AIWTRO Chapter 167

AIWTRO Chapter 167


Cosette climbed the wall, whether the guards followed or not. Her pursuers from behind were somewhat perplexed.

How dare she try to escape in such a bold and reckless way.

However, they could only be astonished by her subsequent movements.


It was like watching a cat climb a tree.

‘I heard that she was only an ordinary noble girl…?’

But they didn’t have time to worry about that. It didn’t matter when Cosette trained her body.

All that mattered was that he received orders from his superior to monitor Cosette Weinberg.

“If she tries to escape, stop her even if it hurts you.”

The guard hoped he wouldn’t be held responsible after receiving such an order. He grabbed the spear he was holding upside down and threw it at Cosette.


The spear struck Cosette’s leg, and she fell. As she climbed up to the middle of the wall, she fell down like a leaf.


Seeing her fall from a high place and roll on the dirt floor looked very painful.

The guard who threw the spear came up to her and said.

“Excuse me, Miss Cosette. I had no choice but to do it.”

Cosette: “Ugh…”

Cosette lay face down and clasped her hands. After this much delay, other guards were bound to arrive soon.

And sure enough.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard a commotion.”

Footsteps rushed towards the backyard. Cosette lifted her head and looked straight ahead.

A man with a familiar face was walking in the front. Cosette remembered his name.

“Sir Joseph.”


Puzzled, he looked down at Cosette. He didn’t seem to have expected that she would attempt her escape so boldly and recklessly.

‘I thought you’d rather pretend to be sick and beg me to leave to be treated…’

Joseph never expected that a woman who looked like she could not lift anything heavier than a spoon would jump out of the attic and climb up the wall.

Joseph: “Lady Cosette, what are you doing? His Grace has ordered you to remain confined.”

Cosette: “…Seeing you here, something wrong must have happened with Keira. Am I right?”

Joseph: “Do not answer a question with a question.”

None of this will work for this man. Cosette anxiously looked around.

But just then.

“What’s happening?” 

“Lord Vatore.”

She saw another man in uniform. He must be a captain since the epaulet was something only they could wear.


His voice definitely had more influence than Joseph, the deputy commander. Having concluded so, Cosette begged Lord Vatore.

Cosette: “Lord Vatore! I feel wronged.”

Vatore: “L-lady Cosette?”

Cosette: “No one gave me a chance to refute the accusation!”

In fact, Cosette was the one who kept her mouth shut, saying she didn’t know anything. 

As Joseph was about to point out that, Cosette continued.

Cosette: “Father doesn’t listen to me anymore! Keira, too. Please let me meet Lady Johanna, my great-aunt!”

Vatore: “That’s not for me to decide…”

Cosette: “Isn’t okay to just tell her? Huh? Can’t you just tell her I’d like to meet her?”

After hesitating for a moment, Vatore answered.

Vatore: “If that’s the case, I’ll tell the Grand Duke.”

Cosette: “No!”

She screamed.

Cosette: “He won’t believe anything I say right now! He would think I have some kind of plot in trying to meet Lady Johanna.”

Vatore: “However…”

Cosette: “At least give me a chance to explain myself.”

Having said that, Cosette cried while lying on the dirt floor.

Cosette: “Waah, Waaaah.”


She sounded really pitiful. He couldn’t help but sympathize the feeble-looking woman, who was currently a crying mess.

Just as his heart was about to be shaken, Vatore regained his composure.

Vatore: “But again, without the permission of the Grand Duke, we cannot do it. You have to think about my situation.”

Cosette: “But Lady Johanna is an adult relative of Father’s. It’ll be okay if Johanna allows it. Just tell tell to listen to my explanation! Yes? That’s not a difficult request!”

Vatore: “Umm…”

It wouldn’t be a big problem if he just passed the message.


Above all, seeing a slender lady lying face down, begging in a mess, stimulated his chivalry. In the end, Vatore concluded with a sigh.

Vatore: “Okay, please stop. Anyone who sees me would think I was harassing an innocent lady.”

Cosette: “R-really?”

Joseph: “Lord Vatore!”

Joseph and Cosette both raised their voices at the same time.

Joseph: “What are you talking about? When this becomes known to the Grand Duke…”

Vatore: “We were commanded to watch Miss Cosette from going outside, not to stop her from speaking.”

Joseph: “However!”

Turning his head away from the angry Joseph, Vatore ordered the guards.

Vatore: “Come on, take Lady Cosette back to her room.”


With that, Cosette left with the guards.

Joseph burst into anger as soon as she disappeared from view.

Joseph: “Can I ask what you’re thinking? Why are you accepting the sinner’s request?”

Vatore: “Don’t be mad. I have thoughts too.”

Joseph’s eyebrows rose in response.

Vatore: “I’ll tell Lady Johanna what she said, so why don’t you pass this on to His Grace?”

Joseph: “Yes?”

Vatore: “I promised to deliver a message to Lady Johanna without telling the Grand Duke, but I did give you orders to remain quiet.”


Vatore: “So I’m not breaking my promise.”

He nodded his head as he said that.

Joseph couldn’t tell whether this man was faithful to his sense of chivalry or not.

Late the next afternoon, Keira passed through the gates of the capital. Her servants, whom she had contacted in advance, greeted her.

Robert asked.

Robert: “You arrived earlier than expected. Did you not enjoy the trip?”

Keira: “Yeah, more than I thought.”

He didn’t know he would receive such an answer and slumped in disappointment.

Robert: “I understand. Next time, it might be best to go somewhere else. Maybe a tourist destination with many spots to visit and see.”

Keira: “No, rather than that, I couldn’t rest properly because I had left an unfortunate situation in the capital.”

Robert: “Ah.”

Leaving the luggage with the employees, Keira went straight into the house.

‘Anyway, I’m back home, so I should tell Father.’


It was more of a report than a greeting. She went up to the second floor and headed towards Ludwig’s office. At that moment, a servant passed the hallway before his office, looking as if she had just come out there.

“Oh, milady! Are you back?”

Keira: “What is His Grace doing right now?”

“Sir Joseph was talking to him. I do not know the details.”

It was not unusual for the two to be together. Keira nodded, knocked, and went inside.

Seeing Keira, Ludwig turned to her.

Ludwig: “You came earlier than you said.”

Keira: “So I did.”

Ludwig: “Are you here to tell me you’re back?”

Keira: “Yes.”

After a brief reply, she turned to Joseph.

Keira: “By the way, what is happening here?”

Joseph: “You have arrived on time. That’s right, I thought I might have to discuss it with Your Ladyship, too.”

Keira: “…?”

What’s going on? Keira’s expression was dyed with her curiosity.

It was Ludwig, not Joseph, who answered her doubts.

Ludwig: “Cosette was caught trying to escape the mansion.”

Joseph: “She must be out of her mind. Unless she leaves the capital and runs away forever, her position will only be at a disadvantage…”

It would have been more believable if they had said Cosette was trying to write a letter to get in touch with someone.

It was absurd to hear she had made a reckless move in this situation. Had she lost sight of her goal when she was cornered?

Keira: “So what excuse did she make?”

Joseph: “She said she wanted to meet her great-aunt. She wanted to explain the unfair situation to her… seems like an excuse.”


Keira chuckled.

Keira: “If there was anything unfair, she should have told you when you gave her a chance to explain.”

Joseph: “She said that the investigator from the Imperial Palace did not believe her, and she didn’t tell me because the Grand Duke and I had no intention of protecting her.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. In the first place, the Imperial family hated her, so no matter what she claimed, she would be at a disadvantage.

It was also true that they had no intention of protecting her in the grand duchy.

Joseph said.

Joseph: “Do you think Lady Johanna will listen to her?”

Ludwig: “My aunt has always been weak-hearted.”

Joseph: “Still, she’s not a person who can’t distinguish between what’s right and wrong…”

It’s more like…

Keira: “It seems to me that her goal is to contact Great-Aunt.”

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