AIWTRO Chapter 120

AIWTRO Chapter 120


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They heard the horse neigh outside the carriage. Keira looked out the window at the busy street with her chin in her hand.

It was Ludwig who spoke first.

Ludwig: “…Since when did you notice?”

Keira: “Since Cosette said she was staying with her mother’s family but left her immediate servant in the mansion. I was certain she was planning something by leaving her right hand at home.” 

She shrugged her shoulders and continued.

Keira: “Well, I was lucky. If Paula hadn’t reported the new employee’s behavior, I wouldn’t have noticed something was up.”

Ludwig: “Then you should have questioned the employee right then.”

Keira: “The only thing he did wrong was to throw away my old and unused things.”

They would use a rather coercive method to make Keira open her mouth, then Keira would look like a person who persecuted an employee for nothing. 

In the past, that’s how Cosette lured Keira and isolated her in the household. 

Keira: “There was nothing I could do until the situation became clear.”


It was hard to believe that she immediately had a bad feeling when Cosette left her most trusted servant behind. It seemed she was always on alert. 

Ludwig’s expression darkened slightly. 

Ludwig: “Has this happened before?”

Keira: “Yes.”


Ludwig: “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped.”

Keira: “You wouldn’t have believed it unless you had proof.”

Her voice didn’t have a hint of resentment or sadness; She had said it matter-of-fact.

Keira: “I knew this was going to happen the moment Cosette entered the mansion. So, it’s fine.”

Ludwig: “I… had no idea. I thought you were a little awkward with each other, but I never thought…”

Keira: “You’re not very sensitive when it comes to these matters, and you’ve got a lot on your plate. I’ll take care of it myself. If you will listen to my explanations when I am framed in the future, that is enough.”


With that, Keira closed her eyes.

Seeing his daughter’s exhausted expression, Ludwig couldn’t say anything. 

He opened his mouth a few times, trying to say something, but eventually stopped. 

How many times has she been through this? When did she start worrying about what would happen? 

Seeing how tired she looked made his guilt heavier, so Ludwig turned to gaze out the window where he could see the splendid scenery of downtown. 

However, his mouth didn’t loosen throughout the carriage ride.

The amethyst brooch in question was safely delivered to Zeke.

With a gift box in one hand, Zeke looked into her eyes and said.

Zeke: “Thank you for the gift. By the way, noonim.”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Zeke: “His Grace seems to be in a terrible mood. Did something happen?”

When they arrived, Ludwig went upstairs without acknowledging the employees’ greetings. 

If that was it, Zeke wouldn’t have looked twice. 

But when he saw the dark clouds over his face, he figured something must have happened.

Keira: “Someone tried to ruin my reputation. I think he took it as an attack on our family.”

Zeke: “Who did?”

Keira: “Countess Rheol.”

Zeke: “Why would that person…?”

Zeke’s gaze shifted to the ceiling as he tried to recall her face, but no one came to mind, no matter how much he pondered on it. 


He couldn’t think of a time when they interacted with one another, at least not enough to build a grudge. Why would she go against such a family? 

After thinking for a while, he soon found the answer. As the heir to their family, he memorized the genealogy of every prominent aristocratic family.

Zeke: “Ah, the Countess is from the Weinberg family.”

Keira: “That’s right. You remember.”

Zeke: “Then it’s obvious who ordered it, isn’t it?” I think it’s easy to leave it alone, but at this point, it’s just…!”

Keira: “But there’s no direct evidence. Not unless the Countess admits someone told her to do it.”

Zeke: “So you were attacked first; are you going to sit quietly?”

Keira: “There’s nothing I can do. Countess Rheol vehemently insisted what she did had nothing to do with the Weinberg family. She even said she’d offer her head if they found evidence to refute her statement.”


Just when Zeke thought it was more suspicious for the Countess to say such a thing, he saw a sly smile on his sister’s lips.

Ah, she didn’t sit still after all.

With a chuckle, he asked.

Zeke: “So, what happened?”

Keira: “The punishment for the Countess has not yet been decided. Still, as a high-ranking aristocrat, isn’t it just a formal procedure to go through a trial?”

As long as she committed the crime of Imperial deception, it seemed impossible to escape safely, no matter what excuse she made.

Keira retired to her room after telling her brother she was off to rest.

She’d been on alert the whole day and was completely exhausted. 

‘I don’t have anything urgent to do right now…’

She should go to bed early today.

Keira slept soundly and woke up to find a messenger had arrived from the Imperial Palace.

In order to proceed with the trial, they needed the testimonies of the witnesses present at the scene, so the letter that came was from the Investigation Bureau asking her to cooperate, even if it was 


Rose, who woke her up, said apologetically.

Rose: “It’s probably a request from the Imperial Palace… It’s inconvenient, but you should go, milady.”

Keira: “I guess so.”

Her body still felt sluggish from sleeping, but she had no choice but to go.

After changing clothes, Keira headed straight to the Imperial Palace.

Keira wondered what happened to Cosette right after the incident, but no one in the mansion knew. 

‘I’ll probably find out when I get to the palace.’

It was none other than Erez who greeted her when she arrived with her vague expectations.

He waved at her as he leaned back on the sofa of the Bureau of Investigation building.

Erez: “It’s been exactly sixteen hours.”

Keira: “What are you doing here?”


Erez: “Why, for the same reason as you.”

That was a stupid question. Keira’s face turned slightly red.

Erez: “They asked me to come and testify, so I knew I had to go. I think I’ll only clear my name if I pay back as much as I screwed up. Am I right?”

He seemed to be aware that he had screwed up.

Keira coughed slightly in embarrassment and spoke, not used to apologizing.

Keira: “Ahem, I apologize for getting you caught up out of nowhere.”

Erez: “What are you talking about?”

Wrinkles formed on Erez’s forehead. He leaned forward towards Keira. 

Erez: “If I hadn’t dealt with it in advance, you would have been falsely accused, wouldn’t you? It must have been something he was trying to do with me. It’s because I’ve brought in someone.”

Keira: “Aah, is that it…”

A strange smile spread across his face.

Erez: “It’s not necessarily like that. In order to undermine your honor, they must have wanted to attack me, too.”


Keira tilted her head and asked.

Keira: “Did you do anything to Cosette?”

Erez: “She might be mad at me because we seem close.”

At first glance, it sounded like a pretty plausible reason.

She needed to have the noble ladies on her side so that the person who resisted her temptations wouldn’t look good.


Keira: “So she was planning to mess with the two of us?”

Erez: “Seems like it.”

Obsessing over petty grudges wasn’t the Cosette she knew.

Just look at Lira, who threw a big blow against Cosette. Lira was still working for the grand duchy.

‘If it’s about being offended, shouldn’t Lira be higher on her hit list? At least Erez doesn’t stick around me and doesn’t act as my limb.’

Keira: “By the way, I have one more question.”

Erez: “What?”

Keira: “Are you really…”


Keira glanced around for a moment, then continued in a low voice.

Keira: “Do you really like men?”

Erez: “Of course, I don’t!”

Erez replied, flabbergasted. He almost jumped out of his seat.

But Keira was just as astounded.

Keira: “Then, did you lie just for the sole reason of not wanting to get married?”

Erez: “Why? It was effective, wasn’t it? The problem I had been struggling with for days was solved in 30 seconds.”

Keira: “No, what the… How are you going to deal with the consequences?”

Erez: “Well, I’m a little worried, but I don’t think they’ll kill me, right? The worst they can do is take me out of the family registry. It’s fine. Even without their support, I can live well on my own.”


Keira had nothing to say. She could only think about his parents, who were probably having a hard time.

As she stared at him in despair, two investigators walked into the lobby.