You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 39

YCKTML Chapter 39


When Rupert turned around, Enoch came and was holding a monster he missed with a sword.

“Where have you been?”

“I’ve been to other areas, too. But this looks the most populated. I think you’re already number one.”

Rupert noticed a bat monster flying behind Enoch’s back and threw his sword at it. Enoch fled as if horrified by the devastation that occurred right behind his ear.

“Why didn’t you give me a notice?”

“Your Highness noticed it though, didn’t you?” 

“But I think there’s a lot more than last year. They even flock around in groups.”

“It must be because of the monster. It seems to have turned all the animals in the area into monsters,” Rupert replied as he carefully observed Enoch’s swordsmanship. 

He was relieved.

Enoch’s swordsmanship was based on the splendid swordsmanship passed on to members of the Imperial family. It was good for show, but the trajectory was large and wide, so the movement was severely wasted.


Enoch’s sword skill itself wasn’t bad, but if it was based on technique full of such pretentiousness, it was nothing compared to Rupert’s practical swordsmanship.

But when he took the sword seriously, the gap quickly narrowed. Rupert stopped observing and unwittingly competed with him, further widening the gap.

“You’re not using magic.”

“It wouldn’t be fair if I did.”

“But it’s not against the rules.”

In fact, some learned magic and swordsmanship together, and they used the one that was advantageous according to the situation. Furthermore, who would say anything about the crown prince using magic?

“But it will be difficult if there’s nothing left.”

At Enoch’s mumbling, Rupert felt inferior again. His confident attitude, of course, used to make the person next to him feel intimidated sometimes.

“If that’s what you decided.”

There weren’t many creatures left, and even if Enoch, currently in 2nd place, caught them all, it seemed impossible to catch up to him.

Rupert swung his sword and swept away everything that was left.

Enoch clapped and whistled in surprise. “I was worried it would take longer, but it ended earlier than usual.”

“Who is Your Highness giving your score to?” Rupert’s blue eyes gleamed as he asked Enoch.

Enoch smiled faintly at him and avoided the answer vaguely, “Well, what about you?”

Rupert looked at him as if asking an obvious question and frowned at the contempt that momentarily crossed Enoch’s eyes.

“What kind of answer do you want?”

Did he want him to dedicate his points to the dead Erin? For what? For simple condolences?

“Nothing. I hope that your love will go on smoothly in the future.”

“Shouldn’t Your Highness be also blessed with a Crown Princess?”

Rupert brought up what the crown prince hated the most–his love life. However, contrary to expectations, Enoch smiled leisurely. 

“I’m thinking about it.”

‘What a load of crock,’ Rupert thought as he watched Enoch descend ahead. 

Because of that, he didn’t see Enoch smirking. 

The battle at night was fierce. 

The place that Rupert and Enoch handled was now clear of monsters, but others weren’t.


Since the number of monsters was much higher than usual, several have gotten injured or died. 

After transporting all of them, it was not until the sun rose that the knights and warriors came down from their area and gathered at the headquarters.

Relatively healthy people lined up one after another and brought their bracelets to the magic sphere. Then, the number of monsters they caught would appear on the magic ball, and the scribe would write it down.

Even after registering their scores, people did not leave. Instead, they stayed to see how others fared. 

Even if the score didn’t make it into the rankings, their numbers helped with future promotions.

Enoch turned to one side and watched them, his face blank. Time seemed to pass very slowly. 

‘I’m sure everything’s fine.’

He looked up towards the mountain, his gaze seemingly on the sky, then turned toward the person approaching him.

“Your Highness…!”

He thought it was a familiar face, and when the person came near, he recognized him as Damon Rosen, the young knight who broke the news of Erin’s accident to Enoch. 

His eyes wide, he went down on one knee in front of Enoch and asked, “Really, is she dead? Really?”

Enoch swallowed hard. Because of Damon’s contribution, he couldn’t decide whether it would be better to keep quiet or tell him the truth in advance.

However, when Enoch heard his next words, his resolve hardened. 

“She’s the first lady who stole my heart… Oh, god…”

Enoch smiled in vain as he watched Damon shed tears. This guy, that guy[1].

“She was already Lord Clifford’s wife then. What were you going to do with the fact that she stole your heart?” 

“What does it matter? He loves another woman anyway. If I woo her when she’s left alone, I can take his place.”


While Enoch was struck speechless by the young knight’s too-honest remarks, Damon bowed, muttering an apology to pardon his disrespect, and returned alone.

“Sir Rosen.” Enoch’s voice calling him was drowned out by the ensuing roar.


It was the sound that rang the moment Rupert brought his bracelet.

“…O-over a thousand! Five thousand four hundred points?” 

When Enoch heard the score, he sighed. He must have almost caught up with him. He’s known him since childhood, but Rupert was, by all means, a great swordsman.

Just then, a delicate voice called him, “Rupert…!”

Upon hearing her voice, Enoch’s eyes narrowed. He watched as Rupert rushed to Chloe and hugged her when she ran to him and almost fell. 

People whistled and teased the lovers. In an instant, a festive atmosphere pervaded.

Plenty of food was prepared for the warriors who had to suffer through the night, and each had their story to tell. Rupert and Chloe were in the midst of it.

Whenever Rupert and Chloe’s eyes met, relief and anger intersected. Even the noble wives, who weren’t close to her before, approached Chloe and offered her a friendly congratulations.

“It’s really easy to forget,” Enoch muttered bitterly as he glanced at them. The incense in front of the memorial and chrysanthemums hadn’t even burned out. 

If Erin had really died, he wouldn’t have stomached such a scene.

Just then, Rupert, who was seated far away, turned to Enoch, and when their eyes met, Enoch quickly looked away.

He couldn’t stay any longer because he didn’t want to see Rupert quickly forget what he had and instead enjoy the glory. 

But Rupert didn’t give him the chance to leave.

“Your Highness, you haven’t registered your bracelet yet.”

“Oh, I forgot.”

Instead of going directly, Enoch took off his bracelet and handed it to the servant. The servant carefully took it and handed it to the scribe, who put it on the magic sphere.

“Two thousand eight hundred points!”

“Oooh, Your Highness is also great!”


Although he was in only second place, everyone reacted as if Enoch, who had participated in the competition for the first time, scored higher than expected. 

 However, the difference in scores between first and second place was almost double, and Rupert looked almost relieved when he congratulated Enoch.

“Congratulations, Your Highness.”

“It’s too early for that.”

Those who did not understand his words simply congratulated the Crown Prince Enoch.

Enoch waved his hand and left.

‘What do you mean?’

While Rupert pondered on it, Chloe filled the glass.

Rupert recalled Erin, expressed his bitter condolences in his heart, and drank his glass.

A bright smile appeared on Chloe’s face as she looked at him, but she skillfully hid it. Then, she made a sad face. “But can we have so much fun together? The more I think about it, the more my heart aches, and I can’t stand it…”

Everyone became solemn at her sad voice. Chloe asked someone to bring Erin’s necklace, then she took out her ring.

“I want this to be burned at the funeral as well. It’s what Madam wanted, and if you gave it to her, she might have come back alive…”

“Stop it, Chloe.” Rupert drank again, seemingly annoyed by her words. “It couldn’t be helped. Forget it.”

That’s what he kept telling himself.

Chloe, who was staring at Rupert, nodded and wiped away her tears.

“Okay, I won’t mention it anymore. But please do as I say for the funeral.”

Rupert nodded without answering. Then he suddenly remembered what Enoch had said when they were up in the mountain.

‘…all of these things are good for her.’

He glanced at Chloe, then shook his head again, looking into her orange eyes filled with tears.

‘What am I thinking?’

Chloe was an angelic woman who always understood him and gave up everything for him. 

‘It can’t be.’

Trying to smile, Rupert stroked her soft brown hair. 


“I transfer all my points to Lady Chloe Andron.”

The scribe repeated his words in a clear voice, and the people once again cheered and congratulated them.

“For our two main characters.”

From a distance, Prince Breiman raised his glass towards Rupert and Chloe, and put it on his lips. 

The tongue that brushed the alcohol-drenched lips turned black, then soon returned to its original color.

[1] Enoch thought, ‘이놈이나 저놈이나.’ I assume he meant ‘이놈이나 저놈이나 똑같다,’ which literally translates as ‘this one and that one are the same.’ It’s an expression to show they’re annoyed/unsatisfied with someone.

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