AIWTRO Chapter One Hundred Nine

AIWTRO Chapter 109


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The thought of not sharing a space with Cosette made her heart flutter. 

She automatically felt better, humming to herself even as she stood still.

She would see this as a three-day vacation. 

She happily daydreamed how she’d spend this golden opportunity. 

‘First, I should borrow a new book from Emily…’

She’d read a book while eating tangerines late at night and wake up late the next day. Just imagining it brightened her mood. 

Keira smiled and strolled ahead. Her schedule this morning was to see the knights. If she wanted to play in the evening, she’d have to finish all the tasks she needed to do during the day. 

When she entered the knights’ building, the knights catching their breath after the morning training greeted her. 

“Your Ladyship… You came…” 


They greeted her as they stretched and cooled down. 

She walked inside to escape the outstretched bodies. 

She felt bad for the exhausted knights, but she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. She was just overjoyed at the thought of being able to live peacefully at home without Cosette for the time being.

Soon enough, others noticed the upturned corners of her lips. 

Arthur, dangling like a corpse on the sofa in the common room, raised his head and asked. 

Arthur: “Did something good happen to you?”

Keira: “Hmm?” 

Arthur: “It’s been a while since I saw you smiling so brightly… no, no. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

He almost brought up that flowery snake of a man from the casino. He broke into a cold sweat. 

Keira: “Ah, Cosette isn’t home for a while.” 

Arthur: “Why?” 

Keira: “She said she’s staying at her uncle’s house for a few days.” 

It couldn’t have been better news.

On days when Cosette and Keira had a war of nerves, the temperature in the whole house would drop by several degrees.

Fatigue left Arthur’s face. The other knights, also hanging around like corpses, raised their heads one by one and said.

“Then, is this temporary peace?”

“So we’re not going to worry about the bomb going off for a few days?” 

Keira: “Well, I guess you can look at it that way.”


The knights exchanged meaningful glances. 



Keira tilted her head, oblivious to the meaning behind their gaze. The knights grinned mischievously at her. 

Keira: “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” 

“It’s been a while since we had a ceasefire. Don’t you think we should enjoy it?”


“Then, is young master free today?”

Keira: “I think he’ll be free around the evening? But why Zeke?” 

She asked, still puzzled. Arthur’s sinister smile grew.

Arthur: “Isn’t young master an adult now? So you can take him with you.” 

Keira: “Where?”

Keira blinked, still not grasping his words. She only understood when Arthur motioned as if he were drinking something. 

Keira: “Ah.” 

In case Keira refused, they added hastily.

“Now that he’s an adult, it’s time to test his drinking capacity.”

“That’s right, that’s right. If he doesn’t check his drinking capacity in advance, he might make a mistake in a really important place or event.” 

“I think it’s the responsibility of one’s elder to let them know.”

Keira hesitated and muttered.

Keira: “I-is that so…?”

It sounded reasonable enough. She couldn’t let her only brother make a mistake like that, could she? 

As a sister, she felt obligated to do it. Never mind that she only discovered her own drinking capacity a few months ago. 

Keira: “Then I’ll ask Zeke.” 

“That’s a promise.” 

The knights started discussing how to take the Vice Captain as well.

Keira stared at them for a moment then left the common room. She had to work now to play later… 

But then, something caught her eye. 

Keira: “Huh?”


She went to the window and checked again to see if she was mistaken, but no matter how many times she rubbed her eyes and stared, the scene did not disappear. 

A passing maid found the lady clinging to the window and asked.

“What’s the matter, milady?” 

Keira pointed her finger towards the view outside the window.

Keira: “That kid.” 

“Oh, Mason. Did he do anything wrong?” 

Keira: “No, he didn’t. But I heard Cosette is leaving for Count Weinberg’s today. So why is he working there?” 

Keira seemed to be the only one who thought it was strange. The maid looked confused as she answered.

“I’m not sure. Maybe she’s planning on going alone? The Count will probably have a lot of servants anyway.” 

Keira: “Hmmm.”

Leaving the mansion but leaving that child here…

Keira: “Can you pass a message to Sir Arthur for me? He’s probably still in the common room.” 

“Of course. What should I tell him?” 

Keira: “Unfortunately, today’s appointment has to be postponed. Tell him that and he’ll understand. Please tell him that I will go to him later.

“Yes? Ah, yes. I will pass on the message.” 

Confused, the maid moved forward to carry out her order. 

Even after the maid had left, Keira continued to look out the window, lost in thoughts. 

Her eyes narrowed as she stared at him. 

As soon as she finished her task with the knights, Keira hurried towards the main building. The sun was just about to set.

Perhaps the urgency was evident on her face, but Rose also looked anxious. 

Rose: “What’s the matter?” 

Keira: “What’s my schedule for the month?” 

Rose: “Wait a moment.” 

She brought Keira’s itinerary. Except for the last three days, none of the schedules have been confirmed. Among the invitations, the ones she considered attending were marked in light pink. 


Social circles were the only places that favor Cosette, who lost her position both in the house and in the temple. Her beautiful face, friendly manner, and outstanding sociability immediately made her popular. 

Therefore, if Cosette plotted something, it would most likely happen in front of noble society. 

‘First of all, she will try to create an atmosphere that would make the social world reject me. That will solidify her position…’

That was why Keira suddenly checked her schedule. 

If she were Cosette, when, where, and what kind of scheme would she plan?

As Keira scanned her schedule, her gaze stopped on one item– a charity auction in four days. 

It was an event hosted by Countess Rheol. 

If Keira’s memory served her correctly, the Rheols were related to the Weinberg family. 

Keira recalled a conversation with her butler Robert a few days ago. 

Keira: “I received an invitation to a charity auction from Countess Rheol.”

Robert: “Are you planning to participate?” 

Keira: “I haven’t decided yet. But I want to participate in a charity auction at least once. Since I haven’t left the house lately, I think I’ll try to go.” 

Did Cosette hear them? Maybe someone overheard them and passed it on to her. 

It was an event hosted by someone related to the Weinbergs, Cosette’s backer and family. From Cosette’s point of view, it would be a good opportunity. 

‘The problem is I don’t know what she’s planning…’

Keira was certain there was a trap waiting for her. 

But what if she didn’t know what kind of trap Cosette planned? What should she do then? 

It would have been great if Keira could use Cosette’s scheme against her, but she didn’t have enough information for now. 

‘There’s no need to take risks.’

Just as Keira was about to tell Rose to withdraw her participation in the charity auction and keep a close watch on Mason’s movements…

Knock, knock–.

“Milady, it’s Paula.” 

As the head maid of the grand duchy, it wasn’t unusual for Paul to visit Keira. 

Keira: “Come in.” 

Paula: “Yes.” 

The doors opened carefully, and Paula entered. Keira thought the maid looked hesitant. 

Keira: “What’s going on?” 

Paula: “That… I thought a lot whether I should report it or not, but I came here because I thought it would be better to tell you.” 

Keira: “I told you. If you’re worried about whether to report something or not, just report it.” 

Keira had to know anything that was happening in this house because she didn’t know what Cosette would do behind her back.


Paula: “Yes, I came here because I remembered milady’s request. These are the new employees.” 

She had to hire new people to fill the void left by the employees who were old enough to retire or go home. In the process, Keira was aware that Cosette’s people could sneak in. 

However, it was impossible to leave the insufficient workforce as they were, so they had to hire new people.

Instead, Keira had ordered Paula to report immediately if the new employees did anything strange. 

Keira: “Who exactly?” 

Paula: “His name is Jasper. He’s still a young boy.”

Keira: “Jasper, Jasper…”

Keira recalled the contents of the documents she saw a few days ago. 

Keira: “Is he the child who came in after the Duke gave him a recommendation?”