AIWTRO Chapter 153

AIWTRO Chapter 153


A fortnight later, the hearings resumed.

When Rowena was driven out, the identity she used was that of a woman named ‘Sylvia Reno Wheaton.’

It happened long ago, but they managed to find records of Sylvia’s journey.

“Here are the travel records.”

The second hearing was conducted with only a small number of people in attendance.

Looking nervous, the Marquis of Edinburgh watched the Crown Prince accept the documents.

Keira sat a few steps away and watched the scene, but she looked around the room a moment later.

‘I can’t see Cosette.’

It seemed she had broken ties with Count Weinberg or was trying to get out in case things went wrong.

She made the right choice.


Tak–. Michael put down the records. Alexander’s testimony contrasted the log.

Michael: “It doesn’t match at all.”

It made Keira wonder what he was thinking when he confidently asked for a hearing.

As soon as Michael finished speaking, the room became arctic.

All eyes turned to Alexander, the man who dared to testify falsely in front of the Imperial family.

Michael threw the papers in front of the man.

Michael: “See for yourself.”

Alexander: “T-this is…”

He picked up the papers with trembling hands. His facial muscles froze, and only his eyes moved left and right as he read the papers.

Finally, he spoke.

Alexander: “Y-you didn’t say anything like this! Count!”

The man crawled on his knees and approached Isaac.

But Isaac looked just as perplexed. 

Isaac: “Your Highness, there must have been a mistake. His testimony is correct.”

Michael: “If you don’t believe it, why not check it yourself?”

Isaac wanted to ask for a chance to investigate again, but it was unlikely that his request would be accepted.

Isaac: “Y-Your Highness. Something is wrong with this! Something is strange!”

He insisted on his innocence, to no avail.

Keira didn’t do much. She merely told her grandfather that it was strange that Count Weinberg had easily accepted the request to postpone the meeting.

The rest of the work was done by the Marquis.

He quickly found out the identity of one of the witnesses and contacted his family.

No, to be precise, he was kidnapped. And he said to Alexander, who was under the protection of the Capital Guard:

“Who knows how your family is doing?”

Alexander had begged for his and his family’s safety and promised to do whatever he asked, so Simon ordered him to confess the wrong testimony.


And this was the result.

It would have been a disaster if Count Weinberg had left him alone because he had no way of knowing Rowena’s whereabouts.*

To be honest, the route of Rowena’s movement, which Alexander confessed to the Count, coincided with the records.

Simon expressed his fear, saying he couldn’t understand how the Count of Weinberg found out about this.

‘Well, it’s good you dealt with it in advance.’

Keira stood up and said. 

Keira: “Then the innocence of my mother has been revealed.”

Her voice was filled with anger. The truth was she was furious, so it wasn’t acting. 

A secret lover? It was too indecent to frame the dead.

Keira: “How would you apologize for your irresponsible actions?”

As she blinked, the soldiers began to move, even without Michael’s command. It was clear who was the sinner in this situation.

Isaac: “Ugh.”

Count Weinberg groaned, probably recognizing he was cornered.

As long as things went like this, it would be a long way for him to regain the status he had before.

There was no Simon could just let this opportunity pass. In other words, this was his last chance.

It happened quickly. Count Weinberg flew away, pushing the besieging soldiers away.

“Catch him!”

Keira snorted at his futile struggle.

They were in the middle of the Imperial Palace. How would he even get out of here?

But there was something she and everyone else overlooked–the Count’s intention wasn’t to escape.

As a high-ranking nobleman, no one expected that he would make such an extreme choice.

He didn’t run to the door but to where Simon Edinburgh stood.

“Watch out!”

Someone shouted from the crowd. It was then that Keira saw something shining in the hem of Isaac’s robe.

The knife from his robe went straight into Simon Edinburgh’s abdomen.



The sudden bloodshed turned the hall into a bloody mess.

The soldiers rushed in and took the Count away, but the accident had already happened.

Simon Edinburgh staggered as he bled from his stomach. Fortunately, the knight by his side supported him, so he didn’t fall to the stone floor.

Keira: “Grandfather!”


Most of those who recognized the situation ran towards the doorway, while others ran to the fallen MMarquis. Keira was one of them.

Keira: “Grandfather!”

The amount of blood flowing out was unusual. A large blood vessel must have been hit somewhere.

Just when Keira thought things went through safely, this happened…

Shouts to call the doctor, voices swearing not to push, the sounds of furniture falling, the loud footsteps.

Everything was a mess. Keira felt dizzy.

While the operation was in progress, Keira had to wander the corridor nervously.

Even Zeke, who wasn’t close with his grandfather, was restless and couldn’t leave his sister’s side.

She knew all too well that her grandfather was injured at a critical point.

As she turned to her fatigued brother, Keira said. 

Keira: “Zeke, go back to the mansion.”

Zeke: “Huh? Why?”

Keira: “Someone might come to the mansion. Someone has to guard the house.”

Zeke: “Ah, you’re right.”

Even Ludwig was staying in the Imperial Palace to interrogate Count Weinberg.

Zeke nodded quickly and stood up.

Zeke: “Then I’ll be waiting for you at home.”

When her brother left, she was alone. The Imperial Palace servants stood by, but she couldn’t speak comfortably to them.

A long time passed before the doctor came out of the operating room.

Click–. At the sound of the door opening, Keira raised her head.

The doctor walked out, soaked in blood.

Keira: “How is grandfather?”


The doctor’s expression didn’t look good.

“I’ve done everything I could, but… he’s still in a coma. Only the goddess knows when he will open his eyes. Furthermore…”


He trailed off. Keira urged him to continue.

“Well, since the Marquis is quite old… I really have no choice but to leave it to the will of the goddess.”


It meant they had to prepare for the worst.

Simon rarely interacted with Keira, and he’s a villain.

Nevertheless, Keira wasn’t at ease when she heard her grandfather was in critical condition.

“For now, I will do my best.”

Keira: “Of course.”

After saying this, the doctor hurriedly left.

‘Grandfather is dying…’

One of her allies would disappear. Her head throbbed at the thought.

Keira ordered that her grandfather’s condition be reported to Ludwig, then turned around. 

Keira: By the way, where exactly is His Grace?”

The palace attendant answered.

“He left the prison after questioning the witnesses at the hearing. Perhaps, he’s talking to the Emperor or Crown Prince by now.”

Keira: “Then I would like to meet him too.”

“Yes? Are you talking about Count Weinberg?”

Keira: “They are the ones who tried to harm my mother. I mean, I’m also a party to this case. It doesn’t mean I will get involved in the investigation. I just want to visit.”

“U-uhm. I will ask permission from my superiors first.”

As an attendant, he couldn’t just guide her there even if it was a simple visit.

“Wait here for a moment and I’ll come.”

Keira: “No, it’s okay. I’ll go to His Majesty directly and ask.”

Rather than waiting for permission here, it would be better to go and ask in person.

Fortunately, the Crown Prince accepted her audience as soon as she asked to see them.


When Keira arrived, Michael was alone.

‘Didn’t they say he was talking to Father?’

Michael: “What’s the matter? Lord Parvis just left, you must have missed him.”

Keira: “I didn’t come to find Father, so it’s alright. I’d like to speak with Count Weinberg for a moment. Is that possible?”

Then the Crown Prince was stunned for a moment.

Michael: “Hmm… The dungeon isn’t a good place for a noblewoman to visit.”

Keira: “It doesn’t matter.”

Michael: “If the lady insists, then.”

He stood up and led her to the prison.

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