AIWTRO Chapter 152

AIWTRO Chapter 152


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The trial was held at Minchester Hall, where the State Councils used to occur.

Due to the limited space, not all nobles could watch the hearing. Therefore, under the Crown Prince’s order, some nobles were forced to return to the ballroom.

But they probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ball and pretend nothing happened.

Michael stood on the podium and said.

Michael: “A provisional hearing is held at the request of Count Isaac Weinberg. The accusation is against Simon, Marquis of Edinburgh.”

The two faced each other under the podium where the Crown Prince stood. The spectators sat around them in a semicircle, Keira among them.

Michael: “Isaac Weinberg may pursue the charges against him, and he must present evidence accordingly. Simon Edinburgh has the right to refute claims that are not true.”

Even though there were quite a few people gathered, the room was utterly silent, and only Prince Michael’s voice echoed in Minchester Hall. Only read at Novel Endeavors.

Michael: “As this is an ad hoc hearing, I hope the questions and answers will be as concise as possible. First, the requestor of the hearing, Isaac Weinberg, speak.”

Just as Count Weinberg opened his mouth, the door banged violently open.

Michael clicked his tongue as he turned towards the exit. He told them not to let anyone in.

He was well-acquainted with the man who came in through the open door– Grand Duke Parvis, slightly disheveled as if he had rushed to the hearing.

After Ludwig joined the crowd and took a seat, the hearing, which had paused for a moment, resumed.

Michael: “Speak, Count Isaac Weinberg.”

Isaac: “Thank you, Your Highness. First of all, I want to ask you one thing.”

Count Weinberg spread his hands toward the audience.

Isaac: “Since the country’s founding, our families have always been at odds with each other. We fought hard for the values we thought were right and fought fair and square in political disputes. I don’t think that’s wrong. Confrontation and strife are part of human history. However!”

Was he finally getting to the point? The crowd swallowed hard, their ears perking up.

Issac: “Should it be acceptable to stick a knight in the back of your own kind even in the face of a mighty external enemy? I believe everyone knows we humans are on a truce with the demons. Yes, after the war, the water has dried up. Without an elementalist capable of dealing with Beatrice, we would all die of drought. And, if the barrier fell, the demons would again ravage this land.”

Having said that, he pointed his index finger at the Marquis of Edinburgh.

Isaac: “I am accusing Simon Edinburgh of putting the people of his Empire at risk for his own interest! This man framed my sister, the Grand Duchess, of being infertile, and when he found out she was with child, killed her in an attempt to destroy evidence! The child in her belly who will be the only elementalist mentioned in the prophecy! If this isn’t the act of selling off your people to the demons, then what else would it be?”

Marquis: “Gibberish!”

The Marquis shouted.

Marquis: “The prophecy predicted a different elementalist! What evidence do you use to make such an accusation…!”

Michael: “Calm down. The Marquis will have his chance to speak.”

Michael calmed the angry Marquis of Edinburgh, then turned to Isaac.

Michael: “A claim must have a basis for it. I’m sure you’ve got it ready.”

If he had asked for a hearing at this time without evidence, he wouldn’t have acted this way.

Issac nodded and replied.

Isaac: “Of course. Come out.”

Then, a man watching from the sidelines stood up. He was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his mid-forties. His charred skin and skinny physique made the crowd guess his hardships.

He glanced at the Marquis of Edinburgh and trembled like a leaf. Then he knelt before Michael and said. 

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince, this lowly man’s name is Alexander. Of course, Your Highness doesn’t need to remember the name of someone as humble as myself. A few days ago, you must have heard a report about me. I had asked the Imperial guards for protection since I was being pursued by those trying to kill me at that time. I can only think of one person who would hire people to kill me.”

He turned to stare at Marquis Edinburgh, his gaze filled with fear and anger.

“It was about twenty years ago, around the time of the marriage between the Grand Duke and the Edinburgh family. At that time, I was in a relationship with Lady Edinburgh. I couldn’t tell you because of my humble status.”

Michael: “Go on.”

“Thank you, Your Highness. Shortly after… Simon Edinburgh discovered my existence and kidnapped me. He threatened he would leave her alone if I didn’t make my presence known to society. Then, thinking I was shackled, he ordered me to kill the Grand Duchess. He must have calculated that if he held on to my weaknesses, I would not be able to expose them easily.” 

The man gulped and said.

“At the time, Rowena Weinberg was… pregnant. I caught the runaway Grand Duchess… killed her, and abandoned her body. But the child was no longer in the womb. She must have used herself as bait to get the pursuers’ attention to her and away from her child.”

Marquis: “If that’s true, give me proof!”

The Marquis of Edinburgh, who could not stand it, shouted.

Even Michael didn’t stop him this time. After all, it was easy to falsify witness testimony.

Punishing the head of the Edinburgh family only with a few words was impossible.

Marquis: “This is an absurd accusation! Your Highness, the Count is now committing the crime of deceiving the imperial family.”

Count Weinberg answered.

Isaac: “Of course, there is evidence. Twenty years ago, my sister fled under the name Sylvia to avoid pursuit. She had to present her ID to enter or leave the castle. There would be a record of her passing. If you look at the consistency between the witness testimony and the traffic record, wouldn’t you see the authenticity?”


Simon’s daughter was framed for having a lover.

However, it was undeniable that he tried to kill Rowena Weinberg, and it was also true that Rowena used the identity of ‘Sylvia’ when she fled.

Even if Isaac was a Count in the capital, he couldn’t just look at the confidential documents of other castles.

In such a situation, if the witness’s testimony and the record matched, it would be fatal for Simon.

“Then we can’t find out if it’s authentic or not right now.”

They had to send people all over the country to get those records. No matter how fast, it would take at least a fortnight.

Michael: “Then, the decision of the hearing shall be postponed until then. For the sake of fairness, neither can leave the capital until the verdict is issued.”

When the verdict was delayed until further notice, the crowd looked disappointed. An exciting play was cut off at the most important part.

Everyone murmured in dissatisfaction and started preparing to go back. These people would spread what happened today across the country.

It was unreasonable to cover things up like this and move on quietly.

While it was unfortunate for the Marquis of Edinburgh, it also made Cosette uneasy.

Cosette looked over the podium, biting her nails. 

‘D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it.’

That man was so curious about his sister’s end that she told him the story. Had she known she would be stabbed in the back like this, she would never have told him.

‘No, I have nothing to worry about. If the Marquis of Edinburgh’s crimes are revealed, it’s good for me, then.’

The only dissatisfaction was that Count Weinberg, who she thought was a comrade, opened up the incident without notice.

How could she be sure that someone who had done something sudden wouldn’t do it twice? It was like she had a time bomb in her hands and didn’t know when it would explode.

Worst of all, if he revealed her identity once he was done with his revenge on the Marquis…

When Cosette imagined the worst, she couldn’t control her expression. Her irritation grew so high that she didn’t even notice Keira approaching.

Keira: “Cosette.”

Cosette: “What?”

Naturally, her voice came out sharp.

Keira: “Judging by your face, it seems you didn’t even know about today.”

It wouldn’t be wise to keep talking about unfavorable subjects. Cosette immediately changed the subject.

Cosette: “Right. That man indeed did something without my knowledge. But you know.”

Cosette took a few steps closer. Suddenly, her agitation disappeared and she looked the same as usual.

Cosette: “Most of what he testified is true.”


Cosette: “Don’t even think about denying it. I was convinced by your reaction at the hunting contest last time. Right?”

She knew. Keira’s grandfather killed Rowena.

Keira: “But that doesn’t prove that the man is my father.”

Cosette: “But everyone will start to suspect.”

Keira scoffed.

Keira: “So? They’re going to suspect me, so what? Even if Grandfather’s sins are exposed, they can’t even blame me for it. You are far worse off than me right now.”

She failed to establish a foothold anywhere. Not in the family, the temple, and society.

What’s the big deal about people’s gossip and backbiting when Cosette was alive and well? 

Unable to resist, Cosette glared at Keira once, then turned around.

Cosette: “You’ll see.”

Was it because Keira knew she was one of the Great Demons? Her piercing eyes seemed to feel even more creepy.

Cosette walked away, mingling with the crowd as they exited the hall, not even sparing Count Weinberg a glance.