AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred Seven

AIWTRO Chapter 107


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Erez: “Okay, then let’s make a bet. When Your Ladyship and the impostor are both in danger at the same time, which way will the Grand Duke run?”

Erez: “It’s boring if there’s nothing at stake, right?”

Keira: “That’s what I’m going to say. The loser will grant the winner’s wish.”

…Ah, right. I made a bet like that. Keira’s expression changed as if she had chewed a bitter persimmon.

Keira: “It was dark, and Cosette and I got tangled up. He probably didn’t see Cosette properly.”

Erez: “Huh, are you trying to avoid the penalty with that excuse?”


Keira didn’t answer. She knew that whatever she said would only sound like an excuse. 

Surely, it couldn’t be that bad.

Keira: “Okay then. I will grant any wish within my ability that won’t tarnish my honor.”

Erez: “It’s exactly something only Her Ladyship can do.”


Something only she could do? What was it?

Gulp. Keira swallowed hard from the tension.

However, the words that came out of Erez’s mouth were utterly disappointing.

Erez: “From now on, let’s talk comfortably even when there are other people. It’s really inconvenient to worry about every single one of them.”


Erez: “Why? You don’t like it?”


Keira: “No, I was just wondering if that is all.”

Keira thought he would make a bigger wish because he wouldn’t get another chance like this. 

Anyway, this was in Keira’s favor. She’d been worried about what she’d do if he asked for a difficult request.

Keira: “Then we can stop talking about the bet… Rose, Emily, will you both leave for a moment?” 

Rose: “Huh? Oh, yes. We’ll take our leave.”

Rose and Emily seemed surprised that Keira wanted to be alone with an unmarried man, but they left the tent without saying anything. 

Then Erez pulled a chair and settled across from Keira. 

Erez: “I see you have something to say.”

Keira: “His Grace is strange. He’s acting differently from the past.”

His eyes changed at Keira’s words.

Erez: “in what way, exactly?”

Keira: “He saved me today. If you know him, you know he’ll never throw himself like that to save me.”

Erez: “Was there a similar situation in the past? Either you’re in danger or you and Cosette were in danger at the same time?”

Keira paused, trying to recall the past. She would never have forgotten such an incident had it happened. 

Keira: “No, there wasn’t. In the past, I didn’t attend today’s hunting competition…”

Erez: “Then it’s just your speculation, isn’t it? How do you know if you’re misunderstanding your father? If the same thing happened in the past, your father might have acted the way he did today.”

Keira: “That doesn’t make sense.”

She cut him off. What Erez said wasn’t even worth reconsidering. 

Keira: “Besides, it’s not just this time. Originally, His Grace accepted Cosette the day she appeared. He could have had a change of heart one time, but this is the second time. It’s weird that it’s already happened twice.”

Erez: “Does he have memories of the past, too?”

Keira: “If he really remembers the past, he would have already killed Cosette or me. He wouldn’t be acting so vaguely. That’s why it’s even more confusing.”

Erez: “Hmm…”

Keira: “That’s why I think he remembers at least partly.”


Erez cradled his chin and looked up at the ceiling as if he was seriously contemplating something.

After a while, he spoke again.

Erez: “It’s human nature.”

Keira: “Huh?”

Erez: “It is said that humans act rationally, but the truth is the exact opposite. Even the smallest emotional change can have a huge impact on the decision-making process. Since you came back from the past, there must have been a change in your behavior…”

At that part, Keira’s shoulders shook. 

Erez: “Your change may have changed other people’s feelings. It’s called the Butterfly Effect.”

He was only a few years older than Keira, but he spoke as if he’s already mastered the existence of human beings. 

Honestly, Keira would be lying if she said it wasn’t a bit absurd. 

Keira: “So it’s just a coincidence?”

Erez: “My magic is perfect. There is no way anyone who does not intervene in the contract has any memories of the past.”


Was that how he wanted to argue? It was such a magician-like comment that Keira forgot what to say for a moment.

Keira: “What about this?”

Erez: “What?”

Keira: “The beast that appeared today. I remember it as something that never happened in the past.”


Erez’s posture changed once more. He looked into the air as if thinking about something. It wasn’t long before he spoke.

Erez: “If true, that’s kind of interesting.”

Keira: “…is it really?”

He spoke as if he was reading something out of a language book. It didn’t seem interesting at all. 

It looked like he was looking up at the ceiling not to ponder about things but to avoid eye contact with Keira. 


Erez: “You said you didn’t attend today’s event in the past, right? How can you be sure if the beast has appeared or not?”


He was right. She couldn’t say it with 100% certainty. She might not have heard about it because the incident passed without a single casualty. 

Erez: “I’ll take your silence as confirmation that you don’t remember exactly.”

Keira: “W-well, the fact that my father is strange is the truth!”

Erez: “Alright, alright. I’ll take that into consideration.”

He didn’t sound like he’d take it into consideration at all. Keira emphasized once more.

Keira: “I’m telling you. It’s clear that his behavior is different from the past.”

Erez: “Do you want to bet on it?”

Keira: “Huh?”

He placed another bet as soon as the result of the previous one came out. Erez must be a person who enjoys betting on things. 

Erez raised his index finger and continued. 

Erez: “If there’s something wrong with my magic, you win, but if there’s nothing wrong with it, I win. Just like before, the loser will grant a wish from the winner. What do you think?”


Judging by his tone, he seemed confident he would win.

Keira couldn’t help but feel anxious that she might lose the bet. 

Still, it could never be mistaken that Ludwig’s attitude was strange.

Keira: “Fine. I accept your offer.”

Erez: “I’ll have to think of another wish to ask of you.”

Before Keira could say anything about how he spoke as if his victory was imminent, Erez stood up.

Keira: “You’re leaving already?”

Erez: “I have nothing more to say. I need to go first before your father comes. I’m scared to run into him.”

Why would he be scared of running into him? Keira wanted to ask, but she stopped when she remembered Ludwig’s characteristic frigid and expressionless face. 

Clearly, her father wasn’t a person who was easy to deal with.

Erez: “Oh, and congratulations.”

Keira: “What?”

Erez: “It’s been proven that your father cares more for you. You can be happier about it. Ah, that fake lady might be a little upset, but what can we do? The stone that rolled in can’t beat a stone that’s already embedded in it.” 


He said so and smiled softly. For some reason, he looked very happy.

Erez: “See you next time, Your Ladyship.”

After Erez left the tent, Keira sat blankly, contemplating what he had said. 

‘You can be happier about it…’

But she wasn’t happy at all. She was just confused.

Why did Ludwig choose her then? 

If only she could ask, she would. 

Not long after, she heard the tent open. At first, she thought Rose or Emily were coming in, so she didn’t even turn to glance their way.


It was after hearing a low voice that she looked towards the entrance, startled. Ludwig stepped into the tent with Arthur.

Keira: “Your Grace?”

Ludwig: “Did you receive treatment?”

Keira: “Ah, yes. I wasn’t seriously injured anyway. The doctor said I’ll get better in about a week.”

Ludwig: “You were rolling around badly.”

To check if he’d seen Cosette or not, Keira said. 

Keira: “Cosette rolled harder than I did. I wonder if she got hurt.” 

Ludwig: “I’ll ask later.”


That reaction could only explain that he was aware of Cosette’s existence. Keira’s eyes widened as she stared at Arthur. 

‘What’s going on?’


Keira tried to communicate with him through her eyes, but he didn’t seem to understand. 

Ludwig: “Ahem, ahem.”

Ludwig cleared his throat, and Keira turned to him again. 

Ludwig: “Come to think of it, I saw Young Lord Shore coming out of here.”

Keira: “Oh, so you bumped into him.”

Ludwig: “I’m telling you just in case you don’t know…”

What was he talking about? Keira’s expression hardened with tension. Arthur also looked nervous about what the Grand Duke would say. 

But despite her anxiety, the words that came out of his mouth were so out of the blue.

Ludwig: “You’ve probably heard the myth that blond men are less intelligent.”