AIWTRO Chapter 123

AIWTRO Chapter 123


The Imperial family stayed in the inner palaces. Among them, the fourth palace was given to the daughters of the Emperor.

As soon as Arabella woke up in the morning, she asked about the situation in front of the inner palace.

“She’s still begging for forgiveness.”

Bella: “Still?!”

Her voice becomes sharp in an instant.

It’s been two days since she returned to the palace after that frustrating debacle at the auction house. But, Cosette, who began to beg for forgiveness in front of the palace, hadn’t given up.

“What should I do, Your Highness? It’s already been two days and she’s been kneeling all day… At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before she falls down.”

Bella: “That’s why I told her to step back!”

“What do we do when she insists on staying there until she’s forgiven?”

Bella: “Haa, this is really annoying…”

She ruffled her hair and swore under her breath.

It was obvious why Cosette was abusing her body like that on this hot summer day. 

‘If I don’t forgive you, no noble will call on you.’

Simply put, she struggled to make sure she didn’t get ostracized from society.

Cosette, who was yet to be recognized as the Grand Duke’s real daughter, had no choice but beg for forgiveness.


Suddenly remembering something, Arabella asked.

Bella: “Well, what happened to Mrs. Rheol?”

“She’s still claiming she was framed. The Count of Rheol said he was unaware of the Countess’s plot and is going through the divorce proceedings.”

Bella: “That husband and his wife.”

“It doesn’t really matter if Miss Cosette passes out, but I’m worried it will damage your reputation. Surely, some people will accuse you of being coldhearted.”

Bella: “I don’t want to forgive her even more because I know that’s what she’s aiming for.”

I’m sure you’re waiting for me to tell you I’ll reluctantly forgive you. The intention is so obvious that I didn’t want to do as expected.

Bella: “Give her water and bread.”

“I’ve been told the one we gave before was left untouched.”

Bella: “I don’t care if she eats or not. The important thing is it was given to her.”

Having said that, Arabella got up from her bed. By the time she changed her pajamas and headed for breakfast, her thoughts of Cosette had left her.

‘She’ll leave when she can’t stand it anymore.’

And exactly six hours later, she realized that she had made a serious mistake.

When she was enjoying afternoon tea with her younger sister, one of her maids rushed in.

“Your Highness! Your Highness! It’s serious!”

Tea time, quietly enjoying the scent of tea, was her favorite time of the day.

Bella glared at the maid and said.

Bella: “I told you not to disturb me at tea time.”

“But Miss Cosette passed out in front of your palace…”

Bella: “Okay. Send her back to the Grand Duke’s residence then.”

She replied reluctantly and picked up her cookie.

She thought Cosette was a very strong person for enduring until she collapsed in this weather. 

However, the maid who delivered the news seemed to have no intention of leaving.

Bella: “What are you doing? Send Cosette back to the Grand Duke’s. Better yet, contact the Grand Duke and tell him to take her.”

“That’s… I think the Empress Dowager saw it on her way.”

Bella, who was picking up her teacup, stopped.

Why did the Empress Dowager, who rarely left her palace due to health reasons, pass by the moment Cosette fainted?

She suddenly remembered the words her grandmother often told her?

‘The Imperial family should be an example to others.’

In particular, she emphasized that the woman of the Imperial family should be a symbol of tenderness and gentleness.


Bella grabbed her forehead, already anticipating what would happen next.

“What’s wrong, unnie?”

Bella: “It hurts my head just thinking about grandmother’s nagging.”

Haa. A sigh escaped her lips.

The grand duchy eventually heard about Cosette’s collapse.

At that time, Keira was chatting with Ludwig. Thanks to this, she was able to meet the messengers of the palace with her father.

Keira: “She collapsed from the heat?”

“Yes. I’ve been told she stayed in her spot for two days without drinking a drop of water. Fortunately, Empress Dowager found her and is taking care of her.”

Keira thought, ‘That’s a desperate move.’

Her tenacity to avoid trouble even by tormenting her own body was admirable. 

Keira knew it was no coincidence that Cosette fainted when the Empress Dowager passed by. 

Keira: “What should we do, Your Grace? We can’t pretend we didn’t hear she lost consciousness…”

Ludwig: “It’s good that the Empress Dowager is taking care of her. She’ll come back when she’s ready.”


His voice was cold as ice. Keira couldn’t find a hint of sympathy at all.

He must be furious that Cosette tainted the family name. 

‘Well, that’s understandable.’

He couldn’t be happy at how obvious it was that the two girls were fighting.

Then the butler carefully suggested.

Robert: “I understand you’re upset, but you can’t feign ignorance. How about sending some medicine?”

Ludwig: “Then have someone send it. I heard Cosette’s direct servant is still here. Have that child go.”

Keira, who had been listening quietly, shook her head. Since Mason might have discovered Keira’s secret, she wouldn’t let him come into contact with Cosette.


She rushed out. 

Keira: “I’ll go.”

Ludwig: “Why would you?”

However, the response she got was surprising.

Ludwig: “Are you still thinking about going to her after being treated like that?”

Keira: “It doesn’t matter how I feel. What’s important is how to deal with how others see it. Wouldn’t it be better to show an outward reconciliation?”



Ludwig couldn’t even respond to her icy answer. The butler looked equally dumbstruck.

‘Did I answer too coldheartedly?’

Even though she was concerned about how they perceived her response, Keira couldn’t let Mason meet Cosette.

Ludwig: “…If you really want to go, I’ll go with you.”

Keira: “Your Grace wiill?”

Ludwig: “That’s right.”

Keira saw a flash of worry in his eyes. It seemed he was concerned Keira and Cosette would have another go at each other.

Keira: “Do as you please.”

Ludwig: “And it would be better to bring Cosette’s servant. Tell him to stay with his master all the time.”

‘Because I don’t even want to see her,’ she could almost hear Ludwig continue.

He really was furious with Cosette.

While that was welcome, Keira couldn’t send Mason to her.

Keira quickly said.

Keira: “There must be a lot of attendants in the Imperial Palace, so I don’t think that’s necessary…”

Ludwig: “You mentioned that you’ve grown suspicious that Cosette left her servant when she left for the Weinbergs. Did you not expect what I was going to do? I don’t want to leave such a person in my home. At this point, it would be better to send that servant to another place and hire a new one.”

We can’t send out someone would might cause us trouble in the future.

In a calm voice, Keira asked.

Keira: “So, Your Grace… Do you mean to let him go after he’s done nursing Cosette?”

Ludwig: “Yes. You’re responsible for hiring or assigning new maids. It’s always been like that.”

Keira: “I understand. Then, I’ll tell Paula to find a replacement.”

Ludwig: “I should have realized how strange it was for her to leave her servant behind.”

Ludwig murmured sullenly. He probably didn’t like that he didn’t realize the two girls had been fighting under his roof.

Anyway, it’s good for Keira if he gets angry.

Keira: “I am concerned about just kicking out someone who has done nothing wrong. I will ask Robert to write a letter of recommendation.”

Ludwig: “Suit yourself.”

Keira: “Then, I’ll get going.”

Keira curtsied to Ludwig then left. 

At her gesture, Rosé quickly approached her.

Rose: “Yes, milady?”

Keira: “Do you have anything to do in the afternoon?”

Rose: “Other than following milady, I don’t.”

Keira: “Then leave that to someone else. You need to go to grandfather.”

Keira meant the Marquis of Edinburgh, Rose mused. She couldn’t believe she would act as a messenger between the two, who rarely interacted with each other.

Keira didn’t say anything else, she merely smiled at Rose, who looked puzzled.