Destructive Desires Chapter 4

DD Chapter 4


Yeonwoo, who shook off his hand, took the ring box and threw it. As the box flew, the lock grazed Seokheon’s face.


As the box fell on the marble floor, a red line appeared on Seokheon’s face. A moment later, blood began to ooze from the line.

“Is your face alright…?”

“Is my face the only thing you can see?”

“Where’s the first aid kit…?”

Reason disappeared from Seokheon’s eyes. “Does it look like my face is the only thing hurting!”

She couldn’t be in front of him right now. It’s dangerous. That’s what her intuition was telling her. 

“Get that treated. I’m leaving.”

As she turned, Seokheon grabbed her and stopped her. He embraced Yeonwoo, engulfing her in his large body.

“No, you can’t go. Don’t go, Yeonwoo. I love you.” 

It was the first confession she heard from him. 

“What do you mean by love?” Yeonwoo asked, hurriedly pushing him away. “Don’t say nonsense.”

Seokheon stared at her and bit the inside of his cheek.

His business trip was the longest time he had been apart from her since they started dating. During the trip, Seokheon made up his mind about Yeonwoo. 

He bought the ring before the business trip and got on the plane because he wanted to make sure that their relationship was still clear. 

Two days before returning to Korea, he expressed his feelings by acting unlike himself. That ring, which Yeonwoo just rejected, made his heart flutter.

「I’m coming back soon.」

「I’m arriving in Korea at 10 AM.」

「If you need anything, send me a message.」

「I’m about to board the plane.」

「I have nothing on my schedule until tomorrow, but I’ll head to the office first.」

「See you soon.」

Seokheon never informed his actions to anyone. He didn’t receive a single reply, but he thought it was because Yeonwoo was just like him and had a straightforward personality. 

Still, he said he would see her as soon as he returned to Korea.

It was an unreasonable business trip, and he was on break until the next day, but he still went to the company to see Yeonwoo. However, Yeonwoo didn’t move as expected.

He tried to be understanding, but now, every moment they were together was suffocating, and he wished their time together didn’t happen…?

“I can’t live without you, Yeonwoo.”

Seokheon turned Yeonwoo around and covered her lips with his. He kept pressing kisses on her lips, whispering that he loved her every time they broke apart.


Was it because of the word ‘love’? Or maybe it was because her heart was weak. Yeonwoo, who didn’t want to respond, opened her lips to the kiss.

Seokheon didn’t waste time. He pushed her back, kissing her with everything he got. 

Their height difference was close to 25cm. She struggled to reach him, so she sat down on the sofa and fell back. Seokheon followed suit, leaning over her body and pouring kisses everywhere his lips could touch–her chin, neck, collarbone. 

He grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up slowly enough not to offend her. Then, when her chest was finally exposed, he rested his knees on the sofa, his feet touching the floor. 

“Seo Yeonwoo, you like my body.”

That was the only thing he could appeal to a woman who said she was suffocating when she saw him; the very same woman who said nothing else was compatible with them than their bodies. 

He pushed up her bra, grabbed her chest, and put her n*pple in his mouth. He stimulated the peak with his tongue, the rosy buds fitting perfectly in his mouth.

His hand made its way to her lower abdomen, and he pulled down her leggings and panties at once. He groped her hips then put his hand through the valley. 

“I won’t ask for more, so please like my body.”

From the moment they kissed, her core was damp.

Seokheon was well aware of how rare it was to find a woman as sensitive as Yeonwoo. He rubbed the area around her drenched v*ginal opening with his fingertips and touched her cl*t.


A moan escaped from Yeonwoo’s lips. He sucked at her n*pples as he watched her reaction. 

His hand drew a circle over her cl*t and continuously stimulated her n*pples with the pressure of his mouth.

Seokheon steadily carried out the actions she liked with his unusually careful movement. Even so, he had to make sure she had no substitute for him.

“Ah, Oppa…”

It was a body he was all too familiar with. Seokheon knew where and how to stimulate Yeonwoo to get her wet. 

When a moan that sounded like permission erupted from Yeonwoo’s mouth, he unbuttoned his shirt with one hand, and his lips parted from her chest. The other hand continued rubbing her cl*t.

He wanted her to succumb to the sensations so she would want his body. Even if Yeonwoo said they weren’t compatible, she said their bodies were, so he didn’t know how fortunate that was. 

At least he had one weapon to wield against her, so he would do everything to tie Yeonwoo with his body. 

He moved his fingertips to her opening, caressing it briefly to moisten it with her wetness, then pushed it inside.

“Hngh…!” Yeonwoo groaned, her waist bending like a bow. 

Seokheon looked down at her as he thrust his fingers in and out of her. 

Yeonwoo moaned. Her shirt and bra were pushed upwards, her bre*sts half exposed. She was already half out of her mind only with his fingers. 

Seokheon quickened his pace. The tendons in his forearms stood and his wrists trembled, but he didn’t stop. 

It was a defeat to stop here. With his life so easy, he had never longed for something as much as Yeonwoo.


Understandably, his shirt buttons didn’t come off properly. All his nerves were focused on his other hand. Finally, he gave up on unbuttoning his shirt and ripped it open, throwing it on the floor soon after.

He draped his large body over her and bit her earlobe. And while he had drawn the desired reaction from her, Seokheon’s mind couldn’t calm down.

He couldn’t just look at her. He had to hug her. 

Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate. It was the only way he could subdue her. He did it that way when he first had Yeonwoo. 

He traced the inside of her ear with his tongue and blew hot air. There were many ways to excite her since she was sensitive to all her five senses– touch, sound, scent, sight, and taste.

If Yeonwoo had been a sadist, he would have made her wet with pleasure by letting her see his blood. He moved his hand faster and licked her ear.

“Ha, Oppa, ngh.”

He pressed his firm chest against her bre*st and rubbed her body to reach all sensitive areas. He could feel Yeonwoo’s heartbeat through her skin. 

Fluttering heartbeat and heated breath. Her cl*max wasn’t far away. He pushed her so hard that the muscles in his arms flexed. 

And when so much liquid gushed out of her that it pooled in his palm, “Haa!”

Yeonwoo reached her org*sm with a loud moan.

“Haa… Oppa…”

After that, Yeonwoo stretched helplessly, feeling boneless. Seokheon pulled his fingers out of her v*gina, wishing it was something other than his hand. 

Seokheon smirked and held out his hand to her. “Look, Seo Yeonwoo. This came from you.”

When he stretched out his fingers, the fluid in between them stretched like a spider’s web. 

“You loved it so much, but you say we can’t be together?”

Seokheon played with her c*m in his fingertips, unbuckled his belt with the other, and lowered his pants. 

While Yeonwoo remained aroused, he needed to continue. This was the only way he knew how to please her. 

He rubbed his d*ck up and down as soon as he freed it from his clothes, spreading her wetness on him. His member was as thick as Yeonwoo’s ankle. His arousal was so intense that veins popped up on his p*nis, its head flushed red. 

“Tell me you want it.”

He wanted to make sure she wanted him. He wanted to confirm that she wouldn’t be able to leave him, even if it was only because of his body.

He was ready for s*x and was looking forward to the next step, but he didn’t intend to move until he heard Yeonwoo’s answer.

“Yeonwoo, tell me you want me.”

Yeonwoo looked up at him, tears running down her cheeks. 

Want. For this moment, she definitely wanted him. Just this once, maybe she could have the one she wanted for herself.

“Do it, Oppa.”

At that moment, Seokheon’s eyebrows furrowed. Yeonwoo knew he made that expression when he was relieved. 

A successor who has practiced moderation should not show his expression regardless of his feelings, yet he revealed his emotions so quickly on his face.

Yeonwoo knew all of that. He had been watching Seokheon for a long time and had no choice but to know.

“Let’s do it,” Yeonwoo whispered, her leggings going down enough for them to f*ck.

Whenever Seokheon wanted to have s*x, he would start acting without taking off his clothes. She was used to that. 

He laid her body on the side and pushed her to the back of the sofa. Lying on the edge, Seokheon caressed her center, took his p*nis in his hand, and thrust into her.

As his m*mber loosened her up, Yeonwoo leaned forward, sandwiched between the sofa and his large body. Seokheon hugged her, his biceps as thick as her own thighs. Sweat dripped from his skin, and his scent was thick. 

“It’s all in. Hang in there.” 

As her flesh slowly opened, his p*nis filled her to the tip of his root. Her legs crossed to keep him close, and her body pressed against everything from his hips to his p*nis. 

Slap, slap slap. A hard pubic bone slammed into the b*ttocks. What she thought was once repulsive when she first saw it was inside her, spreading her flesh, hitting her in all her sensitive spots.

“Haa, haa.”

The backrest blocked her from moving too much, so she let him do the rest. He didn’t stop his ministrations until her skin ached. 

Even as she exhaled hotly in pain, Yeonwoo didn’t ask him to stop. The pleasure from it was greater than the pain. All her senses were consumed by pleasure.

S*x. A body that responded to lust like an animal. Had she known that this act couldn’t be stopped by reason, she wouldn’t have started in the first place. 

But it was too late for them, and they had come too far. 

Yeonwoo bit her lip as he continued to thrust into her. 

She tightened her lower abdomen and between her legs, knowing that doing so would increase the stimulation he felt and that his movements would become more intense.

“Haa, Yeonwoo.”

His breath on her shoulder was hot. Holding Yeon-woo’s pelvis with both hands, he moved his waist faster. She could hear the wet sounds from where they were connected. Their body fluids made the sofa squeak. 

“Hngh, more. More, just a little more.” 

As Yeonwoo’s pleasure increased, Seokheon’s movements became more intense. 

The two moved in unison. Having done this countless times over the last two years, they know very well how to f*ck, what positions were the best, and how deep they had to go to stimulate each other.


At the end of that desperate scream, the two reached their cl*max together. Seokheon hastily pulled out and c*me on the sofa. 

In his heart, he wanted to bind her to him in any way he could, but he couldn’t, so he poured his c*m on the sofa with regret. 

The morning sun came pouring in. Yeonwoo turned from the bed and looked out the window. The Han River was flowing as it basked under the light of the winter sun, and Seokheon was asleep beside her, his body wrapped around her.

Big arms and legs. Yeonwoo stared at his limbs, a span longer than hers, then swept her hands on his shoulders. 


She pulled away when he groaned. 

They had s*x until dawn. Seokheon f*cked Yeonwoo as if he was trying to make up for the time he couldn’t sleep with her while he was away.  

Perhaps he had also expressed his dissatisfaction with the rejected proposal through s*x. 

Seokheon was on vacation until today, but Yeonwoo had to work. She fell asleep like a log after their hooking up with him the whole night, and when she woke up, she didn’t have enough time to go home, change, and go to work. 

After taking a shower at his place, she went to Seokheon’s dressing room. The room had been sleeping together for two years, and some of Yeonwoo’s clothes were at his house.

The ones he bought before were too flashy and were more Seokheon’s taste than Yeonwoo’s. One blouse cost millions of won. It was too much, and Yeonwoo couldn’t go to the office wearing it. 


‘Oppa, I’m the lowest employee in the company. Even if you buy clothes like this, I can’t wear it.’

‘Is that so?’

Fortunately, there were finally a few modest clothes.

“Did he buy new clothes?”

She wore a white blouse that didn’t show a logo, paired it with a skirt, and wore the stockings she brought the other day.

“A bag…”

Some people believed that people who came to the office without a bag were only there to play. In reality, all their work materials were on the computer, but since the people in the company dressed up that way, Yeonwoo had no choice but to follow. 

She was relieved to see a modest leather bag with no logo in sight in the dressing room. She inspected the bag before deciding it would be fine.

When she checked the weather on her phone, the cold wave continued.

「Lowest temperature: -12 degrees Celsius」

Yeonwoo wore the coat she brought when she came to his house and moved her phone and belongings into the bag Seokheon had prepared. 

Without thinking about the impact the bag would bring, Yeonwoo rushed to the office.