AIWTRO Chapter 166

AIWTRO Chapter 166


Keira spent one day in the forest village, another in the castle, and another preparing to teleport back. Including the time she fainted, she spent four days in the Demon Realm.

She agreed that she would go on vacation for ten days, so she had plenty of time.

Erez asked.

Erez: “Are you going back right away?”

Keira: “Yeah, just in case a variable explodes.”

Besides, she wanted to get out of this dangerous place as quickly as possible.

Keira remembered the figure of a girl crawling out of the portrait on her way out last night.

She asked Erez why she crawled out even when she didn’t go to the place he told her not to, and Erez calmly replied that the child would also get hungry, so she’d go out and eat something.

Keira couldn’t even imagine what they went out to eat. It definitely wouldn’t be the typical meal.

‘We really have to leave quickly, a place like this.’

So Keira urged Erez once more.

Erez: “Not right now. We need to move to another city.”

Keira: “Is there another city?”

Erez: “Did you completely forget the time I said there are thirteen Great Demons?”


Keira: “You could live in the same city.”

Then he answered in a very cynical tone.

Erez: “If that were the case, we would be in ashes by now from fighting each other.”


Erez: “Anyway, let’s go.”

He went outside the castle and performed a medium-range teleportation magic. Unfortunately, even though it was the third time Keira had used teleportation magic over a short distance, she still hadn’t adapted.

She felt nauseous as soon they arrived in front of another city. She asked in a weary voice.

Keira: “…Why did we have to teleport to another city in the first place?”

Erez: “The space between dimensions does not open just because we can warp anywhere. There is a fixed coordinate system.”

Keira: “Ah, okay…”

‘Is that why I was transported to the village at the bottom of the mountain?’

Keira slightly regretted cursing him for the unfortunate events.*

In any case, Erez drew the magic circle again in half a day. This time, it was fortunate he didn’t have to hide the traces of black magic.

Keira, who stood on top of the magic circle, lost consciousness for a moment again and then opened her eyes. Her whole body throbbed as if she had been thrown to the floor mid-air. After blinking her eyes a few times, her vision quickly came back.

‘I thought it was shaking.’

She was in a carriage. Erez must have brought her there when she fainted since she wouldn’t have gotten inside on her own feet.

She urged him to return quickly, but before she even woke up, it seemed he got her carriage and sent her back.

But Erez was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was a letter on the chair opposite her.


「You didn’t wake up no matter how long I waited, so I just let you go. It’s not because it’s annoying to watch over you but because you said you want to return as soon as possible.」

Keira crumpled up the letter and tucked it into her coat pocket. In this instance, should she say it was fortunate?

‘I don’t think there’s any need to move quickly because I’m coming back sooner than expected…’

Still, she didn’t want to waste her time. 

The carriage continued to run, and Keira couldn’t tell when it was day or night. It was early in the morning when she finally arrived at the place she had promised with Zeke.

She couldn’t go through the front door because of the guise that she was resting in the annex with Zeke. The owners of the main building were unaware that Keira had left.

Fortunately, she could sneak through the back door because it was dawn.

Keira sneaked up to the second floor and woke Lira. At first, Lira could not come to her senses, but as soon as she recognized Keira’s face, she opened her eyes.

Lira: “M-milady?”

Keira: “Shh.”

Lira: “Oh!”

Lira covered her mouth as if she had made a mistake, and after a while, she whispered.

Lira: “Did you just come back?”

Keira: “Yeah, did anything happen while I was away?”

Lira: “It would be better to ask the young master to be certain, but as far as I know, nothing special has happened. There was no contact from the capital.”

Keira: “That’s good.”

As relief flooded her, she felt drowsy. She had to sleep first before talking to Zeke.


Keira went into the room where she was supposed to stay and took a nap. And the sun was bright in the morning.

Lira: “Milady, it’s time to wake up.”

She thought she had only closed her eyes for a moment, but Zeke had already heard that she had returned and was waiting for her to wake up.

Keira: “Tell him to come in.”

Lira: “Yes.”

She fell asleep the moment she took off her coat, so she didn’t even have the chance to change her clothes.

She wanted to take a bath and change her clothes, but now, her priority was to return to the capital. So Keira instructed the maids to pack their bags.

By the time Zeke entered the bedroom, the maids were busily preparing to return.

Looking slightly surprised, Zeke said.

Zeke: “Did you return earlier than expected?”

Keira: “That’s right. I didn’t expect it either.”

Zeke: “Are we going back soon? No, I asked something useless.”

He stood by the doorway where he saw the maids obviously preparing to leave.

A dark night around Keira’s return to the capital.

The quiet Weinberg house was blanketed in darkness. The only room with the lights on was the attic. Some guards carried torches around the garden, but that alone was not enough to illuminate the expansive space.

In such a state, it would be hard to detect it if a thief entered.

‘If it’s not easy to spot what’s coming in, the opposite is also true.’


The sound of the attic window opening echoed softly. However, the noise from the top floor did not reach the lower floors.

Cosette cautiously walked through the window and stepped on the brick from the wall. The body she was using now was so fragile that it would break if she fell from the fourth floor.


Deliberately wearing dark clothes so she wouldn’t stand out, she hurriedly climbed the dimly lit wall and hid in the darkness.

It didn’t take long for Cosette to climb up and down the roof. It was a movement so agile that it was hard to imagine that she was a young lady from a noble family.

Cosette: “Haa.”

She took a deep breath when her feet landed on the dirt floor.

How on earth did she end up climbing down the wall like a shoplifter in the middle of the night?

But she couldn’t be bothered to lament deeply. The sound of the guards’ footsteps drew near, and she hurried to hide behind the bushes.

‘What the. Why are you walking around here now?’

She spent days figuring out shift times and patrol routes. Anyway, the reason for the sudden change…

“Haa, I’m going to die of sleepiness.”

“Stop complaining. Our shift at the guard station has been reduced, and the personnel has greatly increased.”

“Well, that’s true… Why did the number of people suddenly increase anyway?”

“I know, right? A few days ago, they suddenly told me to keep the security tighter.”

Cosette’s eyes narrowed as she overheard the guards’ chatter.

She wouldn’t have known that they had suddenly increased the number and that the patrol route had changed a few days ago.

But why? Why did they suddenly increase the number of watchers?

The guards didn’t say way. Suddenly, their conversation stopped. 

“Who’s there?”


Cosette’s pure white-silver hair easily stood out even in the dark. Without even thinking about it, Cosette got up and ran.

Her thin slippers came off and there were scratches on her feet, but it wasn’t her body anyway, so there was no reason to worry.



The bewildered guards followed her as if they could never have imagined that Cosette would escape.

As she ran, Cosette thought.


Why the sudden change?

‘There’s got to be a reason why they needed to be more vigilant and make sure I don’t move.’

Then a possibility flashed through her head.

‘Did they find out about my identity?’

When she thought of that, goosebumps crept down her back.

Cosette couldn’t get caught and get kicked out without getting anything. Nervously chewing her lips, she soon convinced herself that there was no clear basis for her suspicion.

‘If you’re still leaving me alone, it means you haven’t found any evidence. There’s no point in being scared.’

Maybe there’s a problem there. Could it be that either Grand Duke Ludwig or Keira had left the capital?

If so, this was a unique opportunity to approach Johanna.

‘That woman, unlike Ludwig and Keira, is soft.’

She would give Cosette a chance to meet if Cosette begged to speak to her, and would make judgments after hearing her explanations.

‘Whether they found out about my identity or there’s a problem with them, I need to meet her alone.’

As long as the situation was like this, she was taking her chance.

Threaten Johanna to reveal the location of the spirit stone, and get rid of it. And after throwing away this body, she would return to the Demon Realm.

What happened after that was beyond her. She didn’t have any obligation to protect the Weinberg family anyway.

‘For now, let’s escape without thinking about going behind the scenes.’

Shee had to get out of here and get to a place where she could contact Johanna. The only way to do that was to cross the fence.

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