AIWTRO Chapter 148

AIWTRO Chapter 148


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‘Will some transcendent being come to me and make my wish come true?’

Isaac Weinberg was too realistic to have such vain thoughts and hopes.

When he was much younger than he was now, he witnessed the fall of his family with his own eyes– his father’s death, his younger sister who was falsely framed and kicked out, the downfall of the family.

Despite everything he went through, he found a way to raise the family realistically.

The remaining business was rebuilt from the ground up. He summoned his scattered relatives back together.

After more than ten years, he was able to recover his prestige to a certain extent, if not as much as in the past.

His only reason for living was to one day uncover the crimes of the Marquis of Edinburgh and solve the injustices his sister had faced.

It’s a daunting goal, but he thought he could achieve it someday.

Until one day, the devil came to him and whispered an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Their first meeting was in a dream.

“Don’t you want to avenge your family?”

In his dream was a demon in the form of mist floating in the empty air in the dark room.

Up until then, he thought it was just a terrible nightmare.


However, when he met the red eyes in the hazy mist, he realized this wasn’t just a nightmare.

It was a natural fear. ‘That’ was not human. Isaac cried out in fear.

Isaac: “W-what are you!”

“The being who will grant your wish; your sister’s contractor. Oh, I also witnessed her end.”


He took a few steps forward without realizing it, and he stretched out his hand as if to grab it by the collar.

But there was nothing on his fingertips.

Isaac: “Her? Rowena, are you talking about Rowena? Answer me!”

“Well, before that, there is one thing I need to warn you about…”

The very next moment, Isaac was thrown away.

It was clearly an empty space, but Isaac’s whole body felt like he had hit a wall.

Isaac: “Ugh!”

“I’m not used to hearing slander from someone weaker than me. Would you please be polite?”

Isaac: “Ugh, cough…

Even though it was a dream, the feelings were so vivid that he thought he could really die. He was lying on his face for a long time, moaning before he could raise his head after a long time.

Surprisingly, the existence who had thought so little of him waited that long.

Of course, the devil didn’t care for him. It was just fun to see him moan in pain.

Isaac: “Rowena’s… I would like to know more about my sister’s death.”

“Yes, that’s better.”

Everyone said Rowena was just sick. But he couldn’t believe it.


Over the course of several months, Rowena turned to him for help over and over again. 

Since he was inexperienced, he couldn’t meet her request on time. She told him her life had been threatened for over half a year.

It’s hard to believe that such a child suddenly passed away.

“The poor girl was murdered. No, to be more specific, she didn’t die at the hands of others… Still, she practically was, so.”

The being in the mist said that and tapped Isaac’s forehead. At that moment, fragments of memories rushed into his head.

Isaac: “Ah.”

A picture of running through a mountain road staggering with a full stomach, pursuers after her.

Isaac: “Aah!”

A child born dead. His younger sister who had summoned the devil at the last minute. Eyes that had lost focus and a body that had breathed its last.

Isaac: “How could you do such a cruel thing!”

Isaac thought he would keep his virtue no matter how political he was. But it turned out Simon Edinburgh was far more heinous than he thought.

To hide the truth, to kill a woman pregnant with the next elementalist.

Guessing that she was vaguely murdered was different from seeing her vivid end.

He crouched down and screamed. But, beyond the pitch-black darkness, not even an echo came.

“I’m glad to see you didn’t react like you don’t believe it.”

Isaac: “I expected it… that it would be like this.”

Tears streamed down his face. 

Isaac: “I don’t know who you are, but thank you for sharing the news about Rowena.”

“What are you going to do now?”

He answered firmly.

Isaac: “I must take revenge.”



“Ten years have already passed. If it were that clever and mean old man, he would have already wiped out all the evidence. It might be possible to bring the Marquis of Edinburgh down, but wouldn’t it be impossible by trying to uncover the truth?”


Isaac was also well of that. Now that more than ten years have passed, revealing the truth would be more challenging than ever.

But he couldn’t give up. If he did, it was as if all his efforts to rebuild his family were in vain.


However, even though he had made up his mind, the road ahead was still bleak.

He couldn’t answer anything to the being in the mist.

But just then, the devil reached out his hand.

“How about getting my help?”

Isaac: “…What?”

“Why are you surprised? Do you think I came to you because I was bored? I’m your sister’s contractor.”

At that moment, the memory that the devil had conveyed came to mind.

Rowena drew a summoning circle with blood just before her breath stopped. And she successfully summoned a devil.

“I am the demon Ragibach who had answered her call. I promised my contractor– I will punish everyone who has caused her pain.” 

Isaac: “Demon…? Contractor?”

“Yeah, it’s common. A cornered human summons a demon and signs a contract.”


Summoning a demon meant that Rowena knew how to do it before then.

The younger sister he knew was a very innocent and good-natured child. She couldn’t have had such an interest in something like black magic.

As if it had read his mind, the devil said.

“It doesn’t matter how your sister learned about black magic now! You’re so stupid that you’re right in the back of your head. Try to be more clever.”


To Isaac, Ragibach’s last words sounded like it would join forces with him, and his guess was, unsurprisingly, right.

“Why don’t you become my partner until the day you take revenge?”


Isaac didn’t answer right away.

He was already convinced that this wasn’t the typical nightmare and that the existence in front of him was a demon.

‘Joining forces with the devil…?’

Wasn’t it like the protagonist in a play walking on his own feet towards ruin?

The end of joining forces with the devil could not be heaven.

The mist whispered.

“There will be no harm done to you. I’m in a hurry. Since I made a contract with your sister, I have to grant her wishes. But if the old man from Edinburgh died in peace, wouldn’t I be unintentionally breaking the contract?”

The devil began to enumerate the penalty for breaking the contract. They both quivered.

Isaac: “Then… How are you going to get revenge?”

“First, you must prove that your sister gave birth to a child.”

Isaac: “But it died before it was born.”

“She’s alive.”

Isaac: “…What?”

“To be precise, it can be saved. Turning corpses into living dolls is my specialty.”


For a moment, a chill of fear swept over him.

“A long time ago, there was a prophecy– only one elementalist will be born. The one mentioned in the oracle is probably Lady Parvis who is still alive, not your niece who died before she was born.”


Isaac: “Y-you want to deceive the whole empire?”

“Why? Why are you so terrified? Didn’t your foe do the same? He deceived the entire nation, saying that your little sister is infertile.”

Of course, Isaac wasn’t above breaking the rules if his opponent used cowardly means.

However… The problem with the Elementalist was on a different level.

Isaac: “Then, what will you do after you kill the real daughter and the Marquis of Edinburgh?”

If no one could handle Beatrice, the water on the continent would dry up.

If that happened, he, too, would suffer.

That’s why he focused his revenge only on Simon Edinburgh and didn’t care about the Grand Duke’s daughter.

However, the devil replied indifferently, as if his long agony was of no value.

“I can play the role of the Elementalist, right? To be precise, the body of your niece that I’ll control.”

Isaac: “D-does that make sense?!”

The devil carrying out the blessing of the goddess? He would have scoffed if it wasn’t for the pain he went through.

“Why wouldn’t it? Hey, I’m in a rush too. I made a contract with your sister, so I decided to help you get revenge. I have to deal with that old man before he dies, so I have to hurry.”

Isaac: “But…”

A little compromise here would make things easier.

No one will ever know the truth– whether it rained because of a real Elementalist or a demon covered with a corpse’s skin.

He’d get his revenge, the devil would grant the contractor’s wishes, and the Empire wouldn’t be in trouble.

It was pitiful for the innocent Lady Parvis, who would be framed as a fake.

But who would he pity more? His sister who died lonely or the granddaughter of the enemy?

The answer was obvious.

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