AIWTRO Chapter 125

AIWTRO Chapter 125


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who had Keira: “Who’s hurt?”

“Oh, milady. You’re here?’

Mason: “M-my lady.”

“It’s nothing, but this guy cut his hand with scissors. It doesn’t look like a deep wound. He’ll be fine once the bleeding stops.”

Keira’s gaze shifted to Mason. His face looked as white as a sheet of paper.

Anyone who saw him would suspect he had cut off his finger.

Keira: “He’s hurt. Can he continue to work?”

“Oh, of course. This guy’s just a bit under the weather. It’s really nothing.”

Keira: “Really? He had a bad complexion, so I thought he was badly injured.”

Mason answered.

Mason: “N-no, milady. It’s just a slight cut. Thank you for your concern.”

It couldn’t have been that hard to pretend to be okay. Mason’s stomach felt like it was turning over.

‘After all, Sarah was fine until today.’

It was proof that his food wasn’t poisoned. Even after he changed his drinking water, nothing happened. 

It was around that time that he realized that maybe he wasn’t the target.

‘No, it might be my delusion. Lady Cosette is at the Count’s now.’

He wanted to believe he had nothing to worry about.

Keira: “I’m glad it wasn’t a deep cut. But just in case, go see a doctor later.”

Mason: “Yes, I will. Thank you, milady.”

Keira: “Okay.” 

Keira then walked past them, and she could hear the gardener whisper, “Is she really that nice?”

Sorry, but she didn’t approach the two because she was worried about the injured boy.

‘Your complexion, it was definitely bad.’

Besides, the gardener said that Mason didn’t eat well this morning. It was just a clue that was too good to be overlooked.

After her brief moment of organizing her thoughts, Keira called for Emily, who had been following her from afar. 

Emily: “Yes, milady.”


Keira: “Did you pay attention to what I asked you to look into?”

Emily: “Yes. He exchanged his water bottle with others.”

Keira: “Is that right?”

Hook, line, and sinker.

A chuckle escaped Keira’s lips. 

If he dared to spy on his superiors, kicking him out of the mansion wasn’t enough.

Keira: “I have a very urgent request for you. Can you help me, Emily?”

Emily: “Of course. I’m at your service, milady. What is it?”

After confirming that no one was around, Keira moved closer, and Emily lifted her hand to her ear.

Emily: “Well, that’s not hard. Leave it to me.”

Keira: “Yes, please. Act as naturally as you can.”

Emily: “Of course!”

While Lady Cosette was away, Mason got to help the other servants. 

He had no complaints, but he felt uncomfortable because he couldn’t contact Lady Cosette.

‘I have to tell milady what I saw…’

It had been a week since Lady Cosette went to the Count’s, and there was still no news of her returning.

Mason grumbled to himself as he picked the weeds, a task assigned to him this afternoon. As the weather got warmer, weeds grew more thickly. 

How long will this take to weed it all out?

When he was lamenting about his task, the head maid, Paula, called him.

Paula: “Hey, Mason, stop cleaning the garden and get ready to go out.”

Mason: “Yes? Go out? Am I going to run errands?”

Paula: “I think you’ll have to visit Lady Cosette. You’re her direct servant, aren’t you? By the way, you have to dress modestly because you have to go to the Imperial Palace.”

Mason: “Yes? Is Lady Cosette at the Imperial Palace now? Wasn’t she at the Weinberg residence?”

Paula: “Well, that’s what happened.”


Paula shrugged.

Paula: “Go to the kitchen first.”


Why did he have to go to the kitchen to prepare for his trip to the Imperial Palace? Mason tilted his head, but before he could even ask, Paula spoke. 

Paula: “His Grace had herbal medicine made for Lady Cosette.”

Mason: “Medicine? Is something wrong with Her Ladyship?”

Lady Cosette had been staying at the home of her mother’s family for the time being. So, Mason had been worried when heard she’s at the Imperial Palace.

Mason’s round eyes widened even more.

Paula: “I heard Lady Cosette collapsed.”

Mason: “W-why did that happen?”

Paula: “She hasn’t eaten for two days and hasn’t been able to sleep, so it was bound to happen.”

Mason: “O-oh no! What happened for Her Ladyship to lose her appetite and sleep the last two days?”

Paula: “People have been keeping mum under the orders of His Grace, but since you’re Lady Cosette’s direct servant, you should know. Lady Cosette committed a grave mistake. Now, she was asking for forgiveness in front of the Palace.”

Mason: “Just what did she do wrong…”

Paula: “I don’t know the details either, so don’t ask anymore. If you’re curious, go to the Imperial Palace and ask her directly. Now, get ready to leave for the Palace immediately.”

Paula patted Mason on the back. Although Mason wanted to protest, he had to obey Paula’s words.

‘What happened?’

Right now, he had no way to find out.

Mason haphazardly changed his clothes and went down to the kitchen.

Mason: “Hello?”

The kitchen, located in the corner on the first floor, boasted quite a large area. Since the site was divided, it was difficult to see things from the entrance.

Mason: “Is anybody there?”

It was three o’clock, a time when lunch was over, and dinner preparations hadn’t started yet. The kitchen was the least busy during that time. Everyone’s on a break, so the place was usually almost empty.

Mason took a few steps into the kitchen and raised his voice.

Mason: “Is anybody here? I came because the head maid told me to go!”

His voice was loud enough to resonate throughout the kitchen, but no one answered. 

Mason looked around. 

‘Strange. She definitely told me to get the medicine…?’

Did something go wrong?


Just as he turned around to leave, he ran into the maids who were about to enter the kitchen.

“Oh my, it’s you. Did Paula send you?”

Mason: “Yeah, she told me to get the medicine for Lady Cosette. But where were you? I was wondering if the head maid was mistaken.”

“Lady Keira suddenly called out the whole kitchen staff. The chef is still with her.”

Mason: “Why? What happened?”

“There must have been a problem with the tea food. Well, it’s not a serious problem, so don’t worry about it. I think she was complaining that it didn’t taste the same as usual.”

Mason: “Ah, is that so.”

It was common for noble ladies to fuss over the taste of food. Because of that, Mason didn’t take it seriously. 

Mason: “So, where’s the medicine?”

“It’s inside. Follow me.”

The maid strode inside, and Mason followed. The medicine for Lady Cosette was kept on a shelf in the kitchen.

The maid took out a bottle wrapped in silk and handed it to Mason.

“Be careful not to break it. His Grace ordered me to use the best ingredients for the medicine.”

Mason: “Wow.”

Mason took the item carefully and admired it. 

She used the best ingredients. 

Even if he didn’t show it, the Grand Duke must have loved Lady Cosette.

‘Of course. They look so alike. How can he not love her?’

“Hey, are you going to the Imperial Palace? I’m jealous. I also wanted to see the Imperial Palace…”

Mason: “I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.”

“Really? You promise?”

As he chatted with the maid, he tried to turn, but the maid abruptly stopped.

Mason, who had been following her, hit his nose into her back.

Mason: “Ack!”

A groan escaped his lips. 

It didn’t hurt, but it did startle him.

Mason: “What’s wrong?”


Her expression hardened, and she pointed her finger down. Mason’s gaze followed it.

There, white lace peeked through the gap in the cabinet door.

‘That lace looks familiar, doesn’t it?’

He tried to recall where he saw it, and immediately remembered–it was lace on the maids’ apron.

The maid next to him wore the same apron.


They heard the cabinet hinges squeaking… 

“…What are you doing here, Emily?”