Destructive Desires Chapter 7

DD Chapter 7


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「Right now?」


「 I’m about to sleep….」

「I have something to show you.」

“Ha… Seriously.”

What are you going to show me this time? Yeonwoo sighed and got up from the bed. 

Although it was troublesome, there were only a few days left to meet Seokheon’s demands. There was no need to offend him for no reason, so she went to Seokheon’s room.

She entered and saw Seokheon sitting in an armchair by the window, staring outside. 


Yeonwoo didn’t think it would snow today, but snow fell on the dry grass in the garden.

“What’s going on?”

Without a word, he motioned for Yeonwoo to come closer. As she approached the window, Seokheon wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in front of him.


Yeonwoo fell into his lap. She couldn’t tell if her heart was racing because she was surprised or unfamiliar with his uncharacteristic expression of affection.

He hugged Yeonwoo with his broad chest and muscular forearms, rested his chin on Yeonwoo’s shoulder, and whispered in a low voice, “Do you see the orchid garden?”

“What about it?”

She followed Seokheon’s gaze and looked out the window. The window in Seokheon’s room faced south, and in the south garden was a glass greenhouse that Seokheon’s grandmother loved. 

Jaesik built the greenhouse to grow orchids in the garden for his wife, who mentioned that she loved the Phalaenopsis orchids when she was still alive. 

“Is the heat on?”

Smoke rose from the chimney at the left end of the garden as if it would meet the cold of the midwinter night.


“Grandfather started raising orchids again in the fall.”

“I didn’t see it when I came during Chuseok[1]…”

“It looks like he’s filling the garden with the species your grandfather, Mr. Seo, bred.”


Yeonwoo’s grandfather was in the floriculture business and was said to be Korea’s best person in terms of breeding Phalaenopsis orchids. It was how he established a bond with this family.

“What was the name of the white orchid?”

Yeonwoo knew the name of the orchid her grandfather bred, but she didn’t answer.

Seokheon lifted the lower part of her pajama dress along with her bra. As a result, Yeonwoo’s thoughts about her grandfather disappeared, and deep and heavy thoughts replaced it.

Seokheon put Yeonwoo’s n*pples between his long, thick fingers and moved his fingers playfully.

“I’m thinking of expanding the greenhouse next spring.”

Ngh, for the orchids?” Yeonwoo bit her lips as Seokheon played with her br*ast. She promised herself she wouldn’t moan. “…You don’t even like them, do you?”

Flustered, she looked down at his hand touching her chest. The floor just below Seokheon’s room was his grandfather’s room. Was it okay to do this here? 

“Yeah. I hate them.” Seokheon rubbed her br*ast with both hands, enjoying the feel of it in his hands. The corners of his mouth raised as he said, “I’m doing this to see you smile, Seo Yeonwoo.”

A smile that didn’t appear during dinner a while ago appeared on Seokheon’s lips. 

He played with her br*asts, flicking her n*pples caught between his fingers.

“Oppa… Stop…”

“Do you know what I think about every time you came to this house after becoming independent?”

He slowly lowered his left hand along her body, passing her solar plexus and lower abdomen.

As Yeonwoo inhaled at the dizzy feeling, her lower abdomen tightened.

She knew well how he caressed and had s*x, so movement alone made her body tense in anticipation.

“I want to f*ck you in this house, too.”

For Seokheon and Yeonwoo, this house castrated their impure desires. Since Jaesik saw Seoheon and Yeonwoo as his grandchildren, they had to be seen as siblings in this house.

“When I see you…” Seokheon ran his fingers through her p*ssy and went further down to find the small nub. He bent his fingers as if playing the piano and pressed his middle and index finger against it. “I feel strange.”

Each time he moved his fingers differently, moans of different heights burst out from Yeonwoo’s lips. Although she was restrained to avoid making a loud noise, her chest moved up and down violently in line with Seokheon’s movement.

“Still, Oppa, this is… Hngh. Others might notice.”


Reticent, Seokheon didn’t express his feelings in front of others, but when in bed with Yeon-woo, he showed his true nature like a wild animal.

He put his knee between Yeonwoo’s apex and opened her legs wide. 

Her cl*t was fully exposed in the air. Her flesh became as sensitive as the skin that had grazed asphalt. 

Warm liquid gushed out from her red and swollen p*ssy, like skin that had been peeled off after being injured. 

With both hands near Yeonwoo’s groin, his right hand held her center open, and his left stimulated her swollen cl*t mercilessly. His hand, playing with her cl*t, moved faster.

“Oppa… Oppa…” Yeonwoo moaned quietly. She didn’t want him to stop.

Ahh, hngh…”

Yeonwoo’s moans were the catalyst that made Seokheon impulsive. Seokheon, who kept his emotions to himself, was able to show his bare face in front of Yeonwoo.

Seokheon’s father, Myunghoon, who had an arranged marriage, started living in two houses in earnest after Seokheon’s birth. He thought he had fulfilled his duty because he had a son with his original wife. 

It would have been better if he had hidden his affair. But instead, he proudly flaunted it to the world and even supported his mistress to make her a professor at a prestigious university.

Seokheon’s mother, who was well-educated and raised to become the matriarch of the prestigious family, could not endure the affair her husband so brazenly publicized. As a result, she suffered from severe depression and committed su*cide when Seokheon was fifteen.

And the mistress succeeded in entering the family with the child she gave birth to, the love of her life.

Now, Myunghoon left again, making Jeongae experience what Seokheon’s mother had suffered. However, the trajectory of Myung-hoon’s life became an arrow and dug deep into his son’s chest.

Witnessing his father’s affair, coming to terms with his mother’s death, having his father’s mistress as his stepmother, and meeting the child from said affair and accepting her as his sister were the things Seokheon was persuaded to do.

Under the pretext of maintaining order in the family, Seokheon suffered from things others wouldn’t be able to handle since his adolescence.

Born and raised as a successor, he was educated to suppress his feelings for the general public.

He couldn’t get out of that place because he knew he was why his mother stayed in this house while she was going crazy.

In Seokheon’s head, there was often a madness of wanting to kill someone. But Yeonwoo, and s*x with her, put that madness to rest.

The tip of his p*nis protruding above the waist of his pajamas rubbed against Yeonwoo’s hip. As if he had no intention of inserting it yet, Seokheon concentrated on pleasing her.

Every time he quickened his pace in stimulating her cl*t, his entire upper body muscles trembled. Yeonwoo, legs still spread open, shook with Seokheon’s movements.

Her sensitive skin rubbed against his hands. Tingles went up not only to her s*x, but also her lower abdomen, chest, and face, the hairs all over her whole body standing up.

Unhhuhhngh,” Yeonwoo moaned, biting her lips to ensure the sounds didn’t leave the room.

She knew that the more she tried to keep herself silent, the more blatantly Seokheon’s hand persisted. He knew too well how Yeonwoo felt.

Under her body, Seokheon’s pajama pants darkened with her wetness. As Seokheon continued to move, the dark part of his pajama pants gradually widened.

Yeonwoo tilted her head back and leaned it to Seokheon’s. As she fed on her pleasure, she turned to Seokheon’s and kissed him. Seokheon pushed his finger to the hilt in her v*gina and pushed it vigorously.

“Ah! Oppa…!”

At that moment, the sensations built up in her body exploded instantly, and her pleasure rushed out between her legs.

After one org*sm, Seokheon laid Yeonwoo’s body on his bed, hugging her like a baby.

After wiping away the fluid from all over her body with a tissue, he bent over and kissed her forehead. He peppered kisses on her nose, lips, and chin.

“I think you pushed me too much.”

“Well, I was excited.”

It was time for Yeonwoo to get dressed and return to her room. When she stood from the bed, Seokheon grabbed her arm and hugged her.

She stared out the window as Seokheon hugged her, and watched as snow covered the ceiling of the greenhouse.

“I’ll fill the newly built garden with that white orchid.”

“That’s not what grandfather likes.”


His grandfather’s favorite orchid was the Imsoon, an orchid named after Seokheohn’s grandmother. Since Jaesik was the biggest supporter of orchid research, Yeonwoo’s grandfather dedicated the newly bred orchid after Jaesik’s wife. 

“It doesn’t matter what Grandfather wants. What matters is that you like it.”

When Yeonwoo moved to this house after losing her family, the Phalaenopsis orchids her grandfather planted in the garden helped Yeonwoo. 

Yeonwoo, who lost her last family in an accident, vowed to live her life looking at the flowers. So, little by little, she got better.

As Yeonwoo remembered, Seokheon, then like an unripe fruit, hated her appearance. So it didn’t make sense that he’d expand the garden and plant more orchids.

“You don’t even know how to take care of it.”

“But you do.”

The hand caressing her skin snaked up to her ear. Then, sweeping the back of her ear with his fingers, he moved her head to face him. 

Yeonwoo closed her eyes at the soft touch that covered her lips. Obviously, Seokheon’s personality mellowed out compared to when he was in his 20s.

Seokheon was displeased with his grandfather but pretended to be a good grandson to keep his stepmother in check. 

She knew that the clear-cut image and the trajectory of success that he steadily built up were also meant to suppress her presence in this house.

Outside, no, even at home, Seokheon lived wearing a mask. Behind his serious and reticent face, his hatred for his stepmother hid.

From the winter since she came to this house to the present eight years later, the only person who truly knew him was Yeonwoo.

Fortunately, now that he learned how to hide his such nature, he stopped tormenting Yeonwoo like before but instead wanted and coveted her body.

The feel of the tongue that parted her lips was too sweet. If she had met him without knowing his true nature, perhaps she would have admired Seokheon.

Seokheon squeezed Yeonwoo’s br*ast with his large hand. Then, he grabbed her, turned her to face him, and twisted her n*pples with his thumb and index finger.

“I would have probably gone half-crazy without you.”

Even though she planned to leave him, Yeonwoo genuinely pitied Seokheon, who only found rest through herself.

“You would have lived a normal life no matter what.”

“No, I can’t live without you.”

He held Yeonwoo’s *ss and aligned his p*nis with Yeonwoo’s entrance. Then he wrapped his hands around her waist and gently pressed her down towards him.

Yeonwoo’s v*gina was stretched wide as something as thick as her ankle entered her tender flesh.

She also enjoyed having s*x with him. She wondered if she hadn’t tried sex, but she couldn’t stop it since she already knew the taste.

But she couldn’t go further in this house.

Haa… Oppa, we can’t here. Grandfather is downstairs.”

“You just need to be quiet.”

How absurd.Their flesh slapping against one another with each thrust was louder than Yeonwoo’s moan.

He stimulated every part of her body–gripping Yeonwoo’s waist or b*tt and even as he continued to thrust into her.

“Still, this is…!”


She soon realized what he meant that she just needed to be quiet. 

As she sat atop him, Seokheon did everything for them. Yeonwoo’s br*asts shook violently up and down. She couldn’t hear the squeaking noise like when they f*cked in his house or at a hotel, only the sound of flesh against flesh.

“I feel alive when I’m inside you,” Seokheon said as he hugged her body and gripped her waist. “I mean it.”

That’s right. As he entered her repeatedly and moved fiercely in that narrow gap, he felt euphoric.

Seo Yeonwoo appeared in his life where he once had nothing to enjoy, and he felt joy every time he watched his stepmother’s face crumble.

Just before he came, Seokheon pushed Yeonwoo’s body onto the bed. Then, with her lying on his sheets, he grabbed both ankles and thrust into her until the end. At that moment, the bed rattled loudly.

Ungh,” as Seokheon reached his cl*max, he pulled out of Yeonwoo, his p*nis red as it throbbed, its veins popping out.

Seokheon raised his body and looked at Yeonwoo as he gripped his p*nis. The bright red flesh in his hand grew so large that he thought it couldn’t swell anymore. 

Haa, Yeonwoo.”

The tendons on his arms stood out as much as his p*nis. The moment he finally reached cl*max, his jaw tensed, and Seokheon tilted his head back as he came.


And he spilled his c*m on Yeonwoo’s stomach.

After watching Seokheon’s situation, Yeonwoo wiped herself and found clothes. She checked the time to see it was 11 o’clock at night. Languid energy rose on her back.

Seokheon looked at her with regret. Not really surprising since he was a man who had to have s*x at least three times each time he had a go in bed. 

Unlike Yeonwoo, who was going to work, he didn’t. Even so, it would take energy to produce s*men and use his body, but his infinite physical strength was strange and frightening.

Before he could pounce on her again, Yeonwoo thought of returning to her room.

Usually, she’d be asleep at this time, and she was even more tired because she couldn’t sleep yesterday from accepting Seokheon’s desire. Seokheon grabbed her hand as she stood.

As she blinked, something slid into the fourth finger of her left hand. It was the ring she threw at Seokheon’s house yesterday.

“You left it behind.”

The ring fit perfectly as if it was made just for Yeonwoo’s hand.

She had never talked to him about her ring size, so it was a surprise that he bought a ring that was just right. At the same time, another thought occurred to her.

‘Again, this man is trying to put shackles on me…’

“Let’s make a bouquet in the fall with the orchid you raised.”

Once the garden was expanded, a shackle heavier than this ring would be put on Yeonwoo’s ankle.

Yeonwoo would never see the Phalaenopsis orchids her grandfather had bred. 

In the end, she would be raising the orchids that filled that garden herself, and it would get harder to leave this house. So she had to go before that. 

 “I would’ve never thought of a bouquet of Phalaenopsis orchids.” Yeonwoo hid her heart and smiled at Seokheon.

“I thought you’d like it.”

Seokheon followed her and smiled. Yeonwoo was afraid of that smile.

He always had a serious facade, but he didn’t mind revealing his innermost thoughts to Yeonwoo. Since he trusted her so much, he’d surely resent and hate her after she ran away.

It would have been better if he had been a mindless s*x partner.

“I’m going to sleep in my room.”

“I’ll take you to work tomorrow morning.”

She didn’t plan to head straight to the company, but she simply answered yes.

Yeonwoo left Seokheon’s room tiptoed her way back to her room. Seokheon’s room was facing south, and Yeonwoo’s room, which came to this house later, was facing north.

She tried to make sure no one found her out. But when she got to the middle of the hallway.


The sensor light on the stairs leading to the first floor was on. Yeonwoo’s gaze naturally shifted toward the light.

Jeongae stood there, wearing a long cardigan over her pajamas. Her mouth pursed, she gestured towards Yeonwoo to come down.



Yeonwoo nodded and quietly headed to the first floor.

They went to the drawing room attached to Jeongae’s bedroom. Jeongae, the hostess of this house, used the biggest room.

Originally, she shared this space with Seokheon’s father, the president of Mirae Construction, but as soon as Jeongae entered the family register and joined the family, his attention turned to another woman. So now, Jeongae occupied this space alone.

She followed Jeongae and sat by the table.

“What are you doing?”

Yeonwoo hid the ring by wrapping her left hand with her right under the table.

“You know how important Seokheon’s marriage is, right?”


She didn’t even see the ring on Yeonwoo’s finger yet she mentioned Seokheon’s marriage. 

“You must have heard how much pressure First Bank has put on Mirae Construction after Seokheon’s mother committed suicide. You work for their company. I’m sure you’ve heard about it.”

Seokheon’s mother, who joined this family through an arranged marriage, committed suicide because she couldn’t stand her husband’s infidelity, which had gone on since the start of their marriage. 

They blamed her death on Seokheon’s father, Myunghoon, but it could not be said that Jeongae, his lover, wasn’t at fault. 

After Seokheon’s mother, the daughter of the First Bank owner, died, First Bank continued to put pressure on Mirae Construction with the funds it had lent.

“No matter how prosperous a company may seem, it’s all over the moment its financial liquidity is blocked.”


“I chose Sungwon Bank’s daughter for Seokheon’s sake.”


She had no response to that.

“Are you using proper contraceptives?”


“Holding onto a man with a bright future and sleeping with him so carelessly, it’s despicable,” Jeongae said coldly. “Ever since Father told me to treat you like a daughter, I knew something like this would happen. Those who have little will do whatever it takes to have more.”

Yeonwoo looked at her blankly. When she first came to this house, she saw Jeongae as a noble and graceful woman and thought that the wife of a wealthy family was this elegant.

Eight years have passed since then, and Jeongae hasn’t aged, and her dignity hasn’t faded.

“You must have had a hard time in this house, too, but my life has been terrible since you arrived.”

Her tenacity hasn’t changed.


“Yeonwoo, please disappear from my life and my son’s life.” With those words, Jeongae pushed the bankbook and stamp towards Yeonwoo. “I won’t say it again. This should be more than enough to start your business in the countryside.”

[1] Chuseok is a three-day Korean holiday to celebrate the autumn harvest. 

Translator’s Notes: The parts where the author described Yeonwoo’s lady parts like injured skin made me laugh, not gonna lie lol