AIWTRO Chapter 134

AIWTRO Chapter 134


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Keira tried to put herself in Cosette’s shoes. Why would she have come up with such a plan?

If she simply wanted to plant spies, why did she choose such a cumbersome method?

Why did it have to be a construction worker? 

What’s the difference between them and the typical employees?

Keira: “Could it be…”

It wasn’t long before Keira came to a conclusion.

Construction workers could easily access the mansion blueprint in the guise of rebuilding the mansion. Even if they looked around, the employees wouldn’t think too much of it because they were there to fix the place.

The difference between the drawing and the actual structure. Hints to the hidden secret spaces.

Keira: “Ah.”

If Keira’s guess was correct, Cosette was trying to find the location of the spirit stone again.


She would have moved on and chalked it off as her delusion if it was just the last time. But now that she’s tried something similar again? It was too suspicious. 

Keira was about to offer to introduce construction workers and an architect, but she stopped.

Gordon: “Your Ladyship? Were you perhaps about to say something…? You can speak at your convenience.”

Keira: “No, thinking about it, I might be overreacting. I don’t want Great-Aunt to be uncomfortable, so I’ll leave the reconstruction of the mansion to you.”

Gordon: “Yes, of course. We’ll need to fix it before the winter wind hits.”

Let Cosette plant spies among the workers. 

Interrogating and questioning them was the next step.

Keira’s lack of authority on the matter made it impossible to investigate the company that supplied the explosives without clear evidence.

If she made a mistake, things could get worse, and there was a high possibility that she would receive the Imperial Family’s animosity. 

However, it was possible to ‘personally’ question the workers who participated in the mansion’s repairs and reconstruction.

Hearing Keira’s plans, Johanna furrowed her brow in confusion.

Johanna: “Hmm, of course, I respect your judgment. If you thought it was curious, there must be a good reason. However… What if innocent people are interrogated violently, and it becomes a problem later?”

Keira: “I also don’t expect all workers to be in on it. She might mix the spies among the innocent ones. But since I can’t read minds, I have no choice but to question them all, right?”


Johanna’s expression hardened slightly.


Since there was no way to tell them apart, it sounded like Keira would assume they were all guilty and then force them to confess individually.

As if Keira anticipated Johanna’s concern, she said.

Keira: “Don’t worry, Great-Aunt. I won’t pose a physical threat to the workers. No torture or intimidation will happen.”

At her declaration, Johanna tilted her head.

Johanna: “Then how are you going to get a confession?”

Keira: “If you do as I say, you can make them confess without lifting a finger.”

Johanna: “Without lifting a finger? How? Tell me.”

What she asked of Johanna was very simple. 

First, create a harsh atmosphere and drag the workers underground. Then lock them up in separate spaces so they couldn’t communicate.

Johanna: “Is it really possible with that alone?”

Keira: “Yes, that’s right.”

Johanna frowned, not entirely convinced, but Keira nodded her head resolutely. 

This was the method Ludwig had used in the past to interrogate criminals, and Keira witnessed how effective it was.

Johanna: “Then, do as you please. Take care of it.”

Keira: “Thank you.”


Keira’s method was simple.

First, the suspects were locked in separate areas to stop them from communicating with each other. Then she threatened that she would only spare the first to confess.

The genuinely innocent ones had turned pale and lamented the injustice.

After all, most of the workers definitely came to work with pure intentions.  

Keira felt a little guilty when a man about twice her age begged for his life by mentioning his wife and children. 

He looked really innocent.

‘I must apologize for this later…’

But she had to remain vigilant until she found the spies, so Keira left the room, her expression cold. The weeping sound behind her stabbed her conscience.

The other men had also turned paled. However, their complexion had changed for a slightly different reason than the innocent ones.

They broke out in a cold sweat, worried they might have lost their chance to survive if someone had already confessed.

After all, they were all ordinary workers.

The only thing that set them apart from others was their financial difficulties.

There was no such thing as loyalty to a client. 

In the end, those men, worried they’d lose their chance, confessed that they had other intentions within two days.

It was the very next night that Joseph reported those confessions to Keira. 

Three workers infiltrated the mansion with ulterior motives. 


They all said an anonymous person had commissioned them to find a gap between the blueprint and the actual structure of the mansion–a spot or area that might be a secret space.

Keira rummaged through the personal details of the three men.

Joseph: “Before this incident, they were ordinary workers.”

Joseph answered.

Joseph: “I thoroughly checked, but they’re clean.”

Keira: “If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t have been able to enter Great-Aunt’s house.”

Joseph: “It seems that the reason for accepting the request was largely due to financial difficulties.”

According to the investigation, the first worker had a daughter who suffered from an incurable disease.

The situation of the other two was similar. His mother was ill, or he needed a lot of money to fix an accident his son had committed.

However, no matter the circumstance, it didn’t change the fact that they infiltrated Johanna’s mansion with such dark motives.

Keira put down the papers with a frown. 


Joseph could guess why she was displeased.

Joseph: “The person behind it completely hid their identity.”

Keira: “I kind of expected it.”

Only the powerless underlings were punished, and the person behind them got away like a loach.

Unsurprisingly, none of the workers knew the identity of the ‘anonymous client.’

This client promised to pay a large sum of money and give a more significant amount if the workers found a ‘secret place.’

Joseph: “Does Your Ladyship think the Count of Weinberg is behind this?”

Keira: “Probably. But I don’t have any proof.”

Someone planted spies in Johanna’s mansion to find a hidden room or space. Such a thing would surely stir the aristocratic society in the capital.

But there wasn’t a single proof.

‘So how would Count Weinberg benefit from getting that information?’

Keira couldn’t think of an answer to that question. 

The only possible grudge Count Weinberg had was against the Grand Duke.

‘Still, it doesn’t correlate…’

On the other hand, Cosette looked for Johanna’s hiding spot, more precisely, the location of the spirit stone.

She’s trying the same thing twice. 

It was a moment when her doubts turned into certainty.

Joseph said.


Joseph: “I don’t quite understand either. What would he use it for if he found out?”

Keira: “Maybe they plan to find the place where Great-Aunt hid the spirit stone.”

Joseph: “Ah! Is she trying to mimic the spirit art using Beatrice’s spirit stone?”

As far as Keira knew, Beatrice’s spirit stone had no such function. But she couldn’t exactly explain that, so she just bit her lip.

While she was silent, Joseph continued.

Joseph: “As you may have heard, Lady Cosette is hiding in her uncle’s house and has not gone out. Didn’t she use to go to social gatherings until his threshold was worn out? There must be a reason for the sudden change in behavior. Please be careful.”

Keira nodded, urging him to continue.

Joseph: “Until now, Miss Cosette has acted as if she was trying to usurp the Your Ladyship’s place in the house, the temple, and the social world.”

Keira: “That’s right.”

Joseph: “However, the reputation in society, the family, and the position in the temple are only secondary matters. In the end, the one who manifests their skills first wins.”

His point was correct. However, an elementalist’s skill was a blessing that Beatrice has bestowed on humans. 

In other words, it was the god’s will and revelation.

To change the will of god through human effort or training… As far as Keira knew, such a thing was futile.

It was impossible for a person who was not of the Grand Duke’s bloodline to not only use elemental magic but also hasten the manifestation of the skills.

It was impossible to go against Beatrice’s will by human effort.

But if it’s just an imitation of spirit art… Could it be possible?