AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred Five

AIWTRO Chapter 105


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After wandering around the hunting grounds all day, Keira’s body smelled of sweat. She’s always been meticulous with her hygiene, and so she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Keira: “Rose, go ahead and prepare the bath. I’m going to wash up as soon as I get back.”

Rose: “Yes!”

As the sun went down, she ordered the maid to return ahead to the barracks to prepare bathwater. Thanks to that, the warm steam greeted her as soon as she entered her quarters.

Keira saw the maids moving partitions to make a makeshift bathroom, and she looked for her temporary roommate. 

But she didn’t see Cosette. 

Although the two of them were assigned to one place, it was divided into two as it was a facility for nobles. 

Keira lowered her voice and asked.

Keira: “Cosette?”

Emily: “She seems to be resting on the other side.”

Keira: “Did nothing else happen?”

Keira left Emily behind in case Cosette decided to touch her luggage. 

But, as soon as Cosette arrived back at the tent, she entered her room and took off her coat. 


Ugh. Keira was certain that the next three days would be the most difficult time since she would be living together with Cosette. 

Keira grumbled about the Imperial family for not assigning one barracks per person and went into the bath. 

However, the difficult living situation ended sooner than expected.

In a way she never expected. 

It was after she had taken a bath. 

The moment she put on her dressing gown and let the maids brush her hair, she felt a huge energy above her head.



Keira jumped to her feet, kicking her chair. 

Rose: “Milady? Is something wrong…?”

Keira: “My sword? Where’s my sword?” 

Rose: “Pardon? Ah, it’s outside…”

Keira: “Never mind, get away from it now!”

Rose: “Yes?”


Even before the maid could speak further, they heard a wooden pillar breaking above them.

At this point, no matter how ignorant a person was, they would know that an accident had occurred.

Rose’s gaze shifted upward.

Large claws were coming in, tearing through the roof.


Rose knew the moment she saw it that it was not like the claws of an animal that had been released on the hunting ground.

Through the cracks in the torn tent, bright yellow eyes peeked in.


She couldn’t even scream. Her body froze in fear and shock.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for her to run away.


It was Keira who shook her from her stupor.

Keira: “What are you doing? Do you want to die?!”

Rose: “M-m-milady!”

She felt Lady Keira grab the back of her neck. It felt as if she was strangling her, but there was no room or time to complain. 

Keira led Rose outside in a rush.


But the moment they were about to go outside, the tent completely collapsed, crushing the two of them.

Rose: “Ahhhhhhh!”

We’re going to die!

Fortunately, this wasn’t a building but a tent, so the shock wasn’t as great as Rose thought. However, she didn’t know where to run away.

It was Her Ladyship’s hand that saved her again this time.

Keira: “Come this way!”

Keira grabbed Rose by the neck and pulled her outside. The cold air from outside soon grazed her face. 

Through her blurry view, she could see the soldiers gathering in the distance. 

“What, what is that!”

“Beast! A beast!”

Thud! Bang!

Behind her, she felt something large trampling on the remnants of the tent. If they had left a little later, they would have been minced meat.

Rose ran forward, sobbing. 

‘By the way, H-Her Ladyship…?’

Rose was sure they came out together, but she couldn’t see where she went after that. 


Rose: “Ack!”

Just then, the beast made a noise that sounded either like a cry or something else entirely. 

It was a very sharp, high-pitched sound for its size, its tone causing a stabbing pain in Rose’s ears. She looked around to see everyone covering their ears from the noise, too. 

‘Where did Her Ladyship go…?’

In the meantime, Rose tried to find Keira’s whereabouts. Fortunately, Her Ladyship’s figure in a white robe stood out in the dark.

Rose: “Milady!”

“Hey! What are you doing so dangerously!”

One of the soldiers stopped Rose as she ran to Keira. 


Rose: “Her Ladyship is over there! What are you doing? Why aren’t you going to her rescue!”

“A-are you crazy? Ordinary people like us will die immediately if we intervene!”

Rose: “Then why don’t you just get out of the way!”

“You, you look just like a maid, so step down and don’t get in the way!”

Keira was running around, luring the demonic beast towards a deserted area. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beast stomped around as if to crush Keira. Fortunately, its movements weren’t quick. 

However, the problem now was that Keira had no weapons. No matter how skilled she was, she couldn’t beat a demonic beast with her bare hands.

Keira looked around. 

Ordinary soldiers evacuated farther away with the nobles and servants who followed them. 

She was glad they acted wisely. It would be cumbersome if they’re close. 

‘I don’t think it would reach me if they threw a sword this way…’

It was unreasonable to have unrealistic expectations from ordinary soldiers who didn’t have the strength of a knight. 

‘I’m buying them time. Shouldn’t they start appearing?’

She cursed the knights. No matter how much time it takes to rest after hunting, you should move a little faster if you are a knight with a title!

When Keira fell earlier, she sprained her ankle, and the pain was slowly creeping up on her. 

Her gaze shifted toward the remains of the tent, and she groaned when she saw that the sharp pieces she could use as a weapon were hard to reach. 

It was too much of a risk to rummage through the rubble while the beast ran rampant behind here. She must just end up becoming nothing but chunks of meat. 

She looked down at her throbbing ankle and straightened.

I need to hold on a little longer.’

But at that moment, the rubble wriggled, and a person crawled out of it. The pure white-silver hair was unmistakable–it was Cosette. 

It was none of her concern whether Cosette crawled out of there or not, but it was important that she had a weapon in her hand.

Keira: “Give me that!” 


Cosette either didn’t hear her or pretended not to hear her because she didn’t even look at Keira. 

It didn’t matter.

After calculating the distance between the beast, herself, and Cosette, Keira ran towards her.

Keira: “The sword, give it to me!”

Then Cosette raised her head, and their eyes met. 

Cosette: “What?”

Keira: “Give me the weapon! You can’t swing it even if you hold it!”

Keira has never heard of Cosette actually learning the sword. If she meekly cooperated, Keira wouldn’t ignore her and leave her behind.

But Cosette answered with her eyes raised.

“But this is mine?”


This d*mn girl…

There was no time to explain why she had to hand Keira the sword.

She could only take it by force.

Keira snatched the sword from Cosette’s hand.

No, it was better to say she tried to take it. 

‘W-what kind of power…’

She tried as hard as she could to take it, but to no avail.

Cosette: “What are you doing! Are you not going to let go?”

Keira: “Look at your surroundings, you fool!”

Thud! Thud!

Amid the struggle between the two, the beast’s steps were steadily getting closer. 

If Keira fought with her anymore, she would end up dead. So with that thought in mind, Keira tried to avoid the beast.

Unfortunately for her, Cosette was thinking similarly, and so the two of them flew in the same direction, collided, tangled up, and fell.



Keira could feel the beast raising its feet above her head. 

To make matters worse, the pain in her ankle worsened after she fell. 


She could hear a familiar voice screaming from far away. It sounded like Rose.

‘I can’t believe I can hear you here. Your voice is really loud.’

Even in a dangerous situation, she couldn’t help but think so. 


She was a young knight, but she wasn’t willing to die by being trampled upon by a beast. 

She couldn’t even close her eyes from the shame. Keira tried to jump up.

I might be able to avoid it if I rolled over there…


But at that moment, someone’s arms wrapped around her, and they rolled together.