AIWTRO Chapter 110

AIWTRO Chapter 110


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Paula: “He might be.”

If he received a letter of recommendation from the only ducal family in the Empire, then his identity was certain.

‘But there are many different ways to convince people.’

Money, the life of a loved one, or a very desperate situation that could happen to a person. 

Keira: “But what about Jasper?”

Paula: “I found him going to the incinerator today to dump garbage…” 

Then Paula pulled a little notebook out of her apron pocket.

Paula: “Is this perhaps yours?”

Keira: “That’s right. However, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.”

Paula: “But he still needs your permission to throw your belongings. Your Ladyship might have written down something important!”


Keira picked up the notebook. She couldn’t even remember the last time she wrote on it. 

‘Six months ago? No, was it a year ago?’

The cover of the notebook was already in tatters, and its pages had turned yellow.

‘If it’s in this state, I’d throw it away, too…’

 That’s what she thought as she tried to convince herself. When she opened the notebook, the page was blank. So was the next page, and the page after it. More than half of the remaining pages were unused. 

A smile appeared on Keira’s face.

Keira: “Is this all he was about to throw in the incinerator?” 

Paula: “No, he also tried to throw away things like winter coats, curtains, and blankets. I think he was trying to get rid of the old stuff you haven’t used in a long time.” 

Keira: “Is that so?” 

Paula: “I get the curtains and blankets, but he shouldn’t have carelessly tried to throw away a notebook. Who knows what’s written on it…”

Keira: “Maybe since he’s new, he acted too overenthusiastically with work and made a mistake?”

It often happened; new hires would make mistakes because they were eager to make a good impression. 

Really, that scenario sounded reasonable enough. 

Paula: “That’s possible. Truthfully, that’s what I thought at first, so I didn’t want to tell you, but… I thought it would be a mistake if I didn’t, so I did.”

Keira: “No, you did well.” 

Keira put the notebook in the drawer and continued. 

Keira: “He probably made a mistake because he wanted to show how hard he could work, so don’t be too harsh on him.” 

Paula: “I just told him not to just throw away Your Ladyship’s things no matter how old and unused they are.” 

Keira: “It won’t happen in the future. He’s a kid who entered the household under the duke’s recommendation, so he’s sure to have sense. Guide them well.” 

Paula: “Yes, please leave it to me.” 

With that, Paula bowed and left the study.


Keira: “Rose?”

Rose: “Yes, milady?”

Keira: “What kind of employee is Jasper?” 

Rose: “I’m not sure. I haven’t talked to him a lot either… All I know is he has a very quiet and calm personality.” 

‘I asked a stupid question,’ Keira thought to herself. 

What did outward appearance have to do with one’s personality? Cosette looked pretty good on the outside, too.

Rose: “Does he make you feel uncomfortable? I can inform the butler and have him sent back to his previous employment…”

Keira: “There’s no need for that. I was just curious what kind of child he was.” 

A light of relief flashed across Rose’s face. She probably had a good impression of Jasper so far. 

Keira: “Anyway, about the charity auction four days from now, I will send my reply. I want to participate.” 

Rose: “Oh, you should reply as soon as possible then.” 

Keira: “Can you bring me some stationery?”

Rose: “Of course, please wait a moment.”

Rose turned to look through the drawer.

Keira had planned for Zeke to accompany her to the auction house. She needed at least one person to chat with throughout the tedious auction process.

However, when they found out his knight promotion exam was just around the corner, the plan went out the window.

‘I have exams coming up, so I can’t play.’

So, Keira planned on going alone.

…But why do I suddenly have a companion?


She didn’t have the courage to stare openly, so she looked at the window to see Ludwig’s expression. 

Ludwig: “Do you have anything to say?”

Even though Keira was just looking at the reflection in the window, he must have noticed her gaze. 

Trying to hide her surprise, Keira answered. 

Keira: “I was just confused since you don’t usually participate in events like this.” 

Ludwig usually only appeared in really important places and events. 

So, attending an auction hosted by a count? 

If the people who had sent invitations to him, trying to get in his good graces, found out about it, they might reel back in shock.

Ludwig: “That…” 

Keira’s gaze, demanding an answer, flustered Ludwig. Had he known this, he would have pretended not to notice her staring at him.

How could he say it? That the reason he followed her today was that Cosette left the mansion… 

If Cosette were here, it would be unfair to go out alone with Keira. People would speculate that the Grand Duke has already decided who was his real daughter. 

But what if Cosette was away and he accompanied Keira? 

It happened while Cosette left the mansion, so it was inevitable. 

Instead of talking about his innermost thoughts, Ludwig just pursed his lips.

Ludwig: “You don’t need to know.”

As he has been doing all his life.

Keira: “…Yes.” 

Keira didn’t ask any further questions since he seemed unwilling to say anything. Conversations with her father usually went like this. 

Silence fell in the carriage. 

While she looked at the scenery outside the window, the carriage quickly reached its destination. The auction was held in a building some distance from the center of the capital. 

The employee who went along with them informed the auction house staff that Keira and Ludwig had arrived, and the staff looked up in surprise.

“They’ve really come! Countess Rheol will be delighted. Madam will be here soon… First, let me guide them to their seats.” 

Everyone gathered here knew that today’s auction wasn’t just a charity event but a social event. Thanks to that, the lobby and lounge were full of people chatting with each other. 


They even met people they knew while passing the hallway. Some of them spoke to Ludwig, others to Keira. 

As a result, their progress was very slow. 

It was at that time that Ludwig’s momentum took a turn.


Who did you see? Keira followed Ludwig’s fierce gaze. 


For some reason, he wasn’t alone. A familiar woman was talking with him, her arm laced with his.

When Keira was invited to the Princess’s picnic, she was the one who chatted with her. Claire Neil, was it? 

Claire: “Next week, there’s this play that I really love. It’s two acts!”

Erez: “Wow, you must be ecstatic. Have a good time.” 

… Wasn’t she implying that she wanted to see it together? 

Even Keira, who was slow to understand such matters, could see her intention, but Erez only muttered something else. 

From the look on his face, he seemed terribly bored. 

Seeing as Claire had her arm laced around Erez’s, they seemed to have come together as partners, but if he would act like that, why bother accompanying her? 

The moment Keira thought of that, her eyes met his.

Claire: “What’s wrong?”

As if noticing that her partner’s attention was on someone else, she also turned towards Keira. 

Claire’s face flushed red. 

Claire: “Oh my, Miss Keira.” 

She walked towards Keira, her arm still laced with Erez’s. Erez looked like he really didn’t want to be dragged. 

Claire: “I didn’t expect to see you here. Originally for social events… Oh, you said you were preparing for marriage.”

Keira: “Given the circumstances, I don’t know if the situation will be resolved smoothly.”

Claire: “Still, you’ll meet a good partner. Ah, and…” 

Her gaze turned to Keira’s side where Ludwig stood. 

He’s always been a difficult person to deal with, but he seemed to be in a bad mood today. 

Color drained from Claire’s face. 

Claire: “I-it’s an honor to meet you, Your Grace.”

Ludwig: “Nice to meet you. You seem to know my daughter. What’s your name?”

Claire: “My name is C-Claire Neil.” 

Ludwig: “Ah, Baron Neil’s daughter?” 

As if trying to recall her father, Ludwig looked upward for a moment. 

His gaze soon turned back to Erez.

Ludwig: “By the way, I didn’t know you were friends with Baron Neil’s daughter. I thought you were so focused on magic that you rarely showed your face in society.” 

Erez: “Ah, that…”  

Claire: “There is a marriage conversation going on between our families.” 

Claire answered instead. Keira’s eyes widened.

‘What marriage?’

Erez once mentioned he didn’t see marriage in his future, and he was fed up with talks about it. 

Even now, Erez looked like it was a pain in the neck to be here and he didn’t know why he should be here. 

Keira suddenly remembered what he said.