AIWTRO Chapter 147

AIWTRO Chapter 147


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‘Even if my mother had a lover, that doesn’t prove I’m not the daughter of the Grand Duke.’

Like before, Count Weinberg’s scheme didn’t work out the way he wanted, so he seemed to devise such low-level tricks.

She thought about how they’d provide evidence and manipulate it.

But that composure was broken in the next instant.

Michael: “So someone is claiming that. Then what?”

“B-But, Your Highness…”

Michael: “It’s okay, so go on.”

The man glanced at Keira, swallowed hard, and said.

“He… He asked for protection. He claims that Marquis Edinburgh is trying to silence him because of Rowena Weinberg’s assassination. And…”


The sound of tableware falling on the plate interrupted him.

Michael turned to the source of the sound to see Keira’s eyes wide open as if in shock.

Michael: “Um, Lady Keira. Don’t worry too much about what he’s saying just because some people claim that.”



Michael: “If it’s a false testimony, won’t he get caught quickly?”

The Crown Prince couldn’t have known it wasn’t necessarily the case.

What was even more significant was that it was true that the Marquis had Rowena killed.

What evidence could they have gotten there? There was no way Keira’s grandfather would handle such work sloppily, could he?

No, even monkeys sometimes fell from trees, so there’s no guarantee he didn’t make a mistake…

Thoughts ran through Keira’s head, but she tried not to express her agitation. She wiped her mouth with a napkin and answered.

Keira: “Of course. It just made me a little uncomfortable thinking about what people might say.”

Michael: “I’m sorry. If I knew it would be unpleasant, I should have moved away for a while to listen to it.”

Keira: “No. They said it’s better to find out early. Wouldn’t it be better than hearing about it through rumors?”

At least she could plan for the future.

Keira firmly stayed in her seat until the moment the dessert was served. She barely suppressed the desire to run to her grandfather immediately and ask him what had happened.

She couldn’t even remember how she endured the socializing time that followed after dessert.

Finally, after the long supper, Keira managed to get up.

Michael: “That was a good time.”

Keira: “I’m grateful for the invitation.”

Michael: “By the way, I’ll give a gag order about today, so don’t worry. Well, I mean… Until things get too big for me to cover.”

It meant that it would be kept secret until it was made public.

Keira: “Thank you.”

As Keira expressed her gratitude, Michael offered to shake hands. Giving a handshake with a smile couldn’t have been so daunting.


The smile Keira had barely created disappeared the moment she left the room and entered the carriage.

As he watched the carriage leaving, Michael asked.

Michael: “How did it look?”

Bella: “What do you mean?”

Michael: “The look on the lady’s face when she heard the news from Rio.”

Bella: “I think she was a little surprised. But… I’m not sure even I would be surprised if I heard that Mother had a lover and Grandfather murdered the concubine.”

Michael: “Even if it’s a conspiracy?”

Bella: “Yes.”

Michael: “Well…”

Michael nodded his head softly. It’s not that he didn’t understand.

Before the carriage could even disappear from their sight, he turned and walked into the Imperial Palace.

Bella: “Brother? Where are you going?”

Michael: “I’ll be busy for a while, so I’ll get ready.”

Bella: “Yes?”

He answered his younger sister, who tilted her head as if she didn’t understand yet.

Michael: “Whether it’s true or not, there will be a hearing.”

It was also a hearing that would attract the attention of the entire capital.

Keira got into the carriage and ordered them to head to the Edinburgh Marquisate instead of home.

Rose anxiously asked what was going on, but she couldn’t answer.

Keira: “It’s nothing.”

Rose: “You don’t look like it’s nothing…”

Keira: “I’ll tell you when I’ve sorted it out.”

Rose didn’t ask anymore.

‘Whether the man’s testimony is true or not, it’s certain that Cosette and the Weinbergs are behind it…’


Keira could only think that they resorted to using a scheme they had not used before because they failed to take her place.

Cosette had accused her multiple times, but it was a little different this time. 

It was the fact that the Marquis of Edinburgh really killed Rowena. That was the problem.

‘It looks pretty plausible when you mix truth and lies.’

While nervously chewing her lips, the carriage arrived at Edinburgh Street’s front door.

She jumped out as soon as the coachman opened the door.

“Oh my gosh. M-milady?”

Surprised, the guard guarding the front door looked at her face and the emblem on the carriage alternately.

“Did you come to see the Marquis?”

Keira: “I have something to tell him, so tell him that I must meet him.”

“Do you think the Marquis will drive out milady? This way, please.”

Keira followed the guards into the mansion. While crossing the garden, Keira saw the butler rushing out.

Keira: “Where’s Grandfather?”

The butler, catching his breath, answered.

“The Marquis is, haa, busy with work. But if he finds out milady has come, he’ll meet you immediately.”

As he explained that, Keira was led straight to the office.

Her grandfather was on the way downstairs to meet his granddaughter as if forewarned that something unusual had happened.

The two met on the stairs to the second floor.

Marquis: “Did something happen, Keira?”

Keira: “How do you know? Did you hear anything beforehand?”


Marquis: “…If nothing happened, you wouldn’t have come to me like this.”


Marquis: “You’re a kid who didn’t write a single letter even on my sixtieth birthday.”

Keira couldn’t really respond to it, especially since the Marquis had said it so matter-of-fact. 

Keira coughed awkwardly and changed the topic.

Keira: “Let’s go inside and talk.”

Marquis: “Shall we?”

As soon as Grandfather entered the office, he dismissed all secretaries and servants.

Since they were in his office, Keira didn’t have to worry about eavesdroppers.

As soon as Keira sat, she brought up the subject.

Keira: “Killing Rowena Weinberg–”

Marquis: “Keira!”

Startled, Simon Edinburgh cut her off. Then he glanced around anxiously, a strange sight for Keira.

Keira: “Why are you like that? You sent everyone out.”

Marquis: “… I’m sorry. I guess I’ve been a little sensitive.”

He sighed and ruffled his hair. 

Was it guilt? Or was it the fear that he might get caught? Keira thought it was the latter.

Marquis: “But why are you bringing up that story?”

Keira: “I was just on my way to dinner with the Crown Prince. During the meal, their aide said there was a man at the gate guard who had requested protection.”


The Marquis looked confused. So a troubled man had been wandering outside the Palace by the guard gate. But was it serious enough to interfere with the Crown Prince’s dinner?

However, the next words of his granddaughter made him realize the urgency of the situation.

Keira: “He was allegedly mother’s secret lover.”

Marquis: “What?”


Keira: “Do you happen to know about it?”

Marquis: “Impossible! I know everything about my daughter. I had complete control of her. She couldn’t have had a lover I didn’t know. Never!”

He said it with so much conviction as if he said that the sun did not rise in the west.

‘Complete control…’

She swallowed her vitriol and continued. 

Keira: “This person said that he killed Rowena Weinberg at your behest, and now that the crime is coming to light, you’re trying to kill him.”

Marquis: “That’s absurd. Even if your mother had a secret lover, how could I, who didn’t know he existed, have asked him?”


How much of it was the truth, and how much was the lie?

Keira pressed her finger to her forehead, suddenly exhausted. There was too little information.

Keira: “First of all, we need to find out about the man.”

Marquis: “I’ll handle that, don’t worry. You’re the only daughter of the Grand Duke. So there’s no need to worry.”

Keira remembered what he had said before.

Rowena Weinberg was found dead, and what was inside her womb was a dead baby…

‘So, even if the prophecy was wrong, there’s no chance that Cosette is Rowena’s daughter.’

Let’s say there’s evidence that Keira’s grandfather tried to frame and kill Rowena.

But there’s no proof that Cosette was Rowena and Ludwig’s daughter.

Even if her grandfather was incriminated, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about her, the next elementalist. 

‘Is it your goal to uncover grandfather’s sins?’

Keira continued to ponder about it. Count Weinberg was well-motivated to do so. After all, Rowena was his older sister.

His sister, who’s been with him since he was young, was framed and divorced, and the person who framed her even killed her.

It was something that would make anyone furious.

Then Simon Edinburgh’s voice broke her thoughts.

Simon: “Once I mobilize all the information networks to find out what happened, I will contact you. Do you want to go home first?”

Keira: “Yes, I understand.”

It would be unreasonable for her to conduct her own investigation under Ludwig’s eyes.

She left the office with Simon. Outside the door, Rose and the butler were waiting for them anxiously.

Keira: “Rose, let’s go home.”

Rose: “Y-yes. Okay.”

There were many things she wanted to ask but could not speak. Keira said goodbye to her grandfather and then walked down the steps.

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