AIWTRO Chapter 171

AIWTRO Chapter 171


Cosette’s body was kept in the temple to purify against possible danger.

If Keira’s grandfather hadn’t killed Rowena, her half-sister would have been born. 

But Keira wouldn’t have been born if her grandfather hadn’t driven Rowena out.

Maybe that’s why? When Keira thought of her, she always felt bitter and conflicted.

‘I’m going to give you a proper funeral, even just for the body.’

But she didn’t know if they’d think of this as atonement.

Keira: “So, was Cosette’s argument accepted?”

Erez: “If that were the case, the sentence would not have been 200 years. Come to think of it, this was the main point, by the way.”

Main point? What was it? Keira tilted her head. The conversation has gone in a different direction.

She soon recalled that Erez had brought up Cosette’s sentence, saying he had something to tell her.

Erez: “Contracts are very scary. If you break the contract, you will be punished very severely.”

Keira: “Severe punishment?”

Erez: “They disappear on the spot. Nobody knows what happens after that. No one came back. It’s like there’s no one coming back from the afterlife to tell the rest about their experiences.”


She knew what Erez was trying to say.

Keira: “So, she won’t be able to avenge her contractor since she’ll be locked up for 200 years, so she won’t be able to fulfill the contract. Then she’ll pay for it?”

Erez: “Yeah, it’s good that you’re quick. You don’t have to worry about a catastrophe that will strike the human world 200 years from now.”

Keira: “I’m glad.”

She had been worried about what to do if the demons protected their own kind, but it was a relief that she didn’t have to worry about that.

‘Since one of the Great Demons has become like that, there will be no talk of invasion for a while.’

She sighed in relief.

Count Weinberg was dead and Cosette Weinberg was missing.

The whole incident would be recognized as a plot set up by the Weinberg family to drive out their political enemy.

Ragibach, the one behind everything, was imprisoned in the Demon Realm for the time being. When her targets died, naturally, there would be a breach of contract. It didn’t matter that she was willing to fulfill her end of the bargain.

‘It’s really over…’

The question of Ragibach’s contractor was also resolved, and so was how Cosette manifested her abilities.

Now, the remaining question was who made a contract with the devil to turn back time? That was the problem.

If Erez’s contractor were her brother Zeke, she had an idea of what she would do. 

But what if Ludwig, not Zeke, was the contractor?

What should she do then?

“You’ve been through a lot.”

After Cosette’s disappearance was officially announced, Keira received sympathetic glances wherever she went.

To be honest, it was a little burdensome. She wondered if she should leave the capital for a while.

Another noble lady spoke.

“When will that woman be caught? It wouldn’t be easy for her to escape on her own.”


“Don’t worry, Your Ladyship. She will be caught soon.”

Really?[1] Cosette’s arrest would never happen. Keira picked up the teacup to hide her awkward smile.

Fortunately, no one realized her change in expression, and the noble ladies continued their conversation.

“The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it is. Why did she do such a trick when the lie would be revealed anyway? I really don’t understand.”


“For some reason, the Marquis of Edinburgh… Oh! I’m sorry, Your Ladyship. I just said something bad.”

Keira didn’t pay it any mind, and smiled.

It would be better if she left the capital for the time being. She couldn’t believe she felt stressed out at a meeting she went to cool her head.

‘Come to think of it, when I first returned to the past, I thought I would like to shake off everything and go on a trip one day.’

Wasn’t this the right time?

As she listened to the ladies’ chatter, she pondered where she should go.

She planned to cruise the continent for a long time. She didn’t want a short vacation.

When she’d come back… Well, what about after her abilities manifested?

It wasn’t unusual for Keira, a girl from a relatively recluse family, to travel far away. 

She could go alone under the guise that she would hang around with people with escorts and guards to attend to them.

Keira: “I’ll go on this trip alone.”

Robert: “Alone? ‘Alone’ means… You mean just yourself, milady? Without any attendants?”

Robert asked in disbelief.

Keira: “That’s right. Does ‘alone’ have any other meaning?”

Robert: “I-isn’t it too dangerous?”

Keira: “Don’t worry. As long as a group of knights doesn’t attack in droves, there will be no problem.”

Robert: “Um… there’s definitely that risk, but what if you camp out? I’m sorry to say this, but Your Ladyship’s life is…”

Robert couldn’t finish what he said and trailed off. However, even if he didn’t continue, Keira knew what he meant.

 ‘I can’t argue against it…’

After much deliberation, Keira came up with an answer.

Keira: “Then we can spend the money. I’ll hire someone who doesn’t know who I am.”

Most of the risks and inconveniences on a journey would disappear if one invested a lot of money. So Keira was planning to spend a lot of money and travel all over the continent.

Barely convinced, Robert asked about her next plans.

Robert: “Then when will you be back? Since you said you’ll be gone for a while, do you mean two or three months?”


He was shocked to hear that Her Ladyship was planning to leave alone, what was even more surprising was what she said after.

Keira: “I don’t know. But wouldn’t it be better if it was more than a year? I really want to visit the whole continent.”

Robert: “Pardon?”

He was dumbfounded.

Robert: “W-will His Grace allow you to leave the duchy for such a long time?”

Keira: “I don’t need His Grace’s permission. I’m an adult. There’s no reason why I can’t go where I want to go.”

Robert: “M-milady?”

Robert flushed. After all, wasn’t it Keira who had asked Ludwig for permission to leave the capital not too long ago?

She’s going on a trip for a year and said she didn’t need Ludwig’s permission!

As if reading Robert’s inner thoughts, Keira answered.

Keira: “Well, Cosette used to be here. I need my strength to fight against that woman. That’s why I tried to maintain an amicable relationship whenever possible.”

Now that Cosette was kicked out and all her dangers were gone, there’s no reason to mind Ludwig.

Keira patted Robert on the shoulder, his mouth still agape from shock.

Keira: “I’ll make a separate list of the things I need. Take care of it.”

Robert: “W-will it really be alright?”

Keira: “Of course.”

Keira, who was about to go up to the room, stopped and said.

Keira: “Oh, right. Give Rose a month’s paid leave. If she wants to go on a trip, cover all the travel expenses.”

Robert: “Ah, yes. I understand.”

Robert wondered why she suddenly mentioned Rose, but he was convinced that she wanted to reward a maid who had devoted herself to Her Ladyship for a long time.

She quickly chose her travel dates. A week later.

Upon hearing the news, the people in the duchy said, ‘Will she really go on a trip for over a year? She’ll be right back.’

Of course, it would be a long time before they realize their misjudgment. 

On the day of her departure, Keira waved to the people who came to see her.

Keira: “I’ll be off then.”

“Have a safe trip. And rest well.”

She kissed her brother’s cheek as a sign of her affection. Zeke gently hugged her in return.

Zeke: “You really won’t come back for over a year, will you?”


Keira: “I’ll write to you often.”

It meant she might take a long time. Zeke pulled away from Keira and clicked his tongue.

Zeke: “Have a safe trip.”

Keira: “Take care, too.”

Keira went straight into her carriage. She decided to stop by a nearby city and replace her coachman and employees with those who didn’t know her.

She looked up at the blue sky through her window. The sky was clear, with not a cloud in sight–perfect for going on a trip.

Her heart felt refreshed. A smile formed on the corner of her lips.

One year later.

In the meantime, Keira could stay at each local government office and travel in luxury if she wanted.

But instead, she chose to hide her identity and wander around modestly.

The first time she stayed at an inn for commoners, she was culture-shocked in a bad way… Now that time had passed, she’d gotten used to it quite well.

The place she visited this time was a small town in the far west. Except for the lake, there wasn’t much to see.

‘One month… No, should I stay for three weeks?’

She pondered for a moment in front of the inn, then stepped inside. She tossed a coin to the waiter who greeted her and said.

Keira: “I am a long-term guest. one month.”

“Welcome! Are you going to eat, too?”

Keira: “Just one meal a day.”

After receiving a month’s worth of food stamps, Keira went up to her room. It was incomparably shabby compared to the bedrooms in the capital, but she had already gotten used to it.

Once she had unpacked her luggage, she returned to the first floor and briefly had her meal.

It was exhausting to travel for a long time in a carriage. Keira decided to see the city tomorrow and went to bed early.

[1] The author wrote “글쎄?”, which is kind of complicated to translate directly here since people say it when they’re not sure about something or hesitate to give information they’re not 100% sure about. 

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