira took Rose and went upstairs to the bedroom.

Cosette’s bedroom was located in a separate building, and she had to cross the courtyard to get there.

But she stood in the lobby as she had no intention of leaving the main mansion. She grabbed the servant passing by and asked.


Cosette: “A hunting competition? What does that mean?”

“Every spring, there’s a big hunting competition that lasts for a few days. I heard the butler talk about it.”

Cosette: “If it’s such a big event, wouldn’t a lot of nobles in the capital attend?”

“Hmm, probably? Unless it’s a special event, His Grace wouldn’t usually consider participating.”

If even Ludwig was thinking of participating, it meant that it was a pretty big event.

Maybe even the Imperial family would attend.

Cosette: “I have to ask Father to take me with him.”

Then, Mason sneaked in.

Mason: “How about me? Am I going with you?”

Cosette: “It’s an event that will last for a few days. Of course.”

Then an elated smile appeared on the boy’s face. It was such an innocent smile.

Cosette: “Robert, I’ll go back to my room then. Take care of my luggage and bring it to me.”

Robert: “Yes, I will.”

Cosette’s smile disappeared as soon as she turned away from the butler and left the main mansion.

Behind her, several maids, including Mason, followed.

Cosette crossed the courtyard with a frightening look on her face.

‘It’s an event where the nobles from the capital will gather…’

She felt that it was her chance to make more of an impression.

From the looks of it, the invitation wasn’t sent to an individual but rather to the family.

‘I’ll have to convince the Archduke today.’

She moved forward, contemplating how to persuade Ludwig to participate.

As she made her way towards the annex, she suddenly looked up to see the sky full of dark clouds.

Cosette: “Is it going to rain?”

Cosette’s eyes narrowed.