AIWTRO Chapter 136

AIWTRO Chapter 136


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“You’re going to the Imperial Palace? What else has happened?”

Less than a few days after the accident, a startled Robert asked Keira when she mentioned going to the Palace.

Keira: “I just want to go to the Imperial Library. I have some materials to look for.”

Robert: “If you tell me what material you are looking for, I will have someone help you.”

Keira: “No, it’s okay.”


Robert tilted his head, seemingly confused at Keira’s quick rejection. 

‘Wouldn’t it be easier to find if you asked several people to do it…?’

The thought was painted on his face, but he didn’t dare to say it aloud. 

Robert: “Then I will prepare the carriage.”

Keira: “Okay.”

Keira nodded, ignoring Robert’s puzzled gaze.

‘I can’t exactly say I’m looking for materials about demons.’

Not only would it be a pain to explain why she’s looking for such information, but it would also be a bother if word about it leaked outside the family.


She knew that all kinds of rumors would go around–like her being interested in black magic and planning to summon demons.

So, Keira decided to bring only one person she could really trust.

And that person was none other than her brother, Zichhardt.

Keira looked back at her brother and asked.

Keira: “Can you really go with me?”

Zeke: “The knight promotion exam is over. I have a lot of time.”

Keira: “Even more so. I’m worried I’m dragging you along for nothing when you can go and relax in your free time.”

Zeke: “This is important.”


It was, of course, important. However, she did not explain the purpose to her brother.

How are you sure it’s important?

As if noticing her puzzled look, Zeke answered.

Zeke: “You had a dark expression on your face all day yesterday. I called you and you didn’t respond, so I thought it was serious. But today, you suddenly mentioned going to the Palace to look for information.”

Zeke paused for a moment, lowered his voice, and whispered again.

Zeke: “And since you didn’t order anyone else to do it… it seems like top secret information, isn’t it?”

Keira nodded instead of answering. 

Yesterday, there was another reason why she was so distracted that she couldn’t even respond to Zeke.

‘If the spirit stone is destroyed, the barrier will also disappear. Can someone behind such a scheme be considered human?’

It was the conclusion she reached after thinking about it for days.

Well, she didn’t have concrete evidence. Maybe she was just overthinking.

However, Cosette had already aimed for the spirit stone twice.

Shortly after her debut in the capital, she tried to find the location of the spirit stone for the first time.

And the second time she tried to do it was after she was kicked out of the grand duchy after being massively humiliated.

Cosette’s course of action pointed to one conclusion.

Her primary goal wasn’t to take Keira’s role, to avenge Count Weinberg’s family, nor was it to get recognized in noble society.

What she wanted was…

‘Obtaining the spirit stone.’

As far as Keira knew, the spirit stone’s only function was to represent the contract with Beatrice.

She sought advice from Johanna and Ludwig, but their answers were the same.


‘There’s no way you’re looking for the spirit stone simply because you want to see it or keep it as decoration.’

Who would want to destroy the spirit stone and the barrier?

It didn’t take Keira long to come up with an answer. 

The devil.

Keira: “Let’s go, and I’ll explain the details.”

Zeke: “Okay.”

Keira looked at Robert and said goodbye.

Keira: “We’ll be on our way then.”

Robert: “May you have a safe trip.”

The carriage carrying the Parvis children left the mansion after the employees sent them off.

It is quite a distance to the Imperial Palace in the middle of the capital.

Keira leaned her head back and tried to collect her thoughts. 

How would Keira find out if Cosette or the person behind her was the devil?

‘Suspicion alone can’t lead to a death sentence.’

She only had a little over a year left. If she couldn’t find the evidence then, she would have no choice but to escape from the capital and wait for her abilities to manifest.

Keira’s eyes darkened with concern.

“Is there anything else you need?”

The Imperial court attendant bowed politely and said.

It was their duty to treat nobles with respect, but Keira couldn’t help but notice that they’ve become even more respectful.

‘Did Empress Dowager or the Princess give them orders?’

Although there was an accusation, they were the ones who ordered the search for the Grand Duke’s house. Now that their innocence was proven, maybe this was their way of making up for the incident.

Thanks to their consideration, Keira could borrow the Imperial Library for a few days.

Keira: “Please send my gratitude to Her Highnesses, the Empress Dowager, and Princess Arabella. Thank you for lending me the library.”

“Yes, I will pass on your message. If you need anything more, please feel free to call me.”

When the servants closed the door and left, Zeke finally spoke.


Zeke: “Now, tell me. What are you looking for?”

Keira: “Information about demons and black magic.”

Zeke: “…What?”

Zeke’s jaw dropped. He seemed to want more explanation, but Keira was already walking through the bookshelves.

He hurriedly followed after his sister.

Keira: “Now you understand why I couldn’t let the servants do it?”

Zeke: “Why… Why are you looking for something like that?”

Keira: “Why, you ask? Because of Cosette.”

Zeke: “You think a demon is behind that woman and Count Weinberg? No, why would you think that…?”

Zeke’s eyes shook in disbelief.

‘Well, that’s understandable.’

In the past, she also couldn’t find the connection between Cosette and the demon. She hadn’t even expected it.

She thought Count Weinberg, the one who had brought Cosette, was the enemy. So, she guessed he had plotted things for revenge. 

She couldn’t even imagine that Isaac Weinberg, one of the highest-ranking nobles, would join hands with the demon in a way that would kill everyone.

‘Come to think of it, what is Count Weinberg thinking? Does he know Cosette’s after the spirit stone? If they invade from the Demon Realm, they will also suffer damage.’

Of course, he’s indeed grieving the loss of his sister.

But his sister wasn’t his only relative. He had family he was responsible for, so would he go to the demon’s side to avenge his dead sister? 

‘Maybe there was some kind of agreement behind it…’

Things are getting more and more complicated in her mind. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

‘For now, let’s focus on the goal we came here for today.’

Keira looked back and said.

Keira: “Can you believe what I’m saying now?”

Zeke: “…Okay.”

Keira: “Do you remember when Cosette had just appeared in the capital, she went to visit Great-Aunt with me?”

Zeke: “I do.”

Keira: “Cosette went to visit her because she wanted to greet Great-Aunt, but she didn’t go there with pure intentions.”

Zeke: “Wasn’t her goal to get in Great-Aunt’s good graces?”

Keira: “If that were her goal, she would have visited her after her surroundings had stabilized to some extent. If you moved to a house where you have no authority and your social status is non-existent, would you visit your Great-Aunt first?”

Zeke: “Hmm…”


Upon hearing that, Zeke hummed in contemplation.

Keira: “The goal might be far more important than being recognized by the person with the highest position in the family or being recognized as the real daughter of the Grand Duke in society.”

Zeke: “So what do you think it is? Getting Great-Aunt’s approval isn’t?”

Keira: “No, it’s destroying the spirit stone.”


Zeke stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded.

Keira: “It’s complicated to explain why I’ve come to that conclusion, so just know that.”


Keira: “Back then, I thought I was overthinking things. But recently, it happened again when her position was most at stake. This means that the social reputation was just a front, and the main goal was the spirit stone.”

Zeke: “What happened lately? Oh, is it on fire? Did she mean to destroy the spirit stone then?”

Keira: “To be more precise, she must have been trying to find the location of the stone by taking advantage of the chaos.”

‘Isn’t that a bit of a leap? Couldn’t it be just an accident?’

Zeke’s forehead wrinkled slightly. At that moment, Keira took a step closer and said.

Keira: “You think I’m grasping at straws, right? I understand. But there’s a reason I’ve come to that conclusion.”

Keira couldn’t say that it was something that had happened in the past.

Keira: “Can you just trust me this once?”


After a moment’s hesitation, Zeke answered with a deep sigh.

Zeke: “Okay, okay. I will. Then what should I do?”

Kere: “First here.”

Keira pointed to the bookshelf beside her.

Keira: “These are ancient history books about the war before the founding of the country.”

Before the founding of the nations, before the goddess named Beatrice blessed the human race.

It was a chaotic period due to the looting and invasion of demons.

Keira: “Let’s start looking for information here.”


Zeke looked at the boring-looking titles with dread.

It went without saying that the Imperial Palace Library had the largest collection of archives on the continent.