AIWTRO Chapter 146

AIWTRO Chapter 146


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He pondered for a moment and then continued with an odd question.

Erez: “How much do you trust me?”

Keira: “Just as you said, the enemy of the enemy is your friend.”

It was an ambiguous answer. But that was enough.

Erez: “That’s enough. Then why don’t you meet someone who believes in me?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Keira answered.

Keira: “Who?”

Erez: “There is someone you should meet for Plan B. They will definitely help you.”

What’s the point in meeting them if they couldn’t help anyway. Keira was about to agree immediately but stopped.

Someone who would be able to help her in this situation and one who believed him.

If they could really help, there’s no reason to say that, was there?

In addition, the fact that he was not a human was also very unsettling.

Keira: “Are they human? The one who can help?”



At Erez’s silence, Keira found her answer.

Keira: “So, it doesn’t seem like it.”

Erez went on to make excuses.

Erez: “No, but think about it. Ragibach is one of the thirteen strongest demons. What ordinary human can help in this situation? At least it’s worth discussing with a demon of the same class.”

A demon of the same class. 

That meant… Noticing his hidden meaning, Keira murmured.

Keira: “It would be impossible for a demon like that to come this way because of the barrier.”

That’s probably why he said it was someone who believed him. If one couldn’t come from there, they had to go from this side. Beatrice’s barrier served to filter out demons, but it didn’t block the entry and exit of humans. 

‘It means you must trust only interest and go to an enemy camp.’*

Of course, she wouldn’t. Going to the Demon realm? She was bound to be against it.

Erez knew it, too, so he must have carefully chosen his words.

Keira: “Tell me exactly about the demon you’re talking about. In great detail.”

Erez thought for a moment, stroking his chin, before answering.

Erez: “Well… Should I say he plays the role of the mediator? He doesn’t like messing up the existing order, just like the mediator usually feels. His name is Ajai. His name may remain in the records here.”

Keira: “Is he someone of great influence?”

Erez: “You can think of it as playing the role of the Demon King. Of course, such a title doesn’t exist the way you think it does.”

That was very surprising to Keira.

Keira: “It doesn’t exist?”

The scholars of the Empire speculated that the demons also formed a social structure in which they obeyed one monarch.

They based it on the fact that since the race valued power, their order to obey the strong would be taken for granted.

But in reality, it’s a structure with thirteen bosses. Keira thought that maybe the demon society might be much more chaotic than that of humans.

‘One side is trying to break the barrier while the other is trying to block it…’

As Erez said, seeing all demons as a single community may have been a fatal human error.


Erez: “Of course, there is a way I can deliver the news, but wouldn’t it be better to meet in person and discuss it?”

If he had intended to deceive and harm her, he wouldn’t have resorted to such a cumbersome method.

What should I do? Keira thought about it for a while and then answered.

Keira: “…Okay. But right now, it’s impossible. You can’t go there in a day, right?”

People would question her absence if she was away for a long time.

It’s clear that Cosette would be up to something if she noticed her absence, so there was no way she could stay away for a long time without any preparation.

Erez: “Then call me when you’re ready. I would like it to be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Saying that, he got up. There’s nothing good about prolonging a secret meeting.

Keira looked at Erez’s back as he left, suddenly realizing that she didn’t know his name.

Just as Cosette’s real name was ‘Ragibach,’ Erez might have another name. As Erez was about to leave, Keira called out to him.

Keira: “By the way, I don’t think you know your name yet.”

Erez: “Hmm?”

Keira: “You’re my partner. I should know your real name.”

Erez:” Aah.”

After a moment of bewilderment, he soon realized that what Keira was asking for was his “real” name. There’s no reason he couldn’t tell.

Erez: “Yurr.”

Keira: “Yurr?”

‘Ragibach,’ ‘Azai,’ then ‘Yurr.’ Because they were demons, they had a very special language.

Keira spoke frankly about how she felt.

Keira: “It’s a strange name.”

Erez: “From my point of view, your name is more unique. Keira, it’s not a spice, so what’s that?”


Spice… It seemed that demons had a spice that sounded similar to Keira’s name.


Having revealed his original name, he waved his hand and left. Keira paused for a moment before getting up, ensuring no one saw her going with him together.

When she went outside, her maids waited for her. Fortunately, none of them asked why she secretly met with Erez. Instead, they kept their lips shut and only opened the carriage door.

‘I don’t know about Rose, but it’s strange that Emily hasn’t said anything.’

Perhaps Keira failed to control her expression. Sure enough, when she looked at her reflection in the window, she saw herself frowning. 

Was it the right decision to accept Erez’s offer? Her frown deepened.

 A week later, Keira continued to visit the Imperial Library for a while with no results.

No, one thing was proven true–the myth that demons like to bet. It’s really useless.

In the end, Keira had no choice but to leave the library that day without much success.

Meanwhile, she ran into the Imperial siblings.

Keira: “Your Highnesses.”

Michael: “Oh, what brings you here?”

Princess Arabella answered.

Bella: “She must have come to use the library. You gave the permit yourself a while ago, brother.”

Michael: “Ah, yes. I did.”

After a moment’s hesitation, he suddenly suggested.

Michael: “Since we met like this, would you like to have dinner together?”

Keira: “Yes?”

Keira looked up at the sky to see the sun setting. It was dinner time.

‘Why are you suddenly offering to eat together…’


Although it was strange, she couldn’t exactly reject the Crown Prince’s invitation without just cause.

Keira: “It would be an honor.”

Thus, she was forced to visit the Crown Prince’s palace.

Even though Keira grew up in privilege and luxury, she thought that Crown Prince’s Palace garden was so majestic.

‘Is that sculpture really made of gold? Or is it just gilded?’

When she was distracted by such frivolous thoughts, Prince Michael suddenly spoke.

Michael: “It’s been a long time since I saw Lady Keira’s father.”

Keira: “Ah.” 

Keira then realized the purpose of this invitation.

‘This man is curious about Father’s intentions.’

Edinburgh or Weinberg–which side would they support? 

Well, it was a natural thing to be curious about. After all, Cosette was recently expelled from the Grand Duke’s residence because of ‘that troublesome incident.’ What would happen next, he could only wonder.

Keira put down the tableware and answered.

Keira: “Because a lot of things happened… His Grace must have been very distracted. When I get back, I’ll tell him to greet Your Highness.”

Keira knew he didn’t want this answer, but she had no choice but to give it anyway.

What was Ludwig thinking? He kicked her out for undermining their family’s prestige, but who knew when he’d reverse his decision.

Michael: “You must have been very busy.”

It was time for Michael to try his luck again.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!”

A middle-aged man jumped out from the left side of the garden, cutting off their conversation. 

Michael frowned and turned to the side.

Michael: “What’s going on?”

“News from the gate guards! One who claims to be the secret lover of the deceased Grand Duchess… Ack!”


The man jumped when he saw Keira, but it was too late. All the important information had already flowed out of his mouth.

‘My mother’s secret lover?’

Keira calmly picked up her tableware again and traced back her memories.

Was there ever a man who claimed to be her mother’s lover? Never. If there were, she would never have forgotten.

A person who did not exist in the past suddenly appeared?

That was the proof that the very existence of the man was a lie.

*Not 100% sure about this

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