AIWTRO Chapter 172

AIWTRO Chapter 172


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T/N: Just a reminder that I’m merely a fan translator, not the author of this novel. I know a few people got mad at the plot point where Erez pretended to be gay (Not unwarranted! I was as annoyed as you were). There will be a quick reference to that in this chapter. I just wanted to say, please don’t shoot the messenger 😅

She had a full day of exploring the city and its surroundings. However, an unexpected person was waiting in front of her when she returned to her dorm around sunset.

Keira: “You…?”

“Ah, I’ve been waiting for a while.”

It was none other than Erez, waving his hand as he sat on the chair in front of her inn. Keira was surprised since she didn’t know he would come.

Keira: “What happened? Maybe something went wrong with Cosette…”

Erez: “No, nothing like that. I have something to report, and I need your cooperation.”

He went straight to the point.

Erez: “Have your abilities manifested? Or at least to the extent that you can see the signs of it.”

Keira: “Not yet.”

Keira wondered why he asked her, but Erez said. 

Erez: “I need to find out because they needed to know whether Ragibach intentionally tried to bring down an elementalist. The sentence will change depending on if your abilities have manifested or not.”

Keira could understand why he had to come this far if that was the case.

‘By the way, the date I was executed has already passed.’


She was living in a time she had never lived before.

It was only then that she truly understood why Erez visited her. Before the execution date, there would have been no need to confirm such an ability.

Keira: “Give me your contact information. I will contact you as soon as my abilities have manifested.”

Cosette’s sentence might be increased. There was no reason not to cooperate with them.

Erez took his notebook, scribbled down his address, tore the page, and handed it to her.

His penmanship was illegible and barely recognizable, but it was information about the lab’s location in the tower.

Erez: “If you send it by your name, I’ll tell them to deliver it to me at any time.”

He said so and got up. He stretched out after waiting for quite a long time.

Keira: “Are you returning to the tower?”

Erez: “Yeah, I have an ongoing experiment. The results of the test should be out when I return.”

In which city was the tower? Keira thought for a moment, then remembered.

‘Right, it was in Lindia.’

A city of scholars and magicians.

It wasn’t a popular tourist destination because it was home to many educational institutions and research facilities.

However, Keira wasn’t in a situation where she only chose famous tourist destinations.

After all, she had seen everything to see around here, so she figured it would be okay to follow him to Lindia.

Keira: “At this point, I must go to Lindia, too.”

Erez: “Hmm? Why?”

Keira: “I’ve seen everything worth seeing here anyway. We can move now.”

Erez: “Uh, I didn’t know you’d want to accompany me…”

Keira: “Aren’t you going to teleport anyway?”

Erez: “…So that’s why.”

Traveling in a carriage for a long time and teleporting in an instant were incomparable.

Erez: “I’m leaving right after dinner, so pack your bags in the meantime. If it’s too late, I’ll leave you alone and go.”

Keira: “Okay.”


Keira went upstairs as she said that the ‘Morning Dew Set’ was the best meal here. She made her way to her room.

It didn’t take her long to pack since she didn’t have a lot of luggage in the first place. Keira was on a luxurious trip, buying things at each stop and throwing them away when she left rather than bringing everything she needed.

Erez was rummaging through the stew by the time she packed her things and came down. It didn’t seem to suit his taste. He asked, putting down the spoon.

Erez: “Are you done?”

Keira nodded.

Erez: “Great. Let’s go then.”

Keira thought he would use magic in a deserted alley, but unexpectedly, he took her through the gates.

It didn’t take long, but waiting in line to get through the checkpoint was tedious.

When asked why he had to go through something so troublesome, he replied.

Erez: “I came here in the guise of collecting experimental materials. Of course, my actions should be recorded. The tower provides the guards.”

Keira: “So there must be a record of passing through the gates?”

Erez: “Yeah. Then I’m lying to get on the guard even though I haven’t come this far.”*

Surprisingly… it made sense. 

Keira was so impressed that he came out as gay because he found marriage annoying, so she didn’t expect he would follow the rules of the human world this much.

As soon as the two passed the castle gate, they headed to a secluded place to teleport.

The same light from before flashed as Erez drew a magic circle on the dirt floor. Since it was only a short distance, Keira didn’t feel as nauseous as she did before.

Erez, looking at the distant castle with narrowed eyes, murmured.

Erez: “Ah, the gates are closed.”

Keira: “Then there’s no way to get in?”


It wouldn’t be impossible if Keira used her noble status.

Erez: “Since it’s like this, let’s just camp overnight. It would be strange to come and go too fast. I shouldn’t be suspected of being able to teleport.”

Keira: “Okay then.”

It’s been a long time since Keira got used to camping.

The sky was already dark. Fortunately, they already ate dinner, so they weren’t hungry.

There was nothing to do, but it was strange to chat with Erez, so she should just sleep instead. She pulled out a thick sleeping bag from her luggage.

Keira: “I’m sorry, but I only have one sleeping bag. I have another blanket, though. Do you want me to lend it to you?”

Erez: “You must have forgotten that my specialty is dealing with time and space.”

He snapped his fingers, and basic camping gear popped out of the air. Keira couldn’t help but admit it was an amazing ability.

Keira made a bonfire by raking up branches from the surrounding area. Then, she took some insect repellent drug from her luggage and threw it into the fire.

Then a strange scent, nothing pungent, wafted in the air to keep bugs away. Growing up as a noble lady, Keira hated insects with dozens of legs more than monsters and devils.

Keira: “Then I’ll go to bed now. I’ve been out all day today.”

Erez: “Okay, good night.”

She had quiet and pleasant, quite unlike the typical campsite, most likely thanks to Erez’s barrier. Keira fell asleep shortly after that.

That night, Keira had a vivid dream of walking through a misty forest.

‘Why am I… in a place like this?’

She must have been wandering around Lindia, but how did she get here?

She shook her head, but nothing came to mind. Her mind was clouded like a fog.

‘Wasn’t Lindia surrounded by a meadow?’

There wasn’t a forest this dense. This area was just like the one she fell in when she went to the Demon Realm.

While she was at it, she looked closely around.

The trees in the forest were very long. And it was so thin that Keira wondered if it was possible to handle the length. It looked as if a long spear had been stuck in the ground.

What was interesting was that it was not brown, as most tree trunks were. The leaves and tree trunks were all dark navy.


She didn’t think a tree like this existed in the real world.

As soon as she had that thought, enlightenment came like a lightning bolt. She was in a dream.

When she realized she was dreaming, the fear of being in an unfamiliar place washed away.

It was a dream anyway, so it would be the end of it once she woke up. Keira stepped toward the deep forest.


At some point, she started hearing the sound of calm waters. Was there a stream nearby? She walked toward it.

After walking for a while, a large, emerald-colored lake came into view.


When she looked closer, she couldn’t see the bottom even though it was almost transparent. She couldn’t get a sense of how deep it was.

“It seems very deep.”

Even though it was a dream, Keira felt a little terrified, taking a step back without realizing it.

But it was that moment.


A white hand came out of the lake and grabbed her ankle. Keira was dragged down without a chance to resist.

The heavy water pressure crushed her as she struggled to swim away. But the hand on her ankle only continued to drag Keira under.


She was at her limit. Just as her resentment grew from not waking up from her dream…


Cold hands caressed her cheeks. Keira opened her eyes slightly and looked straight ahead.

Although she was deep underwater, she could see quite well. Floating before Keira was a translucent-looking woman.

And the moment she kissed Keira, Keira woke up.

As soon as she opened her eyes, Keira felt that the world around her had changed.

To be precise, it was Keira who had changed. Besides her five senses, she developed new ones, so the things she always encountered felt different.

‘It was like this….’

She looked around to see a lot of fog, like in her dream. The air that touched her face felt damp.

She felt something different, one she would usually dismiss as a bad feeling.

She reached out her hand in the air and gathered the water in a circle on the palm of her hand.

‘This is neither magic nor divine power.’

It was only then that Keira realized why so many scholars couldn’t figure out the identity of this power.


It was a power that humans couldn’t comprehend or imagine without a sudden awakening.

At the sound of Keira rustling, Erez, sleeping next to her, slowly opened his eyes.

Erez: “The sun hasn’t risen yet. What are you doing…?”

Keira: “Oh, sorry.”

It would be impossible to have a good night’s sleep if Keira mentioned that her abilities had manifested.

Instead of fully waking him up, Keira went back into her sleeping bag.

‘I’ll tell you once the sun has risen.’

It’s not like those manifested abilities would run away from her anyway.

Keira fell back to sleep, clutching her still wet hands. A gentle smile appeared on the corner of her lips as she succumbed to sleep.

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