AIWTRO Chapter 150

AIWTRO Chapter 150


Marquis: “What do you mean?”

Keira: “Who is the one authority in which the Count would have no choice but to give in?”

It was the Imperial Family.

No matter how focused he was on revenge, he wouldn’t be able to ignore the Imperial request.

Marquis: “But how are you going to convince the Emperor and the Crown Prince?”

Keira: “There is a reason for delaying the hearing, too.”

Then Keira pointed to the calendar on the table. When the Marquis understood what she meant, his expression brightened.

Marquis: “It’s the National Founding Day soon.”

Keira: “They wouldn’t want to argue in a hearing at this time.”

Marquis: “Got it. I’ll tell His Majesty about it.”

Keira: “I’ll trust only you, Grandfather.”

Once they’re discussion came to an end, Keira rose from her seat. It was time to go back.

Her grandfather saw her off as she left, and as soon as he was out of sight, her expression hardened.

Her nerves crept up to her toes, and her chest felt heavy as if a piece of lead was in her heart.

‘What are you going to do this time?’

Cosette’s smiling face came to mind. 

Knowing that she’s one of the Great Demons of the Demon Realm made her blood run cold. Keira licked her lips.

In the audience room of the Crown Prince’s Palace, two men growled at each other on the spacious marble floor– Marquis Simon Edinburgh and Count Isaac Weinberg.

Crown Prince Michael was caught between the two men baring their teeth, yet he merely watched.


It was a pity for the Imperial family, but there was nothing he could do. He was ordered to mediate by his father, the Emperor.

With the anniversary of the foundation of the country approaching, it’s not good to see two great noble families fighting in the mud.

‘This is driving me crazy…’

But look at those lively eyes!

Michael thought it would be impossible to reconcile the two men with just a few words, even if the Archangel appeared.

He wanted to rip his hair out and scream.

But he couldn’t afford to abandon the duties his father gave him, so he reluctantly spoke.

Michael: “Now, now, listen to His Majesty the Emperor’s message.” 

“Please go on.”

Michael: “As you all know, National Founding Day is coming soon. It’s the day when nobles from all over the country gather in the capital. They say it’s a place for dialogue.”

Simon and Isaac answered simultaneously.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I am aware.”

Michael: “If you know, you will understand. There is not much time left until the event, but two of the country’s leading families are fighting a muddy battle… No, no. What would the atmosphere be like if the political battle continued? Huh?”

Simply put, it meant to act tactfully without ruining the mood. The two men were not fools to the point where they couldn’t understand the meaning of the Imperial’s words.

Simon, Marquis of Edinburgh, spoke first.

Marquis: “Wise words. Above all else, national events should be prioritized. Count, if you want to hold a hearing, what about after the National Day is over?”

Then, Michael’s gaze turned to Isaac, an unspoken pressure in his eyes.

Isaac: …”If His Majesty says so, I will follow.”

He looked reluctant.

But Michael didn’t seem to notice– or pretended he didn’t– and smiled kindly.


He didn’t forget to tap him on the shoulder in encouragement.

Michael: “Hahaha, you should! His Majesty will be pleased.”

This completed Michael’s task.

The bright smile on his face couldn’t have looked so refreshing.

Michael: “I will surely pass on the kindness shown by the two of you to the Imperial family to His Majesty. Come on, it’s getting late, so let’s go home. I’ve kept such busy men for too long.”

The last words sounded empty.

Contrary to the prediction that he would have to persuade him for a long time, Count Weinberg easily withdrew.

‘… Something’s off. It went too well.’

Then the thought that Something might be wrong crept in.

However, he saw off the two nobles with a smile and a ‘What’s good is good.’[1]

Anyway, wasn’t it enough that they avoided the crisis of the trial and the National Founding Day overlapping? 

The two left the palace with an enthusiastic send-off from the Crown Prince.



As soon as the mediator disappeared, tension began to flow again.


Some of the maids watching them gulped anxiously.

Isaac: “You should thank His Majesty the Emperor for avoiding being disgraced in the presence of the nobles of the whole empire, Marquis.”

Marquis: “Look who’s talking. I don’t know what evidence you’ll come out with, but if it turns out to be perjury, I will hold you accountable.”

After a brief declaration of war, the two men got into their respective carriages.

The coachman asked.

“Would you like to go home immediately?”

Marquis: “Yes.”

Being called around with an old body was very tiring.

He rubbed his shoulders and leaned his back against the cushion.

Marquis: “Oh, I almost forgot.”

Then, he felt compelled to tell Keira what had happened today.

He took the stationery and pen out of the drawer and began to write, using the briefcase as support.

The following day, Simon’s letter was delivered directly to Keira.

It was a message to rest assured that the hearing was successfully postponed until after the National Founding Day.

A faint smile appeared on her lips but quickly disappeared.

‘He stepped down easily?’

A chill ran down her spine. But before she could even think deeply, the voice next to her caught her attention.

Rose: “Milady, look here.”

Keira: “Hmm? Okay.”

When Keira looked away from the letter, Rose held lace in both hands in front of her.


Rose: “I did the repairs as you said before. Which one do you prefer?”

Keira: “The one on the left.”

Rose: “Okay.”

The lace that Rose held was an item to decorate the dress Keira would wear to the National Founding Day.

National Founding Day was the biggest holiday in the Empire. Nobles from all over the country would also flock to Media[2] to spend this period in the capital.

That was because, unless there was any circumstance, they had to attend the Imperial ball for three days at least once.

In the past, even though Ludwig and Keira rarely attended social events, they went to the National Founding Day ball.

In fact, it wasn’t difficult to show her face once in a while. But the problem was…

Keira “It feels like the back of my head is tickling already.”

When the two ladies of the grand duchy appeared at the ball “together,” it was already expected how the people would react.

Keira closed her eyes and recalled the memories of her past.

She frowned as she was left with a very unpleasant memory. 

At that time, she had lost one position or another to Cosette. She didn’t even want to think about the public’s opinion of her then.

The only good thing about her misfortune was that she had already been through the worst, so anything would be better than what had happened.

Miranda: “By the way, who will the Grand Duke’s partner be?”

Miranda, who had been sewing, asked her out of curiosity.

Keira: “Why?”

Miranda: “Milady is going with the Young Master. I heard that Miss Cosette is attending with her maternal cousin.”

Keira: “Yes, that’s right.”

Miranda: “Then I was just wondering which one His Grace is taking as his partner.”

If things went according to past experiences, Ludwig would attend alone.

He must have expressed his willingness not to side with neither Keira nor Cosette.

Honestly, Keira thought it was strange that Ludwig had maintained his neutrality then. It wouldn’t have been strange if he chose Cosette as his partner.

Keira: “Won’t he go alone?”

Miranda: “Oh, really?”


Keira: “I heard it while passing by, so I’m not sure. But why are you so surprised?”

Miranda: “I understand that when an adult aristocrat enters a banquet hall without a partner, he wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

Keira: “Usually, that’s the case. But His Grace doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.”

Miranda: “Aha.”

Miranda nodded as if convinced. 

Rose frowned at her.

Rose: “Miranda! Stop gossiping and just sew. Can’t you see Her Ladyship is waiting for you?”

Miranda: “Y-yes.”

Miranda immediately shut her mouth and focused on her work.

The repair of the lace was completed soon after.

“Now try it on.”

With the help of her maids, Keira changed into the dress for the ball.

She looked back and forth in front of the mirror.

Keira: “This is good.”

“Right? The side with lace on this part is much prettier.”

Keira: “Then, are you done fixing it?”

She couldn’t remember how many times she heard that this part would be more suitable if they tweaked it a bit.

Changing clothes a few times wasn’t physically demanding, but it was bothersome nonetheless.

Keira told them to give the design of the dress to Zeke. He had to wear a suit that complemented his partner’s clothes.

Keira: “I have another task for you once you hand over the design.”

“What is it?”

Keira: “You need to deliver a letter to Grandfather. Go at once. I’ll be writing a reply while you’re at it.”


After letting the maids go, Keira picked up her pen.

[1] 뭐 좋은 게 좋은 거겠지 is a saying that means when you have to choose something, choose the easy way that can satisfy everyone
[2] 메디아 seems to be the name of the capital?

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