AIWTRO Chapter 132

AIWTRO Chapter 132


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Robert’s mouth opened slightly.

Only a fool would interpret that statement as concern for Cosette’s discomfort.

‘You’re going to kick her out!’

He didn’t want to see her roaming around under one roof.

Although the sudden decision flustered Robert, he answered faithfully.

Robert: “Then I will deliver Lady Cosette’s belongings to the Count as soon as possible.”

His master must have brought Cosette into the house so he could watch her up close, but things changed now that things turned like this. 

There was a possibility that innocent victims might fall for a dirty trick– the said victim was most likely to be Keira. 

If Keira were at fault, Ludwig would punish her severely, but he wouldn’t stand to see her being falsely framed.

Ludwig: “Yes, as soon as possible. It would be better to start today.”

Robert: “T-then I will pass on the message.”

Robert bowed and hurriedly left the office, a wise tactic to avoid unnecessary sparks. 

Rose: “So, I faithfully answered Her Highness, Princess Arabella.”

Rose said in a sing-song voice, a bright smile blooming on her face. 

Keira: “So, the Princess knows.”

Rose: “It’s because she’s capable of creating a buzz in the social world.”

That time, it was possible to let out what happened at Johanna’s mansion.

But the reason for not doing so was simple– she wanted to use it when it was most effective.


When the incident at Johanna’s happened, public opinion about Cosette wasn’t as negative as it is now.

On the contrary, some people thought she was better than Keira. 

If they had spread the rumors as soon as it happened, it wouldn’t have had the same effect now.

‘I should say thank you. You have done what I had to do.’

As if a thorn was finally removed from her side, she felt relieved. 

It would take Cosette a lot of time and effort to restore her reputation.

‘It took about a year and three months before Cosette manifested her spiritual power…’

The plan to take off her mask progressed steadily.

But she has yet to find conclusive evidence.

She could only drive out Cosette’s existence once she could prove Cosette’s claim that she’s the real daughter of the Grand Duke as false.

‘Don’t be so nervous. All you have to do is calmly step on the tail one by one.’

Immersed in her thoughts, Keira took a leisurely walk through the garden.

When the incident at Johanna’s mansion became a topic of discussion again, she remembered her hypothesis back then.

‘Cosette’s original goal was to find out the location of the Spirit stone and destroy it. She hasn’t shown any additional suspicional behavior yet, but…’

Keira didn’t know why, but a corner of her chest felt uncomfortable. She couldn’t get rid of the irritating feeling as if she had a thorn in her fingertips.

Rose: “…lady. Milady!”

Keira: “H, hmm?”

At that moment, Rose’s voice broke her thoughts.

Keira: “What’s the matter?”

Rose: “What’s going on over there?”


Keira turned in the direction Rose pointed to see male employees moving the luggage into wagons. 

Keira, who managed the household affairs, had never given such orders to her servants. 

Keira ran straight to them and asked.

Keira: “What are you doing?”

“Ah, good morning, milady. His Grace ordered to do this.”


She glanced slowly over the luggage the servants were carrying. Most of them were inside a white cloth or bag, so it was impossible to identify them.

However, some objects could be identified through the silhouette of the thin fabric.

Keira: “Is that… a dresser?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Keira: “His Grace told you to change the furniture in the house? He didn’t say a word to me…”

“No, it’s not like that. This is Lady Cosette’s luggage. Most of the things covered in white cloth are furniture, and the things in the bag are clothes and small items.”


Keira tilted her head. Was Cosette moving to the main building?

But before Keira could ask, the servant went on.

“I have an order from His Grace to bring all of Lady Cosette’s belongings to the Count’s residence. He said it would be uncomfortable for her to live in an unfamiliar environment.”


Keira realized the situation only later.

The Count probably had everything she needed, but it was ridiculous to send all the furniture.

Ludwig’s intention was not to appease her discomfort but to drive her away.

She felt flustered yet elated.

She had to try to manage her expression not to look too happy.

Keira: “Is that so? She must be planning to stay with her mother’s family for a long time. If you’re going to the Count’s house, please deliver my greetings as well. I hope she’s comfortable there.”

“Yes, I will.”

After Keira had sent the servants away, she immediately turned back.

Then the corner of her lips tilted upward.

Rose: “Milady, could it be… Has she been kicked out?”

Keira: “Hmm, it seems so.”

Rose: “Woah!”

Rose stretched her hands outwards in delight, and Keira walked swiftly ahead.

Many eyes were watching. Keira must go up to her bedroom before expressing her joy…

“Hi, milady.”

However, some people stood in her way.

“You look like you’re in a good mood? Did something good happen?”

It was Joseph and Arthur. They looked like they were on their way to Ludwig’s office since they had a pile of papers in their arms.

Keira: “Oh, it’s been a while, both of you.”

“It’s nice to see you have a bright complexion.”

Keira: “Uh, yeah. It’s not a big deal, it just seemed like Cosette is going to stay with her mother’s family for a while longer.”

She wiped her lips consciously to hide her joy as she said that. Of course, it was a futile attempt.

“Oh, really?”


Keira: “Since she took all the furniture with her, I guess she won’t be coming back for quite some time.”

“Then the vacation has been extended indefinitely.”

Keira: “Vacation?”

Keira was puzzled for a moment but soon understood what he meant.

‘Come to think of it, he mentioned we should go out and play before Cosette comes back.’

But when she discovered an unexpected clue, they had to postpone their appointment for a while. Now was the chance.

Arthur: “About the promise we made last time, how about going today or tomorrow?”

Joseph: “What are you talking about?”

Joseph interjected, oblivious to their conversation. 

Arthur answered instead.

Arthur: “I made a promise with Her Ladyship last time to go out and play with us. This time with the young master as well.”

Arthur might as well have said that he promised to ‘go out for a drink’ than ‘go out and play.’

Joseph stared at his subordinate for a moment and soon changed his mind. 

Peace has come to this mansion for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t a bad idea to relax for a while.

Joseph: “Then I’ll ask the other knights.”

Keira: “I’ll ask Zeke.”

Joseph: “Yes, I understand.”

Keira turned away from the two of them and set out to look for Zeke. 

Her footsteps were light, as if she was walking on clouds. 

‘Is he studying in his room right now?’

There were still unresolved problems, but Keira wanted to forget them all and enjoy her leisure time. 

As time passed, the weather became cooler. Neither hot nor cold, it was the perfect weather for social gatherings.

Autumn wasn’t the only thing that came to Keira.

「…I would like to apologize for my rudeness last time and would like to have a good time. I’d appreciate it if you could attend. From Ariana Leofield.」

Keira read the incredibly long letter quietly. Her desk was full of unopened letters. 

She always received many invitations, but it was rare for handwritten letters to come. 

Keira: “What’s going on? I know Ariana Leofield’s around my age, but we don’t know each other.”


Miranda, who stood next to her, answered the question. 

Miranda: “If it’s Lady Leofield, she’s the one who was at the auction house then.”

Keira: “Ah.”

Keira finally remembered that Ariana Leofield was among the ladies who apologized for the misunderstanding. 

She seemed to refer to the incident at that time. 

Keira: “Now that I think about it, I remember her. But I don’t know why Lady Leofield wrote me a letter.”

Miranda: “Can I see it for a moment?”

Miranda scanned the letter.

Miranda: “I think that’s it.”

Keira: “What are you talking about?”

Miranda: “…she’s indebted to you.”

Keira: “Indebted?”

Miranda: “Yes, even though Countess Rheol’s lies deceived them, it doesn’t mean they’re not without fault. So, this is their way of easing their regrets.”


Keira read the letter again.