AIWTRO Chapter 115

AIWTRO Chapter 115


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Marriage issues have always been the hottest topic among young girls.

The moment she admitted she was trying to steal a man who’s in talks to get married, her honor would be ruined, and she would become a public enemy among ladies her age. 

She wouldn’t let her control her the way they wanted. 

Keira: “I don’t know what’s going on. I never got the item. I was going to get it right before I went home.” 

Countess: “So you’re saying you never took it?”

Keira: “Yes. I don’t think Mr. Erez is a thief either. We all know he has no interest in anything other than magic, right?” 

Erez: “If I wanted a brooch, I would have bought it. I don’t even know if that brooch is worth the risk of getting caught.” 


Erez expressed his chagrin, but the Countess did not give him a single glance. 

In the first place, her goal was proof that it wasn’t Erez.

Countess: “But it’s strange. In this ledger, it is written that Lady Keira ordered her maid to take the brooch…”

Keira: “There must have been a misunderstanding.”

Countess: “Unless the successful bidder themselves or an agent with a confirmed identity comes, they never give away the goods. I can be sure of that since I hold a charity auction every year.”


Clear as day; it was pure fabrication. 

But she had no evidence to support that claim. 

If she hastily expressed her resentment, the situation might worsen, and people might accuse her of framing people without any evidence. 

Just then, a gentle voice broke the silence and appeared. 

“Excuse me. What’s the matter with Keira?”

The crowd turned to the source of the voice. A woman in a light pink dress walked lightly. Her furrowed eyebrows looked as if she was concerned about the situation. 

Keira: “Cosette, you’re here, too.” 

Cosette: “I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you earlier. But I heard you were with Father.”

With that said, Cosette turned to the Countess. 

Cosette: “I’m sorry, Madam. I tried not to interfere, but… I looked upstairs and saw Keira going down. I followed because I was worried about what was wrong. Keira’s like my sister. How can I help, Madam?” 

Countess: “Ah, that’s…” 


She then briefly explained the situation.

While searching for the princess’s necklace, they found the brooch Keira had won on Erez’s coat. 

While listening to the story, a look of surprise crossed Cosette’s face. 

Cosette: “The Shore family aren’t in a difficult situation, so isn’t it impossible that their heir would steal the brooch? I’m worried that they’d suspect someone so strict.”

Then she asked Keira. 

Cosette: “Keira, didn’t you gift Mr. Shore the brooch? That’s the only thing I can think of…”

Keira: “I bought the brooch for Zeke. I wouldn’t give it to someone else.” 

Cosette: “Oh, of course, I know you love your brother very much.”

Countess: “Lady Cosette, this isn’t the only problem.” 

Countess Rheol interjected in a worried voice.

Countess: “Lady Keira said she never got the winning item. However, there’s a record in this ledger that proves she received the brooch right after the auction was over… It’s strange.” 

“Oh my.” 

It could mean that either claim was false. The atmosphere around them became colder and colder.

Cosette: “Keira, the auction house’s security is at stake, right? If it is revealed that there is a hole in the security net, it will interfere with future operations… Shouldn’t we check to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it?”

Keira: “Of course, we should.”

Cosette: “Where is the maid you brought with you?” 

Keira: “My maid…”

Keira paused for a moment before continuing.

Keira: “I ordered her to do something and sent her out for a while. She’ll be back soon.”

Cosette: “Is that so?”

Cosette asked in a curious tone as if urging Keira not to lie. 


‘Isn’t she saying the maid isn’t here because she’s afraid she’d get caught lying?’

Her voice made those around them think so. 

“Really, this is difficult. The arguments of both sides are completely contradictory.”

There was still no evidence that either side’s claims were false, but Keira was currently at a disadvantage. 

Because it seemed the Countess had no reason to lie 

On the other hand, Keira…

“I guess she knows it’s not good to interact with a man who’s getting married.” 

“Isn’t that why she’s lying?”

“Oh my god, I didn’t know Her Ladyship was that kind of person.”

“Even if my soul was sold to a man… … Ugh.”

She had good reasons to lie. At least, that’s what it looked like in their eyes.

Even Claire looked at Keira with a somewhat resentful gaze.

At that time, Ludwig, who had been watching the situation, opened his mouth.

Ludwig: “I stayed silent to hear what the fuss was about, but I want to add a word. When she won her item, Keira said it was definitely for her brother.” 

Countess: “Oh, Your Grace. Well, what should I say? This is… Hmm.”

Countess Rheol hesitated as if she was wondering if she should say it. 

A suppressed groan escaped from her tightly closed lips. 

It was as if she wanted to say, ‘That’s because she’s aware she’s doing something immoral, so she’s probably hiding it from her father.’

Although she didn’t directly say it, everyone in the room understood.

Indeed, it was the skill of a noblewoman with thick bones. 

A stinging gaze fell on Keira. 

People must be thinking she was flirting with a man who was about to get married because she had no partner. 

This was the first time since she returned to receive criticism from so many people. 

It reminded her of the past. 


Using rumors they secretly spread, trying to throw a fatal blow on a noble young lady…?


Of course, there was still no evidence that Keira’s claims were false. However, the sharp stares directed at her were enough to show that Cosette’s plan had been successful.

She narrowed her eyes, looking in the direction Cosette was standing. 

Cosette covered her mouth with a fan and had a sorrowful expression on her face.

But Keira knew that hidden underneath that fan was a smile that revealed her teeth.

Also, knowing Cosette’s personality, Keira was certain she had fabricated evidence. 

There was no doubt about it. 

The door to the auction house opened, and an old man appeared with a guard. 

“I’ve brought him, Countess.”

Countess: “Ah, good job. You came just in time.” 

“Madam, who is that?”

One of the observers asked. 

Countess: “He’s a penmanship appraiser.”

“A penmanship appraiser?”

Countess: “Yes. Actually, we found something else along with the brooch.”

Countess Rheol beckoned the auction house employee standing behind her, and he took a step forward, holding a flat silver tray in both hands. There was a torn envelope and a note placed on it.

Countess: “I will read the contents first.” 

She picked up the letter with her graceful touch and read the note aloud.

“Dear you, from K–.”

“Oh my god.”

As soon as she read the first line, the crowd started buzzing. It was clear who this ‘K’ she was referring to.

Countess: “I can’t believe you’re marrying another woman. How could there be such a tragedy when I only have you?”

Erez: “No, what are you talking about?”

A startled voice escaped Erez’s mouth, but no one cared.

As Countess Rheol read the letter, the people’s jaws fell more and more. The note was embarrassing beyond belief. There were words saying she wouldn’t be able to forget that night and that she couldn’t sleep because of the pain.

The Countess read the last sentence in a playful tone.

Countess: “I’m going to give you this brooch as a gift. It’s the same color as my eyes. Remember me every time you see this object. Please do not forget me.” 



Silence befell the room. They couldn’t hide the shock at hearing such an explicit form of affection.

Erez was the first to break the cold silence. 

Erez: “T-This is a trap! I don’t go around and date girls! It’s too bothersome!”

Countess: “Then why did this come out of sir’s coat?”

Erez: “How should I know?”

Countess: “Well, let’s check who wrote this letter then.”

The Countess then handed the letter to the appraiser. Shortly after that, the auction house employee brought out another sheet of paper. 

What was that?

The situation was so chaotic that everyone could only stare blankly at the new item. 

Countess: “This is the order form that Lady Keira wrote herself when she ordered food and the item.”

Erez intervened and said.

Erez: “Wait, shouldn’t you be thinking about the possibility that the handwriting was forged?”


Countess: “It’s difficult. As you can see, it’s an order form that only needs a few simple words. It’s impossible to forge such a long letter with just a few words. Still, it will be possible to check whether the note was written by the same person.”


It was just as the Countess had said. There were only a few simple words in the order form.

Writing a long letter and perfectly replicating the handwriting with such little reference was almost impossible.

Countess: “Come on, take a look.”

“Ah, yes.”

At the Countess’s urging, the appraiser wore his glasses and looked at the two pieces of paper alternately.

He came to a conclusion not long after. 

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