You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 45

YCKTML Chapter 45


When we got out the door, the butler was waiting for us. I followed his directions and found a room that looked comfortable.

The room, which had a fantastic view, had sky-blue curtains and a gorgeous lace bed that matched it well. The wallpaper was light, the decorations cute, and the carpet cream. 

Fresh red roses were placed on the bedside table and tea table in a vase. There were two chairs by the tea table, a heart-shaped cake, and two teacups. I was more concerned about it than anything else.

It’s like a room for newlyweds… 

As I stared at the room, the butler said with a smile on his face, “This bedroom is for the two of you. There’s a wardrobe on either side. If you have any concerns, please let me know. I think it would be better for the young master to guide you through the rest.”

“Good job,” Rupert answered instead and sent the butler answer.

“…Wait! Rupert, are we sharing a room?”

“Lower your voice. They know us as a couple here, so of course, they’ll prepare one room for us.”

“But how can you just let it go like that?”

Rupert took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa without replying to me. The seat was spacious, so it seemed enough for one person to lie down.

If I could, I’d sleep over there.


As I thought so, someone knocked on the door. I opened it to see a restless servant looking at me and calling out to Rupert.

“Uh, young master…”

“What’s going on? Do you have anything to say to me?” Rupert asked, approaching the servant. 

The servant begged Rupert to forgive him then whispered something in his ear.

“What…? Who’s here?” Rupert’s eyes widened as he asked the servant, but the servant merely bowed and nodded.

Then Rupert suddenly looked at me with troubled eyes.


I blinked up at him, confused. But roughly guessing from Rupert’s words, someone seemed to have come, but who was it?

Rupert picked up the coat he had thrown on the sofa and said, “First, eat dinner and rest. I have to go somewhere.”

There was a look of regret on his face for some reason. I answered calmly, “Okay.”

Looking at that face, it was easy to guess what was going on. 

Chloe must be here. 


Perhaps because I was expecting it, her visit wasn’t surprising to me. But when I recalled Rupert huffing out of the room after acting like he was happy to share the bedroom with me, I could only laugh. 

The door closed, and I slowly made my way towards the window. The afternoon sun cast long shadows.

The gardens at Clifford Castle were beautiful. In the middle of the round garden, a stream of water sprang out in a cross-shaped waterway. Under the late summer sun, the freshly mowed grass glistened with dew. 

Manicured red rose vines climbed along the white wall, and the breeze carried the scent of flowers from there to the window.

The townhouse in the capital also had a fairly large and well-maintained garden, but it was still not comparable to the castle.

I walked over to the heart-shaped cake on the table then dug a hole in the middle with a fork to put it in my mouth. The fresh strawberry and sweet whipped cream melted in my mouth. I’m glad I didn’t sit down and eat something so delicious with Rupert.

I sat alone and relaxed, enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious tea and cakes. I felt much better after the fatigue went away. 

“If Chloe came…”

Would I meet him, too?

I thought about it as I calmly put the fork in my mouth.

Obviously, I didn’t like Chloe. She had many more suspicious aspects than just that of an innocent heroine. 

Although there’s no clear evidence, something about the way she acted made her seem aware of the carriage kidnapping incident in the past. 

If Chloe’s reason for trying to harm me was because she was worried about losing Rupert to me, I had no interest in him at all, so I was going to tell her she could keep him after our divorce. 

If I could calm unnecessary trouble that way, it wouldn’t be bad to sit face to face and talk about it at least once.

“…they said Enoch’s coming, too.”


My stomach started to feel queasy as I continued to eat sweets. I only felt a little better after rinsing my mouth with bitter tea. 

In any case, the four main characters in the novel have gathered on one stage again.

It seemed like a coincidence, but it was all inevitable. I set the teacup down and pulled on the string to call for a maid.

The bell rang outside the door.

“Yes, Madam!” Jenny, who was unpacking in the next room, quickly ran to me.

“I need to wash up. Bring me some bathwater.”

While Erin enjoyed such a relaxing break, Rupert went to the eastern villa the servant mentioned. The detached eastern villa was mainly a space for guests.

Rupert felt happy but a little disappointed at the news that Chloe was here. Before entering the villa, Rupert looked up at Erin’s bedroom.

He thought they’d be able to use one room for the first time, but he knew the chance had passed.

He couldn’t pretend he didn’t know Chloe, who came all the way to see him. 

Even today, Erin’s calm attitude bothered him, but she’d always been like that after they married, so it was nothing special.

‘I’d rather be sitting there.’

Then the door swung open, and Chloe ran out. As she jumped into his arms, her soft brown hair soaked in the warm sunlight and gave off a pleasant scent.

Rupert comforted her but tried to get into the building quickly. 

It was because he was worried that Erin might see it.

“Rupert, Rupert.”


“Chloe. You surprised me. When did you arrive?”

“I arrived a little earlier than you. I was worried that His Grace is sick… Of course, I couldn’t go and see you,” Chloe muttered, frowning, but she clung to Rupert. “I have something to say.”

“What is it?”

“Let’s go in and talk there.”

At the sound of her whisper in his ear, Rupert followed her into the room she was leading. 

The room was dark thanks to the curtains drawn. Sitting next to each other on the sofa, Chloe spoke carefully, “You… You said that you and Madam agreed to stay married for a year?”

Rupert nodded, but he seemed nervous when Chloe brought up such a topic. Did she suddenly change her mind?

When he first converted Erin’s proposal to Chloe, she suggested accepting it even if it broke her heart. What should he do if Chloe’s mind has changed?

Even so, a contract was a contract. Also, somehow now… One year felt very short.

“Why are you asking?”

“The magic stone mine… Have you talked about it? What will she do?”

Rupert looked into her orange eyes for a moment, then shook his head. “No, not at all.”

“Ah… Is that so. No, it’s nothing.”


Chloe placed her hand on the back of his rough hand and gently stroked his wrist. “Tell me the truth. For Madam… you have feelings for her, even a little, right?”

At her question, Rupert tensed.


Tension was evident on his face, but Rupert didn’t deny it. Chloe smiled weakly, still holding his hand. 

“It’s okay, I understand. I’m always looking at you so I can tell right away. When you get married and live together… it’s possible. Even if you were trying to save my life, you’d probably forget it.”

“Chloe, wait a minute, that.”

“I don’t mean to say I’m sad.” Chloe raised her index finger and gently pressed his urgently moving lips. “Keep your marriage going for a year and beyond that. Until your heart permits.”

Rupert’s eyes widened at the unexpected remark, and he looked at Chloe. He looked hard to understand her intentions, but Chloe remained resolute, her big eyes filled with tears. 

“Will you be okay? Chloe…”


“I’m fine. As long as you understand how I feel, I have no greed.”

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, Rupert cradled Chloe’s face.

“Rupert, be kind to her as you are to me. Even if it seems like I’ve changed because I’m so sad now… Madam has also been watching you all the time. Don’t be so hard on her. I feel sorry for her as a woman.”

“Thank you, and I’m sorry.”

Chloe nuzzled her face into his palm, then put her arms around his neck. The magic stone bracelet on her wrist shone as black as obsidian.

“I’m more sorry. I wish I had been born into a family that was helpful to you…”

Rupert wrapped his arms around her back and patted her. He pulled her closer, burying his face in her hair, her scent enveloping him.

“What are you talking about. No matter where you were born, I would love you, Chloe. I will never leave you no matter what.”

“Okay, Rupert.” Chloe no longer hid the raised corners of her lips. Orange eyes flashed in the dark room. “I love you, too.”

Burying her darkened lips on the nape of his neck, Chloe went to bed with Rupert.

The day was getting dark. 

Eventually, Rupert didn’t go back to Erin’s room, so Erin could sleep for a long time without waking up that night.

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