Destructive Desires Chapter 1

DD Chapter 1


Chapter 1. The Managing Director’s Partner

She entered the office after receiving a call and saw him standing by the window, looking at the view of Seoul spread out below the 38th floor.

“Manag–” she tried to call him but stopped and stared at his back. Standing against the light, his body was as beautiful as a painting.

Wide shoulders with perfect left-right symmetry and the flexion of hard muscles clear beyond the white shirt. Long legs made the perfect body look more harmonious.

He was a person who caused dizzying tension just by looking at his back. Her lower abdomen tightened.

Yeonwoo took a deep breath and took one step at a time. A clear sound resonated as the heels of her shoes hit the marble floor. 

When Yeonwoo finally stood behind his back, she called out to him, taking in a breath that had gotten hot as she ran here, “Managing Director.”

Although he had heard the door open, he only turned around when Yeonwoo called. 

Lee Seokheon, the managing director of Mirae Construction.

He, who didn’t show any gaps like the solid road of his uncurved life, loosened his tie and looked down at her. 

“I believe I called you thirty minutes ago.”

He frowned at her, his usual relaxed appearance nowhere to be seen.

Yeonwoo did her best to look him in the eye, afraid he might find out she was deceiving him.

“It was lunch time, so it took me later to check the message.” 

It was a lie. She had actually seen his message an hour ago. 

She had seen it, but instead of running to this place, Yeonwoo headed to the udon restaurant outside the company with her colleagues as scheduled. 

She knew he was returning after being in Dubai for forty days and that he was coming to work as soon as he arrived at Incheon International Airport.

Even if she didn’t want to know, there was no way she could remain oblivious. He’d sent a short message with his schedule to Yeonwoo two days ago. 

He didn’t say anything about sleeping together in his message, but Yeonwoo knew that’s what he meant when he informed her of his schedule. 

We’ve been hooking up regardless of the place– here in the office, in his car, in Yeonwoo’s house.

“It was lunch time, so I couldn’t check…”

Yeonwoo only checked her messages from the list of her notifications two days ago. Since he wasn’t a man who sent more than two words, she could see everything he sent just by looking at the notification.

Because of the message she had just received, her feeble rebellion ended.

「If you don’t come, I’ll go to you. 13:01:54」

She wanted to continue ignoring him, but his message made Yeonwoo run to the office. So her two days of rebellion came to an end.

As soon as she saw Seokheon’s text saying he would go directly to her, Yeonwoo ran out of the udon restaurant, telling them she was going to the bathroom as an excuse.

Seokheon was a man who did whatever he wanted, and he didn’t care about other people’s opinions.

If Seokheon acted as he did in front of her colleagues, the rumors spreading in the company would be true.

A straight finger touched Yeonwoo’s chin. Her chest heaved, still unable to regulate her heavy breathing. 

Seokheon’s gaze drifted down to her chest, then up to her lips and eyes.

“So, did you eat well?” 

“…Yes.” Yeonwhoo stared at him with her chin still raised stiffly. 

“Seo Yeonwoo.” He smirked. “You only make eye contact when you lie.” 

“Huh? I-it’s not like that…”

“Then what is it?” 

Armed with such composure, her mask shattered. Yeonwoo hurriedly avoided his gaze. 

Seokheon had attached himself to her without allowing her to escape.

“You must want to see me go crazy.”

From the moment he arrived at the company and sent his first message, his patience had run out. The instant he saw Yeonwoo’s face flushed red from running here, the desire he’d suppressed the last forty days lifted his head.

His large hands wrapped around Yeonwoo’s cheeks. Her face turned at an angle, and her lips parted. 

“It’s not like that–”

A tongue snaked in the gap between her lips, squelching as saliva mixed. Without giving her a chance to breathe, Seokheon hurriedly continued the kiss. 

He caressed Yeonwoo’s flushed cheek with one hand while the other held her under her b*ttocks.

Seokheon, who was 188cm tall, was strong enough to carry an adult woman easily. As soon as her body floated up, Yeonwoo squeaked in surprise and held onto his neck. 

At that moment, their lips parted, and Seokheon frowned. He liked Yeonwoo the most when she came to him.

“Open your mouth and give me your tongue.”

His serious tone took Yeonwoo by surprise, and his one-sided kiss became more serious. 

For Yeonwoo, Seokeon’s presence was a stimulus in itself–the fragrant scent of male skin, the rough touch of a shaved chin, and the harsh sound of breathing.

As he carried her to the sofa, Seokheon kissed her as if pouring himself out. Yeonwoo knew all too well what would happen after such a kiss.

Heat gathered below her navel. 

After three or four steps, he reached the Italian leather sofa and carefully laid Yeonwoo on the sofa.

“Yeonwoo. If you want to act, you have to do it right.”

Maybe he noticed she had been avoiding him.

“I’m not acting…”

Yeonwoo has never completely hidden her feelings in front of this man. No, from the beginning, Seokheon could see through the heart of anyone who stood in front of him. 

Growing up where he did and working in the unruly atmosphere of the company made him agile and sharp. 

Seokheon untangled her legs, set her down on the sofa, and stroked the inside of the skirt along her thigh.

“It’s already so hot here.”

Yeonwoo bit her lips and arched her back as he caressed along the line of her panties. She was relieved she hadn’t been caught avoiding him, but her body shrank. Everywhere he touched left as if electricity ran through it. 

“Managing Director…” Fingers dug through the gaps in the flesh over her stockings and touched her apex. “Ah…”

Seokheon had a persistent habit of finding weaknesses in his opponents, both in personal relationships and business-to-business transactions. 

Even on his forty-day business trip to Dubai, he showed off his talent, thus he was called a demon[1] in the construction industry. 

Mirae Engineering & Construction signed a 90 million-dollar contract to connect the undersea road to an artificial island in Dubai but could not agree with the client over a matter in the main contract. 

Seokheon, who appeared as a relief pitcher[2], did not accept the low-profit conditions proposed by the Dubai government, but instead called for a higher construction cost. The contract was disrupted, but they ended up dramatically signing the contract.

After pushing to renegotiate the construction cost of the Dome Bridge and Dubai Night Tower, they signed the contract that raised the construction cost by $2 million from the time of signing the MOU due to the dollar’s value rising.

It was obvious that Seokheon’s position in the industry would become stronger.

The hand stroking her panty line moved to her bottom. He caressed her voluptuous flesh, then traced the seam of her stocking with his fingertips. 

A moment later, he ripped the crotch of the stockings. 

“Sir!” Yeonwoo gasped, grabbing her skirt. 

“I’m with my woman now. Who cares?” 

“There are secretaries outside. It’s business hours.” 

“I held it in for 40 days.”

He was a man who had to have s*x like an animal three or four times a week to relieve his desire, but he had to go on a business trip to Dubai for forty days.

During the business trip, Seokheon sent Yeonwoo a plane ticket twice. 

Had there been a short message that he wanted her to come and see him, Yeonwoo might have pretended she couldn’t help it and took the flight to Dubai. 

But at the end of the day, she ignored the invitation of because of the secretary’s stiff face as they delivered the plane ticket. Yeon-woo was well aware of what that face said.

The managing director’s hidden woman. His sex partner.

Seokheon’s libido was as strong as his remarkable business performance. Maybe sex was his way of relieving pressure at work.

He was so excited that he couldn’t even lower his pants. He was too busy putting on a condom. 

“I think of you every night and go crazy.” 

With a single, hurried thrust, they were one. 


Yeonwoo grimaced at the feeling of her inner walls being stretched open. She’s been accepting him for two years, but she was not as tame as he had hoped.

Seokheon held her hips wide open and grabbed her back as he thrust into her on the sofa. Under him, Yeonwoo covered her mouth to stifle her moans. 

Even though the secretaries in the office were aware of their relationship, she couldn’t help but feel shame in doing such a thing during work hours. 

While she knew shame, Seokheon, who grew up being envied by many, believed that all his actions were justified.

They were opposites–the heir to a corporation and an orphan. The end of this one-sided relationship was already decided. Yeon-woo was heading to the end alone.

Haa, Seo Yeonwoo, haa.”

The closer she reached her orgasm, the stronger their scents grew. Under Seokheon, Yeonwoo’s hair fluttered on the sofa, and her spread legs shook.

She hated this moment the most–the way her body contracted and retracted in line with his invasion. A body that made her more impatient. In the end, she wanted him more. 

“Hngh, hngh!”

As the end approached, Seokheon thrust more desperately into Yeonwoo.

Her senses gathered into one place as he continued to pound into her. If it weren’t for Seonwoo, she would have lived her whole life unaware of this feeling.

Haa, Seo Yeonwoo…”

As they made love, his desire for her grew even more. He had an unrealistic desire to pour his whole body into her. At that, he held Yeonwoo closer to him to keep them connected.

His p*nis swelled, trembled inside her, and released. In the throes of climax, Seokheon kissed Yeonwoo. 

While the condom stopped him from filling her with his c*m, he ferociously thrust into Yeonwoo. 

As soon as they finished, Yeonwoo reached the table and pulled out a tissue. She wiped the stickiness between her thigh, lifted her hips, and took off her torn stockings. 

Seokheon, who had cleaned up before her, took something out of the desk drawer and placed it on the table. Disposable stockings fell on the table with a thud.


Yeonwoo stared at the letters on the stocking packaging–30D black tights. They were thin, see-through black stockings.

“Sir, we don’t wear black, see-through stockings in the company.”

“Are there any regulations regarding stockings in my bylaws?” 

“No. But.”

When she tried to say that she would stand out if she wore such stockings, Seokheon said, “Wear it. I don’t want other people to see your bare skin.”

[1] 야차 – yaksha has multiple meanings depending on the country/religion; but there’s a film/drama in Korea of the same name that’s translated as ‘demon,’ so I chose demon instead.
[2] In baseball terms, a relief pitcher is a pitcher who specializes in coming into a game started by another pitcher. They usually enter the game after the starting pitcher is removed due to injury, ineffectiveness, etc.