AIWTRO Chapter 177 – Main Story End

AIWTRO Chapter 177 (Main Story End)


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Erez: “Then when you make up your mind, go ahead and tell me because the opportunity to make a wish without any cost doesn’t come often. It wouldn’t be unusual to think about it for a long time.”


That’s true, but why does it sound so annoying? Keira’s expression slightly soured.

Keira: “Before that, there’s one thing I want to check.”

Erez: “What?”

Keira: “About contracts between demons and humans.”

Erez: “Uh huh.”

Keira: “Can you break a contract amid the progress?”

Erez: “Ah, of course. But it depends on how far the contract has progressed.”


Humans usually staked their souls in exchange for making contracts with demons, and they could break the contract if there were a valid reason until the demon granted their wish. It’s like getting a refund for something you haven’t used.

However, if the demon granted their wish, the human could only break the contract with three exceptions.

Keira: “Three exceptions?”

Erez: “First, if the demons lied at the time of signing the contract. In this case, the contract will be canceled, and the party who lied will be at a disadvantage. And second.”

Erez lifted his second finger.

Erez: “If the demon who signed the contract dies, the person who will collect the soul is gone. In this case, the soul again falls into the cycle of reincarnation.”

‘Cosette… No, it’s like Ragibach.’

At least, it was fortunate that Rowena Weinberg, who had been falsely framed and killed, would not suffer forever.

Keira was genuinely relieved that her soul had been put back into the reincarnation cycle.

Keira: “You said three. What’s the last one?”

Erez: “The last is when the demon wants to cancel the contract. But this is rarely the case. It’s like a merchant bringing you something and saying you don’t need to pay.”

Keira: “Then it’s a matter of will, which means there’s no obstruction in the rules.”

Erez: “That’s right. But why are you talking about this? Are you planning to learn demon-summoning skills?”


Erez’s expression turned slightly serious.

Erez: “I know it would be funny to hear this from me… but I know you, so I’ll tell you. Don’t do it. No matter the problem, don’t ask for a demon’s help, and discuss it with the people around you instead.”

At that, Keira couldn’t help but snort at how ridiculous he sounded.

Keira: “You know that’s impossible.”

Erez: “Then? Why are you asking about contracts…”

Erez trailed off, suddenly reminded of why she came here.

Erez: “No way…”

Keira: “I haven’t decided yet.”

Erez: “Since when have you been a filial daughter?!”

His voice was so loud that it echoed in the lab. Keira had to plug her ears before answering.

Keira: “I said I haven’t decided yet.”

She has changed her mind more than a dozen times while coming here. 

She told Zeke she’d be back soon, but it might take a little more time.

Even though she said she had not made up her mind yet, Erez showed no signs of calming down.

Erez: “Isn’t that too much? I turned back time, and you want me to do it for free?”

Keira: “Strictly speaking, it’s not free. You made a contract with someone because you needed it, too. If someone heard it, they’d think you helped out because you pitied the human world that’s about to be destroyed.”


That shut him up. He had nothing to refute.

Keira looked up at him and stood. She had checked everything she wanted.

Keira: “I plan to stay in this city for a while. In any case, with your pride, I don’t think you’ll do anything like go back to the Demon Realm just because you don’t want to grant my wish.”


At his deepening frown, Erez must have thought of doing exactly that.

Before leaving the lab, Keira told Erez she hoped he wasn’t a person who didn’t keep his promise, just like Ragibach.

Keira: “I’ll be off then. See you again soon.”


As she stepped out of the hallway, she saw magicians floating in the air and moving.

She felt relieved that her visit resolved her fear that the contract couldn’t be broken midway through.

Even the air inside the tower seemed to feel refreshing.

She stretched and slowly walked downstairs. After being crumpled in the carriage all week long, her body felt tired.

‘I have to walk down this again. It’s dark, but…’

She had something to worry about anyway. That would take a pretty long time, too.

As Keira walked down the steps, she agonized over it over and over again. Every two or three steps, her thoughts would fluctuate.

She returned home after two months. As Keira got off the carriage, she saw the employees coming to meet her.

“Welcome back.”

Keira: “I returned a little later than I said before. I’m sorry if I worried you.”

“Master Zeke tried to go to Lindia himself. He would have been there by now if you hadn’t sent the letter.”

Keira: “Where is Zeke right now? Is he outside?”

“He’s at the training hall.”

Keira headed to the training hall to announce her return.

As she entered the area, she spotted her brother sitting on a chair, wiping his sweat.

She strode closer.

Keira: “Zeke.”

Zeke: “Noonim?”

Zeke’s eyes and those of the knights standing around him widened.


They all looked dumbfounded. It must have been because Keira returned much later than expected.

Because of their reaction, Keira couldn’t help but smile a little shyly.

Keira: “I’m back, I was just a little late.”

Zeke: “I wouldn’t call that ‘a little.’ Had it not been for your letter, I would have gone to Lindia myself.”

“Is it because of that guy?”

Keira: “Hmm?”

Keira’s eyes widened at the sudden question.

Keira: “What do you mean by that?”

Zeke: “Did he keep you from coming back? Or did he hang on so you wouldn’t go?”

Goosebumps rose on the back of her neck at the image of Erez begging her not to go.

Keira: “Of course not. As I mentioned in the letter, I had something to worry about.”

Then Arthur, who was beside her, interrupted.

Arthur: “What kind of trouble are you worrying about to go to a distant place to do it? I don’t think you went to the tower to become a magician.”

“Are you planning on going to the academy?”

Keira: “Who would go to school at my age?”

Keira had no desire to sit down with the little ones and listen to the class.

Keira: “I just had a serious decision to make.”

Zeke: “You said the same thing before you left, so it must be a big deal.”

Keira: “Um, perhaps?”

Zeke looked like he wouldn’t even dare guess what Keira had thought about for over two months.

The knights around them were the same.

An ominous thought flashed through Zeke’s mind.

‘…Could it be something like a wedding?’

Oddly enough, his older sister often met the Young Lord from the Shore family.

‘He looks like a lazy dog[1]…’


He wouldn’t fit in with the family. Anyway, Keira didn’t need to get married for the family to benefit from a son-in-law.

But Zeke’s intuition was screaming. That person wouldn’t be a good husband at all.

Zeke: “So… have you made a decision?”

Keira: “Yes.”

Zeke: “Hmm… I respect whatever decision you make. I only wish for Noonim to be happy.”

Just not that scruffy one. Zeke spoke earnestly with that in mind. 

The expression on his older sister’s face, who said she had made a decision, seemed quite refreshing. On the other hand, Zeke was quite anxious because he didn’t know whether it was a good thing.

Keira: “Thank you, Zeke.”

Zeke: “For what?”

Keira: “For cheering on me to make a decision.”

Honestly, she still felt a little anxious on the way home. 

Months, years, or even decades later, she might regret her decision. But for now, it was comforting to know that someone was willing to support it.

She smiled.

Keira: “I just came to say hello, so I’ll head to my room now. I rode the carriage all week and I’m quite tired.”

Zeke: “Oh, go and get some rest.”

Keira: “See you later.”

Keira immediately left the training hall and walked to the main building.

Rose, who had returned from vacation while Keira was on her trip, accepted her coat.

Keira smiled at the woman she hadn’t seen in a long time and asked.

Keira: “Did you enjoy your vacation?”

Rose: “Yeah, if I could, I would like to stay a little longer. Oh, I’m not asking for more vacation!”

Rose later mentioned she wanted to save her salary and go to a southern resort.


When Keira was on her way to the main building, mindlessly listening to the maid’s chatter, she ran into Ludwig, who was leaving the front door.

It was unreasonable to pretend that she didn’t see him. After all, she couldn’t go to her bedroom if she didn’t go through the front door.

Besides, their eyes already met. If she openly avoided him there, the atmosphere would be quite spectacular.



An awkward silence fell within a ten-meter radius.

Even the butler who came to see Ludwig looked around nervously at the tense atmosphere.

In the end, it was Ludwig who spoke first.

Ludwig: “Did you enjoy your trip?”

Keira: “Yes, quite.”

Ludwig: “I figured as much since you stayed long, but I’m glad you did.”

Keira: “I plan to stay at home for the time being. At least until the weather warms up again.”

Ludwig’s eye’s widened.

After saying that, Keira took a small deep breath. And she continued immediately.

Keira: “I’m back[2].”

〈 Actually, I was the Real One 〉

Main Story End.

[1] Zeke described Erez as ‘뺀질뺀질한,’ or someone who’s just goofing around and not doing what he’s supposed to do.
[2] Keira said ‘다녀왔습니다,’ which is pretty much the equivalent of ‘tadaima’ in Japanese. Koreans use the phrase to tell people of the same household that they’ve returned/they’re home.