AIWTRO Chapter 117

AIWTRO Chapter 117


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Keira’s suspicions began when Cosette failed to take Mason with her despite leaving for the Weinbergs.

Until then, Keira had no idea what Cosette would be up to or what Maison was meant to do since he was left behind in the mansion. The clue came shortly after Paula reported Jasper’s suspicious behavior. 

He must have tried to dispose of an item that shouldn’t be thrown away to excuse when people found that the item disappeared. Even with the old winter curtains and blankets, what was his reason for trying to steal the old notebook? 

Keira knew intuitively that they needed her handwriting. 

In the previous timeline, she got in trouble because her penmanship was forged. 

So, she assumed that they would make use of that forged handwriting.

As Keira guessed, they used Miranda’s handwriting when she sent her event attendance confirmation. She predicted that they would use Countess Rheol’s charity auction as the stage of the scheme.

‘Well, as expected, they did it at the auction…’

Maybe Mason’s original role was to secretly deliver the notebook Jasper had stolen. But, unfortunately for them, Jasper’s failure rendered Mason’s part irrelevant. 

‘They probably used Jasper because I’ve been meticulous in making sure Cosette’s people didn’t get a hold of my things.’


Keira deliberately persuaded Miranda to write a long reply so Jasper could forge “Keira’s” without the stolen documents. 

Countess: “This is a trap! A trap!”

Countess Rheol almost screamed. Her brown eyes violently trembled. 

Keira: “It’s amazing that you’re still insisting so in front of your minion’s confession. The order form was probably needed to match the counterfeit letters.”

It would be strange for her to bring Keira’s event acceptance reply all the way here. 

But Countess Rheol stuck to her plan to the end. 

Countess: “I-isn’t it strange that she brought in a witness as if she knew this was going to happen?! She can’t even see the future! That’s proof that this is a trap!”

Half of the crowd glared at the Countess while the rest agreed with her argument. 

“Surely… It’s a bit strange to bring in a witness as if they were waiting.”

Countess: “That’s what I’m saying! How did you know this would happen and prepare for it? Something is strange! I mean, she could have ordered them to lie, right?”

The Countess made a desperate appeal to her people. Her expression, pale in her desperation, still had the power to move the hearts of the audience.

But Keira didn’t give her time to sway the crowd.

Keira: “I was able to prepare in advance because the staff acted suspiciously. He didn’t have to wait inside, but why did he insist and say it would be more convenient? I thought something was strange.” 

Countess: “T-that’s not evidence. It’s just Her Ladyship’s claim!”

Keira: “I thought you’d say that. Then why don’t we investigate further so we can all understand?”

The last sentence was a question posed to others rather than the Countess. 

Was Keira trying to prove it in a way everyone could understand in this situation? What did that mean? The crowd stayed on their toes, anticipating what Keira would say next.

Keira: “What even started this situation? Wasn’t it the unfortunate news that the Crown Princess’s necklace was stolen?”


It was as she said. They found Keira’s brooch inside Erez’s robe because they had been searching for the Princess’s necklace. 

“S-she’s right. In the first place, the goal was to find Her Highness’s necklace!”

“No, how did this even happen…”

It seemed like everyone had forgotten about it because the situation had taken a different direction. 

Even the Princess only seemed to have come to her senses after Keira pointed it out. 


Princess Arabella coughed loudly and said.

Bella: “I almost forgot for a moment. Lady Keira is right. The purpose of this search was to find my stolen necklace.”

She glanced at Countess Rheol.

Bella: “If this was all just a scheme plotted by Madam Rheol, then the necklace should be fine.”

Keira: “Your Highness is brilliant. You took the words right out of my mouth.”

If this was just a conspiracy by the Countess, then it would mean she was planning to use the Imperial family’s authority to satisfy her own greed. 

‘How dare you use my name as you please?’

If it hadn’t been for Princess Arabella’s orders, there was no way the Countess could have searched the nobles’ possessions. 

The Princess’s body went cold at the thought that she might have been taken advantage of. 

Naturally, her gaze towards the Countess wasn’t warm. 

When the Countess saw the Princess’s glare, she fell to her knees in front of her and cried out.

Countess: “I-I’m being framed! It’s unfair, Your Highness! How dare I use the Imperial family’s name?”

Bella: “Well, we’ll find out if we look into it.”

Countess: “I-I will prove my innocence even if I have to turn this auction house upside down. Trust me, Your Highness!”

Keira already saw it a while ago, but the Countess was a woman who had exceptional acting skills. If she hadn’t been born as a noblewoman, would she have grown to become an actor? 

Even in Keira’s eyes, the sight of the Countess kneeling down in tears looked so real. 

She thought the people might be swept away again if she left it as is, so Keira quickly stepped forward. 

Keira: “Your Highness, Countess Rheol is the organizer of the auction. You can’t trust the auction house’s staff and security. How can we guarantee that they won’t steal your necklace during the search?”

Bella: “You’re right.”


Keira: “With Your Highness’s authority, please move the Capital’s guards. We must entrust the search to them.” 

Bella: “Good idea. Please pass my orders on to the commander of the Capital Guard.”

Blood drained from the Countess’s face.

Arabella looked down at the kneeling Countess and said.

Bella: “After arresting all the auction house staff, search this whole building.”

Shortly thereafter, the capital guards stormed the auction house. 

While the guards searched, Keira and the other parties to the incident agreed to spend time in the lounge. 

Compared to Keira, who was casually sipping tea, Countess Rheol looked like she was about to faint at any moment. 

The scene seemed to show the results of the search before it even concluded.

On the other side of the lounge, the Princess interrogated Miranda.

Bella: “Are you the maid who wrote on the order form?” 

Miranda: “Yes, Your Highness. My name is Miranda.” 

Princess Arabella offered Miranda a pen and paper.

Bella: “Here, write the sentence I will dictate.”

Miranda: “Yes, Your Highness.” 

Arabella recited several famous poems, and Miranda faithfully wrote them down.

Bella: “Give it to me.” 

The neat handwriting on a white piece of paper looked as if it had been embroidered.

At first glance, the handwriting was identical to the one on the order form and the letter of acceptance. 

‘It seems like her claim that her maid wrote for her wasn’t false.’

Thinking so, Arabella nodded.

Bella: “We’re done here. You can go back to your lady.” 

Miranda: “Thank you.”

Miranda nodded and turned to Keira. She just had a conversation with a member of the Imperial family! Her fluttering heart couldn’t calm down.

Seeing Miranda’s pale, tired face, Keira held out a cup for her.

Keira: “Drink some water. You must have been very nervous.”


Miranda: “O-of course! I… I’m not as brave as Emily or Lira!”

Keira: “But their handwriting is so messy. They couldn’t have made this happen.”

There were unavoidable circumstances that forced her to bring the shy and timid Miranda.

The maids who have carried out her orders so far were, well… they had terrible penmanship.

No one would be deceived that their handwriting was that of a well-educated aristocratic lady.

Keira: “You’ve done well. Go ahead and rest.”

Miranda: “Thank you.”

Miranda left the lounge looking much more relaxed than before.

Shortly after she left, the commander of the Capital Guards entered, and two men followed. 

One of the men behind him–a subordinate, perhaps–carried a large cushion. Shining on the velvet cushion was a woman’s necklace decorated with rubies and diamonds, the very same one from the Red Sea series.

The commander saluted and said. 

“We’re here to report the search results! The necklace Your Highness is looking for has been found in the auction house vault. Here it is, Your Highness.”

The guards held out the cushion that carried the necklace to Arabella.

She didn’t even have to look closely. This necklace was the one they had been looking for.