AIWTRO Chapter 168

AIWTRO Chapter 168


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Ludwig: “What do you mean?”

Keira: “I thought maybe her goal was to approach and harm Great-Aunt.”

Ludwig’s brow furrowed a little.

Ludwig: “Why do you think so?”

Keira: “She was caught trying to escape the mansion. If she really wanted to explain, she would have politely asked Great-Aunt to meet her, not escape recklessly.”

Ludwig: “…Right.” 

If her goal was to express the injustice she felt, she shouldn’t try to escape.

Breaking orders and escaping would only attract suspicion.

Keira: “Rather, it seems to me she no longer has any concern for resolving said injustice. She seems like she’s planning to escape and never come back.”

Cosette’s goal as a lady was not to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

All she had to do was break the barrier somehow, kill the elementalist, and start a war again.

‘But you still don’t know the location of the spirit stone… Did you find out while I was out of the capital?’

It was then that Ludwig spoke.

Ludwig: “Then I’ll decide not to accept Cosette’s request.”

Keira: “No. Since this has happened, let’s just say that Great-Aunt will meet her out of pity.”

Keira thought maybe she could take advantage of this situation.

“Lady Cosette.”

It was midday when she heard a voice calling her from outside her door.


Since lunchtime was over, the visitor couldn’t be the maid who brought her meal. Above all, this voice wasn’t one she often heard.

Cosette quickly ran to the door and grabbed the doorknob.

Just as expected. Standing outside the door wasn’t the maid serving her meal but a sturdy knight.

Cosette: “What’s going on?”

“Lady Johanna has called for you. She said she would like to talk for a while.”

As he said so, the knight handed Cosette a letter. In summary, the contents of the letter were as follows:

‘Let’s hear your excuse. However, we must not be found out so that my position would not become difficult.’

A sly smile crept onto Cosette’s lips.

Cosette: “Is the carriage ready?”

“Yes, Lady Johanna has prepared it for you.”

Cosette: “Please wait. I’m going to change clothes and go out.”

After closing the door, Cosette took out a modest outfit and robe from the drawer.

The dark robe was quite large. It wouldn’t show at all if one hid a weapon inside.

She fixed a heavy knife inside the robe. It wasn’t a powerful weapon but enough to cut off human arteries.

After she had finished preparing, she opened the door again.

Cosette: “I’m done. We can go now.”

“Come this way. Oh, and press down on your hat so that your face doesn’t show.”

Cosette: “Thank you for guiding me.”


Cosette, her silver hair hidden amid shabby robes, did not look like a noble young lady, even more so because the skirt hem exposed under her robe was just as ragged.

She went to Johanna’s mansion in a carriage used by servants.

A barrier had been built around Johanna’s mansion, so if an uninvited guest entered without permission, she would immediately recognize it.

‘If I went according to the original plan, I would have had to find Johanna’s location while evading the pursuit… Maybe it’s fortunate that I got caught then.’

She might still be bitter at her bruises from falling to the ground, but it’s something to be happy about.

The shabby carriage passed through the barrier safely and reached the front gate.

Naturally, there was no such thing as a welcome greeting from the users like when she came before since she was in a carriage disguised as one carrying food.

“This way.”

Cosette: “Ah, thank you.”

Cosette followed the knight and entered the mansion through the back door.

The back door was connected to the kitchen, but no one was there, probably because it was past lunchtime.

She soon arrived in front of Johanna’s room.

Knock, knock–.

“Lady Cosette has arrived.”

Johanna: “Come in.”

Upon entering, Cosette saw Johanna fiddling with knitting needles. Johanna put it down when she saw her and said.

Johanna: “Sir knight, you can go now.”



The door closed, leaving only Johanna and Cosette in the room.

Johanna opened her mouth in an oddly dissatisfied tone.

Johanna: “Okay, why did you want to meet me?”

Now it was time to start acting. Her opponent had the ability to control spirits. With Cosette’s frail and fallen body, she was bound to be attacked if she made a mistake.


Cosette fell to her knees and wept.

Cosette: “It’s unfair! Great-Aunt, it’s really unfair!”

Johanna: “Stop calling me that… Haa, that’s enough. Just say what you want to say.”

Cosette: “My uncle made everything up! I–I didn’t know! The investigation found no evidence that I was involved.”

At those words, Johanna frowned slightly.

Johanna: “I don’t think there’s a ruling yet, is there?”

Cosette: “Isn’t the fact that they’ve left me alone so far proof that they haven’t found any evidence?”


Because it was a valid point, Johanna didn’t say anything.

Cosette continued to cry.

Cosette: “From now on… please believe what I say. Neither Father, Keira, nor the investigative team from the Imperial family listened to me. The only one I can rely on is Great-Aunt. That’s why I was trying to forcefully meet you.”

As she said so, she moved to Johanna little by little on her knees. Approaching cautiously, Cosette appeared to be frightened.

She seemed frightened that Johanna wouldn’t listen to her and throw her out. Anyone who didn’t know the situation would sympathize with her.

Soon, Cosette reached Johanna’s feet.

Johanna: “Now stop crying and talk.”

Cosette: “My uncle once told me this.”

Cosette sighed and continued. However, her voice was so small as she wept that it was difficult to hear what she had said.

Johanna: “What did you say? Repeat it.”

Johanna leaned down to hear Cosette’s voice.

A heavy knife came out of Cosette’s robe, the pale blue blade aimed at Johanna’s neck.


Cosette: “Shut up, Great-Aunt. If you scream, I will stab you.”

Johanna: “You, what is this…”

Cosette: “I’m serious that I might stab you. If it goes on like this, I’ll be cornered and executed.”

Johanna: “Do you think you’ll be okay even after this?”

Cosette: “That’s none of my business. The important thing is that if I stay still, I will be charged with all the crimes.”

Old, frail, and not even in good health, Johanna could not defeat Cosette’s power. No, even considering the age difference, Cosette was unexpectedly strong.

Would it be faster if she summoned the spirit, or would it be faster if Cosette stabbed her in the neck? There was already a trickle of blood running down her throat. She couldn’t move hastily.


Lips trembling, Johanna said.

Johanna: “In the first place… I didn’t mean to adopt you! To say that you’re Ludwig’s daughter is an absurd lie.”

Cosette: “We should check that from now on. Please take me to the spirit stone.”

Johanna’s face contorted even more when she mentioned the spirit stone.

Johanna: “You… that must be why you framed Keira for trying to approach the spirit stone in the past! Because you want to do it yourself!”

Cosette: “That’s not for Great-Aunt to know. The important thing is that if I use the stone, I might become a real elementalist.”

Johanna: “That is a nonsensical delusion! The stone doesn’t make a person who is not an elementalist become one.”

Cosette: “Isn’t that something you don’t know unless you try it?”

Of course, Cosette knew that the stone didn’t have such a function. However, if she revealed her intention to destroy it, Johanna wouldn’t guide her to it, even if it meant she’d die.

‘But if she thought I intended to use the spirit stone to awaken my abilities, she’d think it would be a waste to lose her life and guide me to its location.’

The moment she found the spirit stone, she would stab Johanna and destroy it. Then, she would leave this body and return to the Demon Realm to prepare for war.

The die had already been cast. There is no way to rectify the act of threatening Johanna with a knife.

Cosette: “If your life is precious, follow me. Wouldn’t it be a terrible disaster if Great-Aunt dies while Keira hasn’t awakened her abilities yet?”

Johanna: “Y-you’re out of your mind!”

Cosette: “I trust you will cooperate.”

Cosette walked towards the door, the knife to Johanna’s neck, as she opened the door with her free hand.

“Your business is over… Ack!”

The knight waiting in front of the door gaped in disbelief.

Cosette: “Shh!”

Cosette said, raising her index finger to her lips.

Cosette: “Quiet. If you scream and make a fuss, Great-Aunt is dead. Quietly go ahead and walk to the carriage.”


“A-are you crazy! Do you think you’ll be okay even after doing this?!”

Up to the time Cosette came here, the polite attitude was all but gone. It wasn’t surprising.

Cosette: “I told you to be quiet. Go ahead and walk.”


The knight ground his teeth and glanced at Johanna. Johanna nodded as if telling him to follow her instructions.

Then, as if he had no choice, he turned around and started going back the way he had come. Cosette followed in his footsteps.