You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 50

YCKTML Chapter 50


That night, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up from my bed, walked over to the window, and opened it. 

In the season between summer and autumn, days were hot, but chilly winds blew at night. 

The light in the east room of the castle had not gone out yet. It was Enoch’s room.

Although he was a guest, he was of such a special status, so I arranged a room in the east of the palace. But, of course, the fact that Chloe was in a separate building was also one of the reasons why I assigned him a room there. 

“…Are you not asleep yet?”

I didn’t know if it was fortunate, but I haven’t heard from Rupert again after he went to the separate building.

I looked out the window for a while and put on my robe, thinking of going for a walk.


“It’s okay, sleep more. I’ll be right back.”

Jenny, who was in the next room, didn’t follow me, so I went down to the first floor, then headed to the west side, not to the east where Enoch was.

I slowly walked along the low shrubs that served as a fence in the backyard, fastening my robe to protect myself from the cool air. 


When I stared at the moon reflected in the small pond, I stopped walking and fell into thought.

In the novel, it was the maid who poisoned the Duke. In the end, Rupert punished only the maid in question, but when I entered this world and thought about it more, it certainly seemed that the maid didn’t do it alone.

Even in the novel, Rupert doubted them but went on without revealing it. Why, why did he do that?

There must be a reason. 

The relationship between Enoch and me, Chloe and Rupert were similar to the original, but a lot has changed. However, as time passed, things that would have happened in the novel continued to happen.

Could the things I do really change the future in the novel and my future? It was a concern that refused to leave my mind since I came here.

It was nice to walk and think quietly around the western garden. Few people passed by during the day and at night, and it was cozy and elegant without being too spacious.

But I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

As I was about to circle the area again, I saw a moving figure in the glass greenhouse on one side of the garden. 


I jumped at the hand that quickly covered my mouth from behind me just as I was about to scream. However, he revealed his identity immediately and reassured me with a ‘Shh.’ 

Eyes wide, I looked at Enoch. His eyes met mine, and he nodded slowly before putting down his hand covering my mouth. 

I mouthed, ‘Why are you here?’

Enoch made sure his footsteps didn’t make a sound and took me behind the pillars of the building. From there, we could see the inside of the glass greenhouse clearly. Hiding behind the pillar, I covered my mouth in surprise as I watched what happened inside.

Astonished, I turned my head to make eye contact with Enoch behind me. Enoch was also looking at the place with an interesting but tense look.

As I held my breath, I could hear whispers inside. 

“Looking at you like this, you are truly beautiful, and I can see why Rupert fell in love with you. Well, shall I tell you one secret of this family?”


The source of the voice was Count Melaton Clifford. And it was Chloe who was with him.

“A secret? Can I know that? It’s kind of scary…”

Chloe sat beside Melaton on the bench, her head on his shoulder. And Melaton’s hands, his hands, his hands were… Where are you going?!

I gulped without realizing it. What I was seeing and hearing was shocking.

“You should keep it to yourself”.

Why did it sound so clear that only Chloe should know? Although the surroundings were quiet, those words were almost whispers.

I glanced back again, and Enoch grinned. Maybe Enoch amplified their voices with his magic?

I clenched my fists as I listened to what came next.

“The truth is Rupert is a b*stard. He’s not the Duchess’s child.”

“Uh… Ngh, ah… Rupert is… Really?” Chloe was slightly breathless as she asked. 

Half curious, half embarrassed, I was restless as to whether I could keep listening, but I couldn’t turn away.

“That’s right. But when the Duchess continued to fail to conceive, she eventually adopted Rupert as her son. So he grew up like their son, but he’s actually an illegitimate child.” 

“Oh… I see.”

My body froze at what I had just learned. Could that be the reason why the Duke hasn’t passed on the title to Rupert yet?

“But the Duke, my older brother, seems to doubt whether he’s even his son. Rupert’s mother wasn’t even his mistress. She was just a woman he spent the night with.”

“…Count.” Chloe stopped Melaton from speaking, calling out to him in a soft voice.

It was dark, so I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing, but it was clear that there had been some close contact.

“You’re a smart kid. Obviously, I have more right to inherit the throne in terms of rank. Even if you’ll still be a mistress, wouldn’t it be better to go to this side?”

“Shh, stop talking now… I understood everything.”

As the intense physical contact continued, I covered my eyes with the palm of my hand. And I hurriedly followed Enoch as he led me away.

As I walked back to the quiet path of the garden, I could hear my heart pounding too loudly. I took a deep breath only after walking for a long time and completely moving away from the west garden.

“Your Highness… That was.”

As I quietly called him, at a loss for words at what we saw, Enoch glanced at me with an awkward smile. When I looked up, I realized I was in front of Enoch’s room. 


“Shh. I don’t think we should be talking about that here. Would you like to go in for a moment?”


I instinctively looked around, and instead of answering him, I opened the door first and went in. Enoch followed in silently and locked the door.

With lamps lit everywhere, the room was quite bright, just as I had seen earlier in my room. Enoch drew the curtains and made me sit on the sofa. 

I had a lot of questions, but I had to ask one thing first.

“Your Highness, is Rupert not in the castle right now?”

“Yes, I saw him suddenly leaving the castle in the evening. I didn’t know where he was going.”

“I see. Ah, no, that doesn’t matter.”

As I was speaking, I shut my mouth at a sudden thought. Can I blame Chloe? Not really.

Rupert was trying to hold Chloe and me in both hands right now, so who’s to say Chloe couldn’t do it as well.

However, I think it came as a bit of a shock because the other man was Rupert’s uncle, she was the female protagonist in this romance novel, and their conversation could really betray Rupert.

“By the way, Rupert… he’s an illegitimate child. Did Your Highness know?”

Enoch nodded slowly, his legs crossed as he leaned back on his seat. Somehow, his laidback appearance felt a little distant because he looked like a person who could handle everything in the world.

“But I didn’t know when I was young and we were growing up together. At least the Duchess was much more benevolent to their children than my mother, the Empress. I later stumbled upon it while doing another investigation.”

Was it just my feeling that his smile looked bitter?

“But since the Duchess adopted him, there are no legal problems for Rupert to inherit the title. Of course, if Count Melaton proceeded with a lawsuit, well, it could get a little complicated.”

The information made my thoughts even more complicated. So, who would benefit the most from killing the Duke at this point?

Melaton or Rupert? Or was it a third party with a personal grudge? While I was here, the Duke was far from dying. In fact, he was recovering.

Was it possible that nothing would happen and things would go on? I couldn’t help but think optimistically.

If I questioned someone about something that might or might not happen in the future, they would be suspicious of me and, ‘How did you know that?’

I stopped thinking and looked around the room slowly for a moment.

“Are you uncomfortable with your room? You haven’t slept yet.”

Enoch’s long, smooth fingers slid along the wooden armrests of the sofa, repeatedly went up and down.

“It’s not an easy night to fall asleep.”

“Ah yes, you’re not used to the place.”

“More than that, I couldn’t sleep because I was excited to be in the same place as someone.”


I blinked, wondering what I had just heard, and avoided his eyes because of the heat rushing into my face.

To say such a cheesy line so plainly and casually, you really can’t ignore the second male lead. So while the heroine likes the hero, she’s not sure what to do with the second guy. 

I shuddered[1], but my heart was pounding with excitement as well. After I lowered my gaze and calmed down, I looked at him again. 

“Your Highness, you sound like a playboy when you’re saying things like this.”

“Do you mean me? A playboy? That’s kind of unfair.” 

“If you say that to any woman, they will misunderstand. Therefore, please say such words only to the one who will become the Crown Princess.” As I spoke, my neck tingled a little.

And I waited for Enoch’s answer, watching his expression harden. Just a little, it was also meant to test his mind.

[1] Most likely because of the cringe haha 

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