AIWTRO Chapter 127

AIWTRO Chapter 127


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Cosette regained consciousness and sat on the bed, still looking fatigued.

The Empress Dowager approached her like that and asked.

Dowager: “Are you alright?”

Cosette: “Thank you for taking care of me. I’ve recovered a lot.”

Despite those words, Cosette’s complexion wasn’t very good. The Empress Dowager’s gaze shifted to the doctor standing next to her.

The doctor said. 

“She still has a fever, but she’s already taken medicine, so she will recover soon.”

Dowager: “Good. Anyway, my granddaughter says she has something to say to Lady Cosette.”

Cosette then bowed and turned to Bella. Her lowered eyebrows made her look quite pitiful.

Cosette: “I was wrong, Your Highness. I made you uncomfortable because of my hasty judgment.”

Bella: “….No. At that time, I almost fell for it, too.”

Cosette: “Keira is like a sister to me, so I thought I’d have to step in and fix the problem. I had no idea things would turn out like this…”


Bella: “I accept the apology, so raise your head.”

Since the Empress Dowager was observing her, Bella grabbed Cosette’s hand hanging over the blanket. The grandmother’s expression softened at the sight.

Dowager: “I’m glad the misunderstanding has been settled. Bella, you will continue to show kindness to those who own up to their mistakes like today, yes?”

Bella: “…I will.”

Own up to their mistakes? Bella gritted her teeth. In the end, Cosette refused to admit she was involved in the plot.

She would be shunned by society the moment she did that. No one would approach her even if Bella let it go if that happened. 

Cosette: “Really… I don’t know how to thank you, Your Highness.”

Bella: “It’s nothing.” 

A maid soon came to inform her that the Grand Duke and Lady Keira were waiting outside the room. 

Dowager: “Just in time. Let them in.”

The old lady thought that if the Grand Duke heard that Cosette had been forgiven, he would be delighted.

Shortly after, Ludwig and Keira entered the room, followed by a few servants.

Ludwig: “I send my greetings to Her Highness Empress Dowager and Her Highness, Princess Arabella.”

Cosette: “F-father!”

Cosette staggered out of bed, trying to curtsy. Ludwig raised a hand to stop her. 

Ludwig: “I don’t want to see the sight of you falling down again, so lie down.”

The sight of you?

Everyone in the room flinched at the Grand Duke’s words. They couldn’t tell if he was worried or angry.


Cosette smiled shyly and turned to Keira.

Cosette: “It’s been a while, Keira. How have you been?”

Keira smiled kindly and said.

Keira: “I was a little shocked, but I’m fine now.”

Cosette: “It was quite a shock…”

Keira: “Yes. It was surprising that someone had such a grudge against me.”

Cosette: “I should have believed you until the end… I was wrong. Will you accept my apology?”

Keira glanced around. The Empress Dowager, the owner of the eighth palace, and Princess Arabella were here. 

Judging by her mood, Cosette took advantage of Empress Dowager’s presence and received Princess Arabella’s forgiveness.

It couldn’t be helped. With a reluctant smile, Keira said.

Keira: “Of course.”

Cosette: “That’s a relief!”

Cosette clasped her hands, tears welling up in her eyes.

The two looked at each other for a while and smiled. But their eyes remained cold.

Cosette then turned to Ludwig, the only person in this room who looked displeased. 

Cosette: “I, Father. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It was my fault.”

Ludwig: “It’s good that you know.”

Cosette: “This will never happen again.”

Ludwig: “Take care of your body. Don’t be a nuisance to the Empress Dowager, and think about coming back soon.”


It was only then that the Empress Dowager intervened. 

Dowager: “No need to worry about that. Why would it be so troublesome to give out a guest room? I don’t want it to seem like we’re neglecting the sick, so stay until you’re well.”

Ludwig: “…If you say so.”

Keira: “Did you hear that, Cosette? Don’t worry about anything else; just focus on taking care of your body.”

At Keira’s words, Cosette looked up. It was easy to tell from the expression on Cosette’s face that she was wondering what was wrong with Keira, but she soon maintained a neutral expression. 

Empress Dowager smiled and nodded, pleased with Keira. 

Dowager: “How nice. Right, Lord Parvis?”

Ludwig: “… it’s as Your Highness said.” 

His answer was curt, and he still looked faintly displeased. Keira spoke again.

Keira: “His Grace is blunt, but he was very worried about you. He had medicine good for the body prepared.”

Cosette: “…Hmm?”

Really? Cosette merely swallowed the doubts bubbling up in her throat. 

Cosette: “Is what Keira said true, Father?”

Ludwig: “Your servant brought it, so see for yourself. While you stay in the palace, he will stay by your side and serve you.”

And the moment Cosette fully recovered, that servant would be thrown out of the Parvis grand duchy.

But Ludwig deliberately kept that to himself.

Cosette: “Thank you for your concern, Father. I thought you were furious with me.”


Ludwig didn’t answer, which was enough proof that his anger had not yet dissipated. 

Before the atmosphere could turn chilly, Cosette quickly changed the topic.

Cosette: “Mason, come here!”

Mason: “My lady.”

Cosette: “Is the item in your hand the medicine that Father prepared for me?”

Mason: “Y-yes… It is.”

For some reason, he looked quite anxious. 

Cosette: “What’s the matter? Are you unwell?”

Mason: “N-no.”



Mason clutched the silk-wrapped bottle with both hands like a child holding onto candy he didn’t want to lose.

Keira, watching, said.

Keira: “What are you doing, Mason? Why don’t you give it to Cosette?” 

Mason: “That… I…”

Mason stuttered, not knowing what to say. People’s bewildered gazes were on him. Mason’s face grew paler the longer time passed.


There was a limit to how much one could endure the procrastination of those below them. The Empress Dowager clicked her tongue in annoyance.

Dowager: “Seeing this servant act so clumsy, it seems Lord Parvis is more generous than rumors say.”


At those words, another wrinkle formed between Ludwig’s forehead.

Mason: “Y-Your Grace.”

When the Grand Duke’s cold gaze fell on Mason, he helplessly fell flat on the floor in Ludwig’s direction.

Cosette: “Mason…?”

Cosette’s bewildered voice followed.

Ludwig: “What do you want?”

Mason: “Your Grace, please allow me to be alone with Lady Cosette for just a moment. I really only need a second!”

Thud–. Mason banged his head on the floor and begged.

Cosette’s eyes widened. She then turned to the Empress Dowager and said.

Cosette: “W-what is he doing? Get up. Hurry!”

The person with the highest position in this room was the Empress Dowager. Therefore, if he wanted to request something, he had to get her permission, not Ludwig. 

Unsurprisingly, the Empress Dowager’s expression hardened. 

Cosette hurriedly tried to lift Mason, but Keira intervened first.

Keira: “You want to be alone with Cosette? Does that mean that everyone gathered here has to move out of their seats to fulfill your request?”

Mason: “J-just a moment. If only for a moment…!”

Keira: “Her Highnesses Empress Dowager and Princess Arabella are here, yet you showed such disrespect. Take him away.”


There were two Imperial family members and two high-ranking nobles in the room. It was absurd to think that they had to move to fulfill one servant’s request.

The Imperial guards grabbed Mason’s arms from both sides at Keira’s words. There was no way the young boy could resist them.

Mason: “W-wait! Lady Cosette!”

He looked at Cosette for help, and Cosette looked back at Empress Dowager and said. 

Cosette: “He’s not usually a rude kid. Please don’t punish him too harshly.”

Dowager: “I thought it would be convenient to have your usual servant by your side, so I allowed him to enter the palace… I must have been mistaken.”


Cosette: “I apologize on his behalf.”


At this rate, there was no way to stop Cosette from taking the drug. The thought of a possible catastrophe made his mind wander.

It was strange that Keira had brought up the medicine first, and Keira even kicked him out. But it was even stranger that she had come to visit Lady Cosette.

Weren’t they at odds with each other? 

His doubts began to pile up one by one, and it didn’t take long for those doubts to turn into certainty.

He couldn’t afford to dwell on it longer.

Mason: “Wait!”

Just before he was dragged out the door, Mason raised his voice and shouted.

Mason: “You must not take that medicine, Lady Cosette! It may contain poison!”