Please, Divorce Me Chapter 39

PDM Chapter 39


“I’ll be waiting by myself. You can leave.”

“Yes, Madam.”

After a brief silence, Laura left the office. I entered Kyle’s office, looked around leisurely, and headed to the sofa.

I paused for a moment at the memory that flashed through my head but then sat detachedly and stared at the wall.

Kyle’s office has always been cold and lacked any hint of warmth. Even when I stayed up for a few nights waiting for him, the cold was suffocating.

That’s right. I felt this way the day I waited for him. Like I was submerged in a winter lake.

My body ached in pain and frustration as if my body was being cut by a blade. I was lonely, my heart was dark, and my mind was far away. All because I wanted something that wasn’t mine from the start.

I let out a self-deprecating laugh then stared at the wall again.


At that moment, urgent footsteps resounded and gradually got louder. But then the confident footsteps suddenly stopped as they reached the office.

I turned and looked at the door that didn’t open. Who was it? No one in this mansion moved so quickly. I wondered if it was a new employee, but it occurred to me that most of the new ones couldn’t enter the main house.

Ah, maybe it’s Laura.

At that moment, the doorknob rattled. There was one hesitating movement before the door finally opened, revealing an unexpected guest.

“Your Grace?”

Kyle turned around and turned to where the voice came from. He let out a shaky breath, and without taking his eyes off me, he approached me as he loosened his cravat.

It seemed like something was up.

“What’s going on?”

I sat on the sofa opposite the sidewall, avoiding his gaze. With the lamp across the sofa shining a light on the floor, I stubbornly stared at the gleaming marble and recited the words I practiced, “Laura told me Father was sick.”


He had a calm tone that seemed unbelievable for someone who had been out of breath a while ago.

I swallowed, my mouth feeling dry, then continued, “Your Grace said it before. I worry about Father.”



“It’s just as you said.” I nodded my head as I recalled what he said. “No matter how he tried to kill me, I’m still worried about Father.”

It made me more nervous that I couldn’t tell how Kyle reacted. I clenched my fists before slowly speaking.

“I want to see Father.”

Even after waiting for a while, I didn’t hear a response, so my anxiety doubled. He didn’t even know my plans, but it felt as if he did. I cleared my throat then calmly turned to face him.

“Your Grace, I–”

My words were stopped short when I met his piercing gaze. Looking skeptical, Kyle’s eyebrow was raised. At first glance, he seemed angry.

“What are you thinking?”


“You were the one who was angry with Viscount Carena not so long ago.”

“…forgive Father…”

“Forgive Viscount Carena?” His eyes narrowed. Eventually, his gaze slid down to my neck, where marks still remained.

I grabbed my neck and looked away. He might see how obvious it was I hated Father.

“…Yes. So tomorrow…”

“What are we going to do? I can’t forgive him.”


I took a deep breath at the low and hoarse voice. I felt Kyle stand from the sofa and approach me. Then he knelt down on one knee to meet my eyes.

He reached out, pulled my hand down, and slowly ran the back of his hand across my neck as if he was checking if it was healed.

“So, don’t forgive him either.” He moved his hand away from my neck. “And you must never lie again.”


“I can read you well.”

Ha. I burst into laughter at his words. Who was fooled by my lie when we got married? Whether he knew what I was thinking or not, Kyle got up, his expression brazen.

It felt like a sleeping lion had woken up. As I tilted my neck painfully and looked up at Kyle, he said, “From now on, I’m going to do whatever you want.”


“So tell me, what do you want?”


“Ah, except for divorce and the forest.”

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