You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter Thirty-Four

YCKTML Chapter 34


“Why…are you looking at me like that?” His gaze flustered me.

Enoch touched the brooch again and said, “Can I keep this brooch? There’s something I want to find out.”

“…? Go ahead.”

Even after that, Enoch still seemed lost in thought, and he didn’t tell me anything. I was curious, but I didn’t ask. I figured he would handle it if it were necessary.

“But how did you know I was here?”


I asked because I was really curious, but Enoch looked visibly embarrassed.

“Well, first of all, someone told me that you fell, so I ran like crazy…”

“Who did? Rupert and Chloe?”

It was Rupert and Chloe who were present when I fell. Maybe it was them?

“No, he was a young knight. They weren’t there when I came.”

Of course, they were. I could have died, but Rupert really hated Erin.

I had no expectations from him, so I didn’t think it would hurt, but I was shocked because my life was at stake.

“I found that bracelet…”



Enoch raised his left arm and showed me his bracelet. So far, nothing seemed to be different.

When he rubbed the magic stone embedded in his bracelet with his thumb, the magic stone suddenly flashed rapidly and buzzed.

“It’s infused with mana. It reacts like this when we’re close. Through this… Well, I, uh, I didn’t mean to track Count like this every time, I added it just in case…”

“Thank you.”

Enoch kept quiet, but he probably would have made excuses if he had the impression that I thought he was monitoring or following me.

That might be the case, but the important thing was that I was alive because of it.

“Thank you, otherwise I would…”

Something warm ran down my cheek. As the tension washed away, sadness and relief immediately followed.

I burst into tears, and Enoch, speechless, moved close to me and sat down.

He patted my back hesitantly.

After crying like that, my mind was clear. After Enoch confirmed I had calmed down, he wore his bloody top and went out alone.

He said something on his way out; I didn’t know if I heard correctly, but I think he was going to ask for help. I was ecstatic as I stared at the jewels that shone brightly. It wasn’t just because I appreciated seeing its beauty.

Originally, Chloe should have discovered the magic stone cave. It was a considerable amount just by looking at it now, but the reserves buried in the ground were enormous.

I wasn’t sure, but it must have been an astronomical amount. And Chloe handed it over to Rupert at no cost.

Of course, it’s not that there really wasn’t any price. Chloe’s reputation and position significantly improved from before, but anyway…

I had no intention of handing it over to anyone. Not even to Enoch, my lifesaver who’s approaching me now.

Well… I was willing to give him some, no, a little more, gemstones if he needed it, but I still didn’t even own them just yet.


So, I was about to bring it up to Enoch. But, for a moment, I hesitated because I was at a loss for words, and I might look too snobbish and greedy.

Enoch passed me then went near the dead monster deep in the cave. I could hear him cutting something, and I deliberately didn’t look his way because the sound made me squeamish.

And Enoch, who approached me once more, said, “Its name is Darion, a tentacle-type monster. Just keep that in mind. I will inform the Emperor.”

“What do you mean?”

“The story that Count came to this place. Until then, you mustn’t tell anyone.” And before I could answer him, he went to his own conclusion. “So, we met somewhere a little further away from here. Let’s go out and talk about it more.”

Enoch reach out a hand to me, who was still sitting down, to assist me. Holding his hand, I tried to stand up, but my legs wouldn’t budge.

“Uh–Why, hold on–Ah, why are you doing this?”

I had cramps from squatting for a long time, my legs losing strength. Enoch, who watched me as I struggled, let go of my hand and lifted my body.

“Your Highness, no! You’re hurt!”

“You’ve seen it yourself; it’s getting better.”


“Who knows what else we’ll face if we delay any further.”

I was embarrassed, but Enoch remained firm yet casual. It would be burdensome if I insisted on going alone because of my discomfort.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and shy.

I snaked my arms around his neck and buried my face on his shoulder to hide my warm face.

For some reason, it felt like he was smiling, but I couldn’t even look up because if I did, our faces would be too close to each other.

My clothes were all wet because of the rain earlier, but the places where my body was in contact with his were scorching.

And he’s stronger than he looked, his chest wider than I– Ah, what was I thinking? It was hard to determine whether my body temperature was high or my tainted brain was a problem.

Anyway, the warm feeling and constant shaking made me feel fatigued. It would be really embarrassing if I ended up falling asleep hugging him like this.


“Still… Now, I can get divorced…”

Enoch’s heavy scent led me to close my eyes. And my thoughts later faded.

Late at night, in the forbidden area of the northern forest, people in black masks stood in a circle and looked out in all directions. They would unsheath their swords whenever they heard a noise somewhere in the dark. 

And in the middle of the circle, a wizard from the Shadow Knights drew something on the floor he copied from a book. The wizard sweated profusely every time Enoch looked at him in frustration.

He had already met a group of trolls once, and after that, he hunted down an ogre. Finally, he judged it unreasonable to walk through dangerous areas any longer, so he drew a magic circle for teleportation. 

Drawing it was more complicated than he thought; he had to draw elaborate and complex shapes.

The wizard flinched whenever the Crown Prince looked at him, but Enoch was frustrated at no one but himself, contrary to what the wizard thought.

‘I can’t even do anything because I’ve used that much magic.’

But that said, his magic was quite useful when he met a swarm of monsters. Moreover, since he was outdoors, he could use it without repressing its power.

However, in teleportation magic, control was more important than the amount of magical power. Usually, it would be fine, but it was dangerous to bring Erin with his magical powers already depleted.

Enoch didn’t want Erin to be in danger, so this was the method he chose. Still, he couldn’t help it because he was in a hurry. 

“If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have wandered around doing so much magic in the morning.”

“I’ve told you over and over again, but Your Highness didn’t listen,” Viscount Therien responded to the grumbling Enoch. “By the way, where are you going to take her? The headquarters, too?”

“No, I’ll go to the secret camp first. Something’s strange. There’s no way a monster would alone like that, right?”

“It must have been summoned. Darion is a low-level monster, but the summoner will take some damage.”

Enoch sat on a tree trunk, waiting for the magic circle to be completed. Erin was still asleep in his arms. 

Erin’s body was warm. Even with a blanket wrapped around her, she was trembling. Considering what she went through today, her reaction wasn’t surprising, but Enoch’s heart continued to ache. 

The wizard had just completed the magic circle. He bowed his head towards the Crown Prince and cast a spell, but Enoch stopped him. “It’s okay, I’ll do it. Just call out the coordinates.”

For the wizard to activate this magic circle, he had to recite a long spell. But, unfortunately, Enoch had already run out of patience to wait any longer.

The wizard would offset his unstable mana. Then, remembering the coordinates given by the wizard, Enoch recited the words himself, “Aperi Ianuam.”


A light flashed in the magic circle, and a strong tornado swept over it in an instant.


There was a voice from a very distant place. Enoch unknowingly tightened his grip around Erin. He knew who it was without checking.

He didn’t mention it to Erin, but he didn’t think she would feign ignorance. 

Enoch felt a sense of dread, wondering what it would have been like if he was even one step late.

If Rupert, not Enoch, had found Erin first, Erin might be moved to reverse her decision to divorce. 

Enoch mumbled coldly to the people who stood by him, “Erase your traces and scatter. Don’t tell anyone about today.”

Soon after, when the light and wind died down, Enoch and Erin disappeared.

At Enoch’s command, they erased the magic circle with their feet and then disappeared again. Finally, after everyone had disappeared, Rupert arrived. 

“Haa, haa, I was sure someone was here.”

Rupert nervously kicked the ground once and ran again.

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