AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred Three

AIWTRO Chapter 103


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Keira’s expression turned bewildered.

It’s not like we’re continuing the conversation otherwise, but he didn’t let go of his hand for some reason.

Keira: “What are you doing?”

The two of them separated only after Keira spoke.

While there were slight red marks on both hands, neither side showed any signs of displeasure. 

They both had bright expressions as if flowers were in full bloom.

How odd. 

Cosette: “If you don’t have natural talent, you can’t learn magic, right? It’s a pity. I’ve always fantasized about magic, but unfortunately, I don’t have any talent for magic.”

Her expression was too bright to be talking about her disappointment. 

Erez also smiled softly. 

Erez: “You can learn the theory. There are also theory wizards in the Magic Tower.” 

Cosette: “Oh, will you teach me? If such a handsome man teaches me, I’ll do it.”


Erez: “Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent to teach.”

… What’s going on right now? Keira looked at the two in wonder.

Even as she tilted her head, Erez and Cosette shared small talk and laughed around. 

Cosette: “Keira, I’ll go in first. I’ll talk to the other guests.”

Erez: “Be careful on your way back, Lady Cosette.”

Cosette: “Ah, I’ll see you next time, too.”

Then, she turned around and walked towards the barracks. 

Keira, staring at Cosette’s back, slowly opened her mouth. 

Keira: “You just shook hands for a long time.”

Erez: “I guess Lady Cosette likes me.”

Keira: “I beg your pardon?”

Erez: “Or maybe she’s instinctively trying to get me on her side. As you know, men are weak with that kind of face. If it wasn’t me, I might have gone over.”

It was evident on Keira’s face that she thought he was speaking nonsense.

Keira: “I usually have a hard time shaking hands with someone I don’t like.”

Erez: “Goodness. Even though I’m a no-nonsense guy, would I fight for strength with a weak woman?”


It sounded plausible. 

Above all else, Cosette did not wager a fight that she was likely to lose. If a man came to her in a fight for power, she would surely cry and pretend to be the victim. 

Then, what was that? Before Keira could even ask, Erez gave an answer.

Erez: “She tried to touch me.”

Keira: “…What?”

Her voice went up an octave.

Erez: “I guess she liked me. I didn’t expect her to hold on so desperately.”



Keira was struck speechless at his sly answer.

‘I-is that so?’

Keira knew nothing about romantic relationships between the opposite sex. She was a blank slate that didn’t know anything about the push and pull and the art of flirting.  

As a result, her short first love… Anyway, that wasn’t important.

Cosette’s past conduct also added persuasive force to his argument. It was enough to make Keira wonder if Cosette had a hobby of gaining the attention of the opposite sex with her vulnerable appearance and eloquence as her weapons. 

Keira: “Whatever it is, why are you here?”

Erez: “I just came here to say hello.”

As soon as Keira heard his reply, she immediately thought, ‘To whom?’

It was common sense to think that Erez came to say hello to Keira, who he knew. However, she couldn’t shake off the image of him greeting Cosette with a smile.

Just when Keira was about to ask if he was being truthful, she noticed his expression stiffen.  

He even took a quick breath. 

Erez: “Ack.”

This time, Keira could see clear signs of movement from the side. That must be why Erez’s expression changed in an instant. 

“I’ve been seeing you often.”

It was a familiar voice.

Ludwig, dressed up to meet the Crown Prince, walked their way. But for some reason, Keira had a bad feeling about it.  

Somehow, things started to make sense.

‘This guy… are you acting like this in front of my father?’

With his personality, it was possible. Keira nodded to herself, convinced. But, of course, the reason she came up with couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Erez: “Y-Your Grace. Isn’t it the first time we have seen each other since the beginning of winter? What do you mean, you see me often? If someone hears it, they’ll misunderstand and think that I flirt with Her Ladyship every day.”


Ludwig: “It’s strange that you, a magician, are participating in a hunting competition.”

The use of magic was prohibited in hunting competitions, and only hunting skills could be used. The rule had been made after some magicians burned the hunting grounds with fire magic. 

‘Come to think of it, why is a magician here?’

It was curious. Keira couldn’t help but agree with Ludwig’s point. 

Erez: “Ha, haha. Isn’t friendship the purpose of the hunting competition? Now that I’m of marriageable age, I have to show my face here and there…”

Ludwig: “What are you talking about? Marriage?”

Erez: “No, I mean…”

The people around them turned to them when Ludwig raised his voice. Why was he suddenly acting like this?

Keira would let them settle the matter between them on their own. She had no intention of getting caught in between the two men anymore.

Keira: “Then, I’ll have to go and change my clothes. Please don’t raise your voice in front of other people’s barracks.”

Erez: “Ah, wait a minute! If you leave me alone…!”

‘I’ll hurry up and greet the Crown Prince and rest at the barracks.’

She entered the barracks, ignoring the requests for assistance behind her. 

Michael, the current Crown Prince, abolished the rules for determining the winner of the annual spring hunting competition. 

Since it was an event hosted by the Imperial family, many people wanted to win the competition and catch the eye of the Imperial family. Because of that, the competition intensified, and accidents increased. 

As a result of the change, the event no longer deserved to be called a ‘competition…’ Anyway, since it was His Highness’s order, everyone accepted it and moved on.

Since no one would be hailed as a winner, Keira got her horse with a light heart. 

Keira: “Which way should we go?”

Zeke: “Let’s go south.”

At Zeke’s advice, they headed south. Marquis Edinburgh, their maternal grandfather, also joined their party. 

When the Marquis, the next Grand Duke, and Her Ladyship moved into a group, other nobles naturally followed. It seemed that many people wanted to hunt with them, but one more person intervened. 

“Keira, Zeke, can I join you?”


It was Cosette who approached cautiously, looking flustered. 

Zeke sneered.

Zeke: “What are you talking about? Go away–mph, mph!”

Keira: “That’s fine. As long as you don’t get in the way.”

Cosette: “I’ll do my best not to disturb you!”

Cosette smiled brightly and ran towards them.

Only then did Keira remove the hand that had been covering her brother’s mouth.

Zeke: “Why? Why did you let her join us? We’ll feel bad the whole day!”

Keira: “There’s one thing I want to check.”

Zeke: “What is it?”

Keira: “You’ll see.”

After that, Keira got on her horse and trotted ahead. 

It’s been a while since she hunted. After staying in the house all winter, her body had gotten stiff. 

Had it been an hour or so since they started hunting?

Running ahead, Keira found a mother deer and a fawn grazing on the grass.

Arthur, following her, beckoned their party to hide their presence as soon as he noticed. 

The bowstring in Keira’s hand was pulled taut.


Soon after, the swift arrow hit the mother deer’s back. The mother deer stumbled a few steps and fell down.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

Zeke said to the servants clapping dazedly.

Zeke: “What are you doing? You should bring that.”

“Ah, yes. I understand, Young Master.”

Keira: “A moment.”

Keira stopped the servants who were about to move the carcass. 

Keira: “There’s still one left.”

She pointed towards the fawn standing around, unable to leave its mother’s corpse. Instead of shooting the fawn herself, Keira turned to Cosette.

Keira: “Would you like to try it? You mentioned yesterday that you didn’t just want to watch.”

Since she was acting, she even gave a friendly smile, like a great person who yielded their prey to their opponent. 

For a moment, Cosette looked confused but soon smiled. 

If a person who didn’t know the situation saw the scene, they would have thought that the two were really good friends.

Cosette: “If you’re fine with it…”

Cosette said so and picked up a bow and arrow.