AIWTRO Chapter 139

AIWTRO Chapter 139


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How many lives would it take for a corpse to fill the river and cut off the water? The answer to that question was taking place in real life.

“102,283 people.”

“…Did you really count it? It’s not as much as I thought. It’s such a wide river.”

The demon officer shrugged and replied.

“The river was running low due to a long drought.”

It has been several months since the barrier that had protected the human world for hundreds of years melted and the war resumed.

As the strife grew longer, the number of prisoners also increased exponentially.

Managing too many prisoners was a challenge. So, they figured they could just kill a prisoner that was difficult to deal with and throw it into the river.

“It’s romantic. A river flowing with blood instead of water.”

The blood-soaked ground was damp. Wherever I looked, bodies were lying around. It was truly hell.


“Huu, huuu…”

The prisoner, waiting for his turn, started peeing without realizing it. It would be a misfortune for him not to lose his mind like the soldier before him. 

Wiping the blade, one of the demons said.


“P-please save me! I’ll do anything, so please save my life!”

It was a plea that could not be fulfilled.

The demon soldier who swung the blade without answering said.



I was going to die defending my honor as a knight until the end, but my legs shook when I saw something like that.

Words begging for his life wanted to come out of his throat, but he persevered. He knew it was no use begging anyway.

“Is this guy still quiet?”

The prisoner heard the sound of the blade cutting and thought it was over. He shut his eyes tightly.

But it was then.

“Hey, it’s so loud; what can I do? I can’t get a good rest! Or do it a long way away from my barracks!”

The sudden voice delayed the prisoner’s death.

It was the voice of a young woman. Demons often maintained a youthful appearance compared to their actual age, so it wasn’t surprising to hear the voice of a young woman in the middle of the military base.

However, what stimulated the prisoner’s curiosity was how familiar the voice was.


The knight raised his head as if possessed. And he witnessed an incredible sight.

“L-lady Cosette…!”

A familiar woman was dressed in a black uniform, her silver hair standing out even more.

She had an appearance that one could never mistake. One of the other prisoners looked at him in bewilderment. 

“Um, sorry, who?”

“That’s Lady Cosette, i-isn’t it? Why in this place…!”

He saw an unexpected person in an unexpected place. He was so flustered that he was at a loss for words.

However, the other soldier prisoners seemed to have interpreted the situation a little differently, trembling in fear as they waited for their turn.

The cornered brain may have deliberately misinterpreted the situation.

“Lady? Lady Cosette? Is it really her?”

“Look at that silver hair! He’s right!”

“S-save me! Please save me, Your Ladyship!”

“Your Ladyship! Your Ladyship!”

Dozens of hands reached out of the cage. But, they couldn’t get the being they longed for.

She glared at the prisoners struggling for their lives, then put her index fingers to her lips.


Then the screaming prisoners shut their mouths at the same time in fear that if they didn’t follow her instructions, they’d face terrible consequences.

The woman looked like she couldn’t kill even a single insect, but strangely, chills ran down their back when they made eye contact. Some of them peed in fear.

“Your Ladyship?”

She smiled and took a step closer.


Cosette: “You killed her.”

So, why are you looking for that girl in me? She mumbled and turned around.

Cosette: “Anyway, I have to rest, so hurry up. It seems like there are only a few left, so I won’t scold them and just go. Quickly finish it, hmm?”


And so she left the screaming soldiers. She didn’t even look back.

After the fearsome boss left, they sighed and resumed their work.

“Haa, I thought my arm was going to fall off.”

“Get rid of them already. If they get loud again, you’re going to get it.”

On that day, hundreds of lives were fleetingly lost.

No matter where he looked, he saw nothing but ruin.

The entire city, which was once the capital of the empire, was in ruins.

Even the capital, believed to be the last line of defense, collapsed. The refugees had already evacuated south, but all the wise knew it was just a waste of time.

The army was devastatingly defeated. It was an unwinnable battle from the beginning.

It was impossible for the soldiers, who lacked food and water due to months of drought, to properly mobilize against the mighty demon army.

In fact, Ludwig had predicted this from the moment he heard that the ice barrier was melting.

However, he couldn’t make it obvious because of those who looked at him in hope.

…Where did it go wrong?

From when Johanna Parvis was murdered?


Or from when something went wrong with the barrier?

No, why did the barrier that had been working for hundreds of years suddenly melt away in the first place?

It was clear that there was some connection between the damage to the barrier, his aunt’s death, and Cosette’s disappearance.

But what’s more certain was… Whatever the cause of the disaster, it was now irreversible.

The Imperial army and refugees were constantly moving south.

Now would be the last time he could see the ruins of the capital.

The commander was instructed not to be discouraged under any circumstances, but now the situation was beyond their control.

Even if a famous master in any history came back alive, it was impossible to overthrow the current state of the world.

No, things weren’t so good in the first place.

If at least one elementalist had been alive, and the long drought was prevented…

It was when he was contemplating meaningless assumptions.

From the horizon, someone drew closer.

It was too casual a walk for someone crossing the ruined capital.

Because of that, he was initially wary that he was a demon, but the suspicion did not last long.

Ludwig: “…Cosette?”

Her facial features, which gradually became clearer as she approached him, were too similar to those of a person he knew.

The silver hair that contrasted with the black robe fluttered in the air.

Unusual hair color and red eyes.

A startled voice escaped Ludwig’s lips.

Ludwig: “Cosette!”