You Can Keep the Male Lead Chapter 71

YCKTML Chapter 71


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“Which company sourced this teacup to the Imperial Palace?”

At that, Billy Gordon growled, “Count Spilet.”

I widened my eyes at his call and said, “Do you know? I’m just asking because I really don’t know.”

“The Ilui must have delivered it,” Billy managed to grit out.

I really had no idea. But I knew one thingโ€“the commoner, Billy Gordon, managed to make deals to the mansions of high-ranking nobles. 

But there was one place, the biggest and most illustrious customer, the leader of all trends. A force that would never fade away unless the empire fell. 

He did not have a deal with the Imperial family.

The Imperial family only dealt with companies directly operated or endorsed by the nobles. No matter how wealthy or vast his network was, Billy Gordon had yet to delve into it. 

It constantly bruised his ego. It was one reason that Gordon’s company didn’t become the best despite his excellent management skills. 

I took a sip of the tea before setting it down once more. His eyes were on the teacup I mentioned earlier.

When I saw his fierce glare, I knew I was right.

“Ten billion gold. How about it?”


“You’re stingier than I thought, Mr. Billy Gordon.”

“Count Spilet, I’m not a fool. I know you’re not on good terms with your husband, the future Duke of Clifford.”

That was true. But at this point, that fact wasn’t effective ammunition against me.

“What does that mean? Are there any aristocratic couples who get along well?”

“Of course, but what is the reason Count Spilet would need three times the amount?”


I looked into his eyes for a moment, then closed mine. “Hmm, I’m sorry you’re not interested. I think I will have to prepare for the next interview.”

This secret deal was spontaneous anyway. My priority was still to find an investor for the magic stone mine development.

He had to know he might be missing out on something more important than just my debt and title.

After all, I was the owner of the magic stone mine.

Some might call this an abuse of power, but the twelve billion gold was nothing compared to the combined profits he would get from mining investments and those he would get from the Imperial family.

Just as I was about to leave, Gordon hurriedly followed me and called me, “Count Spilet!”

I slowly turned my head to look at him. 

“Yes, what is it?”

Billy Gordon looked at me, holding his breath, and sighed. “Twelve billion, I’ll give it to you.”

I could barely hold back the corners of my lips trying to rise. I still had to listen to the rest of what he had to say.

“There are conditions, however.” Of course. It wasn’t pleasant, but I decided to listen. “I’ll give you eight billion first.”

“What about the rest?”

Billy Gordon looked nervous. It was inevitable. On my part, it didn’t matter if he refused.

I didn’t involve the nobles in this deal because of their ungenerous nature and possibly loose lips that could spread rumors in social circles. It was annoying, but I could still partner with them if I had no other choice.


“I also need some kind of safeguard. The remaining four billion will be given to you when it is connected to the purchasing decision of the Imperial family.”

“Mr. Gordon.”

“Count. While twelve billion is not a lot of money for me, it still accounts for 30% of the assets of my company. While I am the head, I need the consent of the rest to move this amount of money.”

Hearing his urgent explanation, I nodded my head slightly. When he saw my small nod, he visibly relaxed, and it was evident that he was nervous that I would refuse.

“So, if you just let me meet, I’ll give you four billion.”

I pursed my lips and slowly sat back down on the chair. 

But who was in charge of Imperial purchases? I had no idea. But if the deal only entailed meeting Billy, it shouldn’t be difficult.

I’ll just have to talk to Enoch and have them connect, so I accepted Billy’s terms with ease.

“All right. But the contract itself is up to Billy Gordon. I’m not going to get involved in any of the events.”

“Yes, of course.”

And so Billy Gordon and I signed the contract on the spot.

I wrote the first investment contract to develop the magic stone mine, and on the other side, I also wrote one between Billy Gordon and me.

It was completed by filling out two sheets, signing both sides, and stamping a seal between the two sheets of paper.

And less than half a day after he left, the sealed envelope was delivered to me. The tightly wrapped envelope was made so that it couldn’t be unlocked except by my magic stone bracelet.

When I moved my bracelet and pointed to jewel to the envelope, the seal that had kept it tightly closed unlocked. When I saw what was inside the envelope, I burst out laughing.

It was a promissory note issued in Mr. Gordon’s name, the number’ eight billion’ written on it.

I quickly put it back in the envelope and hid it in my arms.

Then, a few days later, I asked Enoch to give me a little time because I had something to ask about Billy Gordon’s request.

“It’s almost dinner time, so let’s talk about it over dinner inside.”

“Okay, then.”


I thought it would be a restaurant inside the outer palace since it had many types of restaurants that served meals for the many people who worked. 

Most of the people in the outer palace had their meals there, or if they were too busy, they ordered food to be delivered to the office.

I had been there a few days ago, so I knew where the restaurants were located.

However, Enoch was heading in a completely different direction.

“Your Highness? Where are you going?”

As I followed him around, the crowd gradually disappeared. It seemed we had come to a deeper part of the palace.

When I could see no one except the knights patrolling the palace, a high fence and a large gate appeared.

“Your Highness, is this your palace?”

“That’s right.”

“Why did we go here?”

When the knights standing in front of the door saw the Crown Prince, they bowed their heads and opened the door.

“I wanted to have a proper meal at home. Can’t you?”

Contrary to his calm voice, there was anxiety in his eyes. But honestly, if he ordered me to go, I would follow him around without saying a word, no matter how I felt.

Enoch was the person I needed the most right now.

As I watched him fidget when he invited me, I felt something inside stir again.

“You haven’t been able to eat properly because you’ve been busy.”

“… I’m alright, but can I enter this palace? I’m just being cautious…” 

I told him my genuine feelings. Wasn’t this a place only the Imperial family could enter?

“It’s only natural for you to be my guest, isn’t it?” Enoch said as he reached out his hand to escort me. 

I looked at his hand for a moment, then took it carefully.

Then suddenly, my dark khaki skirt caught my eye.

“If you had told me in advance, I would have dressed properly…” As I muttered sadly, Enoch stopped walking and glanced at me. 

When our eyes met, I smiled. “But I’m still pretty, right?”


At my question, he broke eye contact and looked away. 

“Isn’t that right, Your Highness?”

For some reason, Enoch’s reaction was interesting, so I asked him one more time. Then he slowly nodded his head, looking at me carefully.

It would have been better if Enoch had said, ‘Yes, you are.’ But when he answered like that, quiet yet sincere, it flustered me.

“Shall we? I’m curious about the Imperial palace cuisine,” I urged to change the topic, and I saw his lips smiling implicitly. It became unclear who was making fun of whom.

Since this was the inner palace where the Imperial family lived, the splendid decoration caught my eyes as we walked.

Flowers blooming against the season welcomed those who came and went on each side, and elaborate sculptures that looked expensive were everywhere.

“These flowers must have bloomed by magic, right?”

Enoch nodded lightly and explained, “That’s right, but these flowers aren’t just for display. Each of them is a magic trap.”

“Wow, a magic trap?”

“This is my palace, so we had this to prevent intruders from entering.”


In order to keep the magic trap like that, one would need a significant amount of magic stones.

As expected, the Imperial family’s way of spending money was unlike anyone else. Especially considering that there were only two magic lamps in the Duke of Clifford’s townhouse.

‘No, it’s strange. Just two?’

The vague thought flashed through my mind, but I shook it off. Their estate management had nothing to do with me now. I wouldn’t care if their magic stone was stolen.

After following Enoch, we finally arrived at the Crown Prince’s Palace.

It was the palace where the heir-apparent resided. Before I came here, I thought the various palaces of the Imperial family were quite large, but it was nothing compared to the Crown Prince’s palace. 

I was a ball of nerves when I stood in front of it, but I managed to calm myself and enter.

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