AIWTRO Chapter 112

AIWTRO Chapter 112


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Keira was the only one with Grand Duke Ludwig. 

After all, weren’t they nominally one family? Claire couldn’t help but wonder.

Claire: “I’m glad you’re okay. I didn’t know Lady Cosette would be here.” 

Cosette: “Why? Is this a place I couldn’t visit?”

Claire: “Oh, that’s not it. I just met the Grand Duke a while ago. I didn’t see you then, so I thought you didn’t come with him.”

What she pointed out was what everyone was wondering about. Why didn’t Cosette accompany the Grand Duke? 

She pretended to be uninterested but kept her ears pricked up to hear what the answer would be.

Cosette: “Oh, I’ve been staying at my maternal uncle’s residence for a while now. Mother’s estimated death anniversary is close. So we decided to have a memorial with family and relatives.”

Claire: “Oh my, I shouldn’t have asked. I’m sorry.”

Cosette: “It’s fine.” 

Come to think of it, wasn’t Cosette’s mother framed for being infertile and kicked out? 

Everyone gathered here knew how dishonorable it was for an aristocratic woman to be unable to bear her children. 

What if those accusations were false? 

‘If it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to close my eyes at how upset I’d be.’

‘Even if I become a ghost, I may want to take revenge.’

Everyone trembled just imagining it. 


If that’s true, Claire felt sorry. Her sympathetic gaze fell on Cosette.

Cosette: “Rather than that, it seems you’ve met Father?”

Claire: “I saw him in the lobby. We chatted for a while.” 

“Ah, I saw it, too!”

A new voice suddenly popped in. She was a young woman who followed Cosette around–Charlotte Rheol, the second daughter of the Countess of Rheol. Unlike her mother, she was rather lively. 

Charlotte: “My mother was talking to His Grace, so I noticed. Miss Claire was there at that time, weren’t you?”

Claire: “Yes, that’s right.”

Charlotte: “And I think you were with Sir Shore, too…” 

Claire: “He’s my partner today.” 

It felt like the conversation was getting unnecessarily long. It was time for Claire to end this and return.

But then, a story that came out of Lady Rheol couldn’t be overlooked.

Charlotte: “I really didn’t want to say this… You better be careful about those two.” 

Claire: “Sorry? What do you mean?”

Charlotte: “Miss Charlotte’s partner and Lady Keira, I’ve seen them before. They had a friendly conversation–he was even speaking informally– and they went to the terrace alone.” 


She knew they were acquaintances, but she had no idea they were that friendly.

‘Well, no matter how much gossip, will there be smoke if there’s no fire?’

There must be a reason for such an article to come out. Claire’s expression slightly darkened.

Then the people just watching them started adding in a word or two.

“I saw it, too, at Prince Zicchardt’s birthday banquet. Lady Keira must have been feeling depressed, right? At that time, he approached her as if to comfort her.” 

“I think I’ve seen them before, at the hunting competition. As soon as Lady Keira arrived at the hunting grounds, he was the first to run and talk to her…”

“Oh, my, my, my.”

As several people began to share similar sightings, Claire’s expression hardened even more. She heard he rarely came out of the lab and barely participated in social events. How did he get so close to Her Ladyship?

She also remembered Erez’s strangely sour attitude. 

Although he was considered as Viscount Shore’s heir, he was only a relative. He had a strangely indifferent attitude, even though he was in a situation where he couldn’t afford to remain single. 

Could it be because his heart belonged to someone else? 

N-no, that’s just my guess.’

Yes, it was just a rumor before marriage. She shouldn’t worry. 

Claire barely came to her senses but said to the whispering ladies.

Claire: “It’s a story that’s happened before getting married. So in that sense, I also met a man for a while.” 


“You’re too kind.”

Lady Rheol mumbled to herself in a strange tone.

Charlotte: “But isn’t it strange? Why is it that when Lady Keira appears, so does he…”

‘Are they going together?’ her unspoken question, but everyone in the room could guess.

Like Keira, Erez was also an elusive presence in social circles. 

But the two seemed to appear at the same time? Wasn’t it strange? 

Unaware of the hidden circumstances between the two, Claire’s thoughts gradually tangled like a thread. 

Lady Rheol noticed Claire’s expression darkening, so she patted her hand and said. 

Charlotte: “Of course, this was before your families started your marriage talks! Don’t worry too much. No matter how close the two of them were before… If one has common sense, they’d keep their distance. After all, everyone knows how virtuous and moral the Parvis family is.” 

Claire: “T-that’s right. I don’t mind.”

Charlotte: “Then I’m glad.” 

Claire had to struggle to keep her smile, the corners of her lips trembling.

Charlotte stared at Claire as she stepped back and said she had to return to her partner. She then turned to Cosette.

Charlotte: “Shall we return, too, Your Ladyship?”

Then Cosette answered sullenly.

Cosette: “If you want to spend more time here, you don’t have to go back because of me.”

Claire: “Oh, I…”

Cosette: “It makes me feel uncomfortable.” 

Cosette’s eyes narrowed. At that moment, Charlotte realized the lady’s intention. 

Before the auction started, she should do more under-the-table work. 

That’s what Cosette wanted. There were many people in the lounge, but she didn’t seem to mind. 

Since her father had ordered her to obey the lady, Charlotte had to do as she was told. 

She smiled again and said. 

Charlotte: “Thank you for your consideration. I wanted to chat more with the people I haven’t seen in a while.” 

Cosette: “Okay, then I’ll go ahead. Then, no matter how much time flies, you have to come back before the auction starts, okay?” 

Cosette said in jest before leaving.

Charlotte stared at her retreating form, then turned back to the other ladies.

‘Mother’s taking care of the older wives, so…’

She would do her best to talk to ladies her age. 

Charlotte gulped and moved towards the others.

In principle, one auction house employee waited inside the box seats. However, Keira dismissed an employee because she felt uncomfortable being in the same room with an outsider.

“Um, but policy…” 

Keira: “What’s the reason for such a rule? Isn’t it for the convenience of those in attendance? I’m more uncomfortable that you’re here. So, please wait outside the door. If I need anything, I’ll pass it on through my maid.” 

“…Yes, I understand. Please have a good time.” 

The staff nodded and left. Click. The door closed.

Keira then sat down next to Ludwig. Behind her, her maid Miranda took her place. 


Ludwig: “It’s the first time I’ve seen this maid’s face. I heard you brought in new employees. Is she one of them?” 

Ludwig asked.

Keira: “No, she’s an old maid. I don’t bring her with me often, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t look familiar.”

Ludwig: “Did your lady-in-waiting ever make a mistake? She always seemed to be with you, but you didn’t bring her today.”

Keira: “She wasn’t feeling well so I told her to rest.” 

Seemingly convinced, he didn’t ask anything else. 

After a while, the lights in the room went out, and the lights on the stage brightened. The host then came up on stage and greeted the audience. 

“My name is Antonio Walter, your host for today. I hope you have a good time…”

Keira was lost in thought as she listened to the host ramble on.

‘Should I buy a gift for Zeke?’

If she were to buy one, she worried if an art piece would be good or maybe an accessory he could wear.  

‘He has no interest in art, so an accessory would be nice.’

A men’s brooch, perhaps? 

Ludwig: “It’s been a long time since we went out together like this.” 

Keira: “Yes? Ah, yes. That’s right.” 

But she had only accompanied her father on events he couldn’t miss– the Emperor’s birthday banquet and the National Founding Day event.

Even if Cosette hadn’t appeared, the two would have continued to have an awkward relationship. 

Take now, for example. Wasn’t there a heavy silence after a short conversation? 

A ceramic piece crafted by artisans 200 years ago was being auctioned on the stage. 

‘I’m bored.’

She didn’t have anyone to talk to, so she might as well munch on something to distract herself…

Keira motioned for Miranda.

Miranda: “Yes, milady?”


Keira: “I want to have a quick snack. Can you bring me the menu?”

Miranda: “Yes, wait a moment.” 

Keira: “Your Grace, would you like something to eat?” 

Ludwig pondered for a moment before answering. 

Ludwig: “A drink is enough. Coffee would be nice.” 

Translator’s Corner: Claire needs to chill. She’s only gone on literally one date with him.