AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred Eight

AIWTRO Chapter 108


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Translator’s Note: I forgot to add this but Ludwig and Cosette have white hair or whitish blond hair. Think platinum blond. The author didn’t say what shade of blond Erez is, but I’m guessing he’s a golden blond (as you can see in the manhwa.)



His statement was so absurd that Keira couldn’t even speak. 

Arthur seemed to be in a similar situation. As evidence, he was looking at his superior with a very disrespectful gaze.

‘What is he saying now? Before he started talking about blonds, we were talking about him bumping into Erez…’

Come to think of it, Erez’s hair was blond. It wouldn’t be a coincidence. 

‘Is he saying I shouldn’t date stupid people because it will bring down the family’s prestige? No, talking about blonds in the first place is just baseless nonsense.’

He wasn’t joking.

So Keira responded just as seriously. 

Keira: “He’s a magician of the tower. I don’t know if Your Grace’s words have any statistical basis, but his intelligence is above average….probably.”


Keira wondered if she answered wrong because the atmosphere became heavy. 

What? Should she have taken it as a joke rather than answer seriously?


She quickly turned to Arthur.

‘Help me! You’re good at brightening up the mood.’

‘I-I don’t even know what’s happening right now…’

Anyway, it didn’t help. Keira looked around, looking completely embarrassed. 

Even so, she had a lot of thoughts in her head. What was going on here? 

Whether her thoughts were revealed on her face or not, Ludwig sighed and took a step back.

Ludwig: “… it’s nothing. Get some rest.” 

Keira: “Ah, yes.” 

After saying this, Ludwig departed with Arthur, leaving his bewildered daughter behind. 


The area where the beast appeared was in ruins as if a storm had swept through it. 

It was possible to repair the damaged facilities and continue the event. However, there was no way that the nobles would want to hunt leisurely in the yard where the demonic beast appeared. 

So, everyone agreed that the remaining rubble would be removed when the sun rose tomorrow and that people would leave this place first.

Apparently, Crown Prince Michael, who was in charge of the event, ripped his hair out and screamed. 

Rose: “Go back to the carriage, milady.” 

Keira: “Okay.” 

She wondered if it would be safe to sit in the carriage if a beast appeared again, but Keira meekly followed.

It was uncomfortable to have to ride the same carriage as Cosette, but Keira had no choice since she injured her leg. 

As she walked towards the carriage, she saw an empty coach seat. 

Rose: “Why hasn’t the coachman come yet? Oh dear, where would he go at a time like this?”

Keira: “He’ll be here soon. I’ll ride first…”

At that moment, Keira’s footsteps stopped.


Rose: “Milady?” 

Keira: “Shh!”

Rose: “Eep.” 

When Keira put a finger to her lips to silence her, Rose covered her mouth, eyes wide in fright. 

Did the beast return? Her legs started trembling. 

However, the reason Keira stopped walking wasn’t because of the beast. 

“How dare you do that? Is there anyone other than you who could do this?!”

A familiar voice came from behind the carriage. It was none other than Cosette.

She was whispering, but it was obvious how angry she was in her tone. 

Cosette: “You, what are you trying to do? Wasn’t it an implicit rule not to disturb each other? Is it okay if today’s events are known?”

Who was she talking to? Keira’s eyes narrowed. 

Obviously, she wasn’t talking to herself, but strangely, Keira couldn’t hear the other person’s voice. Were they speaking too low that it was inaudible? 

She took a step forward to take a closer look. 


‘D*mn it.’

She winced at the sound of dry leaves crumbling under her feet. 

The voice from the back of the carriage stopped. 

‘What rotten luck…’

Instead of being caught eavesdropping, Keira nonchalantly walked toward the carriage. Fortunately, Rose followed closely and opened the carriage door. 

Just as she was about to step up the stairs, Cosette appeared from behind the carriage. Her usual smiling face was wrinkled like a newspaper. 

Even when Keira overheard her at Johanna’s mansion, Cosette never made that expression. 

Cosette: “I didn’t know you had a hobby of eavesdropping, Keira.”


Keira: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only came here to ride the carriage.” 

She then went down the steps and checked the back of the carriage. 

Keira: “And I thought you’re the only one here, so who did you talk to?” 

She didn’t see any signs of running away…

She was confused but tried not to show it. 

Keira spoke sarcastically as she always did. 

Keira: “Were you talking to yourself? Be careful. If rumors spread that the Parvis family’s young lady had a habit of talking to herself, it would be a disgrace to the family, wouldn’t it?” 


She said it to remind her, but unfortunately, Cosette didn’t answer. Instead, she merely glanced at Keira and got into the carriage first. 

‘Wouldn’t she always say something back?’

As Keira entered the carriage, puzzled, she saw Cosette looking out the window. However, she didn’t seem to be looking outside to look at something.  

Keira thought it felt like she didn’t want to talk to her. It was a stark contrast to the times when she couldn’t answer back to Keira. 

‘You must be in a terrible mood.’

Was it because Ludwig didn’t choose her in front of the crowd?

People would talk about today’s event over and over, so it wouldn’t be pleasant for Cosette, who wanted to have a place in the social world.

‘No, she’s been in a bad mood since before that.’

It was from the time of the hunting before the beast appeared. After Zeke killed the fawn, Cosette left immediately. 

If it were the typical Cosette, she would have laughed sensibly and tried to lead the situation.

Today was the first day she appeared in front of a large number of nobles after Zeke’s birthday party. Would she feel so bad about the death of a fawn that resembled herself?

‘There must be another reason.’

She’d been her usual self until they arrived at the hunting ground. She even attempted to chat with Keira while trying to ride a horse. 

Therefore, if an incident occurred, it would have happened yesterday afternoon or this morning. 

‘We arrived at the hunting ground, changed our clothes, went to greet the Emperor, had a banquet all night long, and washed up before sleeping. I don’t think anything special happened…’

Was Keira overthinking things? Her mind felt muddled. 

A carriage engraved with the Parvis family’s emblem ran down the street in the middle of the night.

Until they reached the capital, Keira couldn’t find a plausible answer.

Chapter 6

There was nothing to do, but the maids were busy moving around. To be exact, they were moving with a lot of bags in their hands. 

It was as if they were traveling somewhere.


Upon closer inspection, it was indeed luggage. Even a carriage 

was on standby at the front door.

Keira grabbed a passing maid and asked.

Keira: “What are you carrying?” 

“Ah, it’s Lady Cosette’s luggage.” 


Keira: “What?” 

“Didn’t you know? I heard she’s staying at Count Weinberg’s residence for a few days starting today.”

It was the first time Keira’s heard of it. She blinked. 

Keira: “Why all of a sudden?” 

“Uh… T-that’s…”

Keira: “It’s okay. You can tell me.” 

Even after saying that, the maid hesitated to confess. After a while, a voice that couldn’t be louder than that of an ant’s footsteps came out of her mouth. 

“Her mother who died… they’ve presumed a certain date of when she died… She said she would spend time with her relatives for a while.”

Keira: “Really?” 

Her mother’s death anniversary? She must be going to reconvene with the Count because of the numerous unfavorable incidents.

‘At the same time, she must be planning to pretend to be a pitiful person.’

Keira thought so but kept it to herself. 

Keira: “Tell her to have a safe trip. Ah, does His Grace know?” 

“Yes, of course. Would she leave without saying a word to His Grace?”

Keira: “Indeed.”

Keira, whose curiosity was satisfied, stepped back. She had no desire to see Cosette off. 

‘…so, she won’t be in this house for a while, right?’